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Product Name: 4M-IntelliCAD v.5
Company: 4M S.A.

IntelliCAD is the AutoCAD (*) alternative that provides open DWG file compatibility, similar environment, as well as full support for AutoCAD commands, menus, scripts, styles, patterns etc. 4M, being among the first members that
constitute the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium - ITC (, provides the top quality version of IntelliCAD worldwide. 4M-IntelliCAD speeds and performances are totally unbeatable, explaining the reason why
our product has been welcomed by many thousands of Engineers and Designers in over 20 Countries.

Product Name: FineHVAC
Company: 4M S.A.

FineHVAC can generate the complete case study output of any HVAC project, directly through the drawings in DWG. The program output, which is in fact the result of the intelligent, synergistic co-operation between its two Components, "CAD" and "Calculations", includes the respective calculation sheets, technical reports, bill of materials, plus the full set of the final drawings ready to be submitted.

Product Name: IDEA
Company: 4M S.A.

IDEA is the Powerful Tool for Architectural Building Design, covering the entire range of the Architectural needs (model creation, rendering and virtual walkthrough), within a high efficiency environment. Now IDEA introduces new standards in the AEC industry, with a modern BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology built on the top of 4M-IntelliCAD engine, thus offering the interface expected by any AutoCAD (*) or IntelliCAD user.

Product Name: AutoCAD LT 2009
Company: Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Dramatically increase productivity with AutoCAD LT® software, the world’s number-one-selling 2D drafting and detailing product. AutoCAD LT is a powerful solution for designers who need full DWG native file format compatibility without 3D capabilities or advanced customization. Increase efficiency with an updated user interface that not only accelerates routine tasks, but also makes commands easier to find, helping new users become productive as quickly as possible. Working with layers is now easer than ever. Move to new highs of productivity with AutoCAD LT software.

Product Name: Logimetrix iLogic Software
Company: Advanced Solutions, Inc.

iLogic™ is a rules driven design solution that allows designers and engineers to capture and embed engineering and product knowledge directly into virtual models created with Autodesk® Inventor®, introducing a design for reuse and automation methodology. Whereas parametric design allows the capturing of design intent, Logimetric design allows one to capture design intelligence.

Product Name: AEC Buildings 2009
Company: AEC Logic Pty Ltd

AEC Buildings 2009 is a Project Quantity Estimation and 3D Drawing tool  to quickly prepare your Designs, Drawings, Dimensioning and Quantity Estimation.

Company: Amsysco, Inc.

AMSYSCO provides shear reinforcement for punching shear and anchorage zone bursting containment. The column shear reinforcement is a substitute for drop caps, structural shear heads or extra rebar-stirrups.  The potential for reducing the slab thickness while maintaining punching shear criteria is a key benefit of the shear reinforcement system.  The other systems are either costly to form or introduce unneeded congestion that may affect concrete consolidation.

Product Name: AutoCAD Map 3D
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

AutoCAD® Map 3D software is the leading engineering platform for creating and managing spatial data. AutoCAD Map 3D bridges CAD and GIS by providing direct access to data and enables the use of AutoCAD® software tools for maintaining a broad variety of design and geospatial information

Product Name: AutoCAD OEM
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

AutoCAD® OEM is a CAD development platform that provides tools to build custom AutoCAD®-based software products for specific markets and extend design information to users outside the traditional CAD community. You can easily create industry-specific products that offer only the features, commands, menus, and design data that your customers require.

Product Name: Autodesk Quantity Takeoff
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® Quantity Takeoff software helps cost estimators collect and synchronize multiformat design data and high-quality images, providing comprehensive support and enabling smoother workflow. Use Autodesk Quantity Takeoff to leverage property data to automatically or manually measure, count, and price various building objects.

Product Name: Autodesk® Productstream™
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Your designs can be complete, accurate, approved, and released to manufacturing in a timely and effective manner. Autodesk® Productstream™ software automates the release management process by managing engineering changes and bills of materials, while enabling the engineering department to maintain control over the design data

Product Name: Bonzai3d
Company: auto·des·sys, Inc.

Bonzai3d is a new 3D modeler developed to fill in the demand for a quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust approach to 3D, based on design industry essentials and designer requests.

Product Name: MicroStation PowerDraft
Company: Bentley Systems

MicroStation PowerDraft is a professional-level application used for production 2D/3D drafting and detailing. PowerDraft provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing, and manipulating drawings and models in DGN or DWG format and is completely integrated with all Bentley solutions.

Product Name: bFX
Company: Bluebeam Software, Inc.

File Exchange is a protocol that enables Bluebeam PDF Revu to open PDF files from a remote location, such as a website, allows for adding markups, then posts the markups back into the remote location.

Product Name: Bluebeam PDF Revu CAD Edition
Company: Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Bluebeam PDF Revu CAD Edition installs toolbar buttons in AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks and MS Office for one-button PDF creation and batch options. The Bluebeam PDF printer converts all other CAD and Windows files to 10 file formats. Bluebeam's specialized technology automatically reads your drawing's orientation, scale, line weights, merged lines, plot style table, and page size, so there is no need to adjust settings for perfect PDF conversion from AutoCAD, Revit or SolidWorks.

Product Name: Bluebeam Q
Company: Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Q is the ultimate solution for creating high quality PDFs in a centrally managed environment by automating the production of PDFs from original source files. Bluebeam Q is installed on a server and powers PDF processing and publishing through 4 different options: Network PDF Printer, Watched Folders, Script Engine and API (Application Programming Interface).

Product Name: Studio Server
Company: Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Looking for more control? Meet Studio Server™. Studio Server makes it easier and faster than ever for firms to collaborate and share information in a controlled environment. Since the introduction of Bluebeam Studio in Bluebeam PDF Revu 8.5, users have been able to connect, create and collaborate with anyone, anywhere at any time over a Bluebeam hosted server. Now, with the release of Studio Server you can host all of your online collaboration sessions on your own local server.

Product Name: blueCFD
Company: blueCAPE Lda - CAE solutions

blueCAPE is proud to present blueCFD, a new service package now available upon request, of a high quality cross-compiled build version of OpenFOAM® for Windows XP and Vista, 32 and 64bit, with some additional tweaks, executables and scripts, in order to maintain usability under a Windows environment.

Product Name: BricsCAD® Sheet Metal
Company: Bricsys

Sheet Metal design done right with BricsCAD® Creating new sheet metal parts or reworking existing ones? BricsCAD is your best choice. It is free of conceptual mistakes of history-based MCAD software. You will never need to restart your design from scratch, because we guarantee maximum flexibility for changing your models by combining the freedom of direct modeling with the power of feature-based design.

Product Name: CADstudio JobTime for AutoCAD
Company: CAD Studio a.s.

CADstudio JobTime is an AutoCAD add-on utility for AutoCAD 2013 and 2012/2011/2010. It provides tracking of job-time spent on a DWG file in AutoCAD. JOBTIME is a fully transparent time-tracking reactor for AutoCAD, which automatically logs true (net) editing time spent in the current AutoCAD drawing. Idle periods (longer than the defined timeout) are not counted to the tracked time. Time is tracked across drawing sessions.

Tracking information can be exported to Excel - e.g. for billing purposes.
Free trial version:

Product Name: CATIA
Company: Dassault Systèmes

CATIA is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. It is used by leading organizations in multiple industries to develop the products we see and use in our everyday lives. 
  • CATIA delivers the unique ability not only to model any product, but to do so in the context of its real-life behavior: design in the age of experience. Systems architects, engineers, designers and all contributors can define, imagine and shape the connected world.
  • A Social design environment built on a single source of truth and accessed through powerful 3D dashboards that drive business intelligence, real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all stakeholders including mobile workers.
  • An  Instinctive 3DEXPERIENCE, for both experienced and occasional users with world-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities that optimize the effectiveness of every user.

Product Name: DDS-CAD Building Services
Company: Data Design Systems ASA

DDS-CAD Building Services is an advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) tool for the design and documentation of electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems for buildings. It is a stand-alone system, rather than an add-on product which relies on a 3rd party CAD system like many other products on the market.

Product Name: Cheap Tricks Ware

You benefit directly from the hard work of hundreds of design professionals who use DataCAD every day. The Cheap Tricks Ware CD-ROMs each include hundreds of items selected from the renowned Cheap Tricks Ware Catalog of timesaving enhancements for DataCAD. These were developed by DataCAD users to meet their everyday needs.

Product Name: ModelShop
Company: Digital Element, Inc.

Like Verdant and Aurora, Modelshop is easy to use and fast. Within minutes you can add any of the thousands of models available online to your picture – right from within Photoshop.

Product Name: CADWrite
Company: DotSoft

CADWrite is a low cost comprehensive word processor that runs inside of AutoCAD 2000i or higher and reads/writes Word documents as its native file format. It can either supplement your existing application or be used exclusively as your word processor. Unlike a regular word processor, CADWrite can rapidly extract information from AutoCAD for report writing and draw its documents into the drawing as mtext objects.

Product Name: SlideMan 2.0
Company: DotSoft

The AutoCAD® DOS based SLIDELIB utility allows you to create a slide library (SLB) from a collection of slides (SLD) and an input file. But its capabilities stop there.  To create and manage slide libraries requires additional functionality.  Our Windows based Slide Management tool will provide that functionality and change the way you work with slides and slide libraries.

Product Name: SuperScript 1.0
Company: DotSoft

SuperScript is an AutoCAD Script Generator thatallows ease of selection of multiple files, along with quick generation of script files to apply to those multiple drawings.  Numerous script fragments are included which lets you quickly assemble your script files from pre-built chunks of script rather than typing it in from scratch.

Product Name: ToolPac 11.0
Company: DotSoft

In the never ending quest for faster AutoCAD systems, users go the extra mile to purchase the fastest hardware.  Faster processors, graphics cards, etc., are implemented in an attempt to speed up the processing of drawings.  These improvements come at great expense and only provide a marginal gain in the amount of time it takes to actually complete a drawing.  This expensive hardware is often underutilized as the operator wastes time doing repetitive tasks in the struggle to finalize a drawing.

Product Name: XL2CAD 5.0
Company: DotSoft

XL2CAD overcomes the limits and problems associated with OLE placement of Excel spreadsheets inside AutoCAD.  It instantly draws the Excel spreadsheet in AutoCAD using native geometry and links it to the spreadsheet.  The results are lines, fills and mtext that can plot without problems and is highly portable to others.

Product Name: Acme CAD Converter
Company: DWG TOOL Software

DWG Converter - Batch converter that allows you to convert DWG DXF DWF to PDF, WMF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, SVG, CGM...,Free DWG Viewer. Supports command line parameters.

Product Name: Acme CAD See
Company: DWG TOOL Software

CAD drawing and image file viewer , browser and Print.The fastest and easiest-to-use DWG/DXF/DWF(AutoCAD R2.5-R2006), PSD, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, GIF, PNG, MNG, TGA, PCX, ICO, WMF file viewer available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP! AcmeCADSee is two tools in one.

Product Name: Acme CADPacker
Company: DWG TOOL Software

CADPacker is tool software for issuing and viewing CAD graphic files. With CADPacker, you can pack your design files, project explanations, photos and design effect drawings (DWG, DXF, TXT, BMP, JPEG, TGA, PCX, GIF, WMF) into self-executive exe file. It's convenient for your clients to view and know more about your design proposal.

Product Name: OutlineArt
Company: DWG TOOL Software

Outline ART,applied in CAD word processing,is a tool to transform words and symbols into vector-contour,we provide both windows desktop version and ARX embedded version for AutoCAD(supporting R14 / R2000 / R2002 / R2004 / R2005 / R2006),so that words and symbols can be transformed into not only DXF file,but also polyline entity in AutoCAD.

Product Name: SciDome
Company: Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation

SciDome is a single projector fulldome video system for small to medium-sized planetariums. The system produces a bright, uniform all-dome image, and most important: SciDome is easy to use, flexible and user-friendly.

Product Name: CADVANCE V12
Company: FIT, Inc.

Providing both users and third party developers with a total solution for complete integration of CAD with other applications in the Windows environment.

Product Name: PowerCAD CE™
Company: GiveMePower Corporation

PowerCAD CE™ brings unprecedented CAD processing to the field or shop floor, with AutoCAD® compatibility and functionality that goes far beyond any other handheld solution. PowerCAD CE mobilizes the design process by letting you view, edit, and collaborate on billions of existing designs and drawings right in the palm of your hand.

Product Name: PowerCAD Classic
Company: GiveMePower Corporation

PowerCAD Classic is one of the world’s best CAD values, saving you time and money with nearly 300 powerful and easy to use design and viewing tools which help you get the job done fast

Product Name: IDEAL / Seiko LP 1010 Printer
Company: IDEAL

The compact and sleek 36” LP 1010 monochrome printer introduces new simplicity in features and functionality. First, the toner system uses a containment system that prevents accidental toner spills. Secondly, the printer automatically selects the appropriate paper size for your drawing. Thirdly, the LP 1010 has an easy-to-replace photo cartridge drum so no service call is required to replace the drum. The LP 1010 printer outputs over 1620 sf/hr for E size drawings and over 2160 sf/hr for D size drawings. The high performance controller with simultaneous parallel data processing provides high quality output, even during continuous printing of different sizes.

Product Name: DoubleCAD™ XT (Free)
Company: IMSI / Design, LLC

DoubleCAD™ XT is a free AutoCAD LT® work-alike that also contains many new, innovative features such as self-healing walls, self-aligning blocks, transparent fills, draw order by layer, Bezier curves, flatten 3D to 2D views, a hatch pattern editor, advanced polyline editing, automatic scaling of units between drawings, parametric variable palette, embed/bind image files in drawing, input multiple unit types on-the-fly, snap prioritization, brush style editor, smart dimensions, import xrefs, and more. DoubleCAD XT supports standard file types, including .DWG, .DWF, and .SKP, and is free for commercial and personal use.

Product Name: DoubleCAD™ XT Pro
Company: IMSI / Design, LLC

DoubleCAD™ XT PRO is an AutoCAD LT work-alike that goes beyond even AutoCAD LT® in terms of CAD capabilities, especially in the area of drafting and detailing. It includes a powerful and innovative Drafting Palette that expedites the drafting-to-detailing process by creating fully associative, 2D views or hatched sections (even from xrefs). Other unique features include geometric and dimensional constraints, a range of intelligent ACA (AutoCAD Architectural) objects such as compound walls (with full style control), AEC parametric doors and windows, stairs, rails, slabs, and roof, Parametric Parts Manager, trace image to vector tools, and premium customer support. The product includes one of the widest varieties of file filters in the CAD industry, including support for .DWG (AutoCAD R14 to 2009), .SKP (Google™ SketchUp™), .IGES, .3DM (Rhinoceros®), .3DS (Autodesk® 3ds Max®), .STL, and more.

Product Name: TurboCAD Pro® Platinum Edition
Company: IMSI / Design, LLC

TurboCAD Pro 16 Platinum Edition is the ultimate solution for design experts. Built on the complete 2D drafting and 3D surface and solid modeling toolset of TurboCAD Pro, it includes many of the most advanced technologies in the industry—ACIS® solid modeling, D-Cubed constraints, and Lightworks® photorealistic rendering—with support for nearly 40 industry standard file formats. Plus get the powerful drafting palette, part tree, and all of the advanced tools of TurboCAD Pro 16 Architectural Edition and TurboCAD Pro 16 Mechanical Edition.

Product Name: Brava!
Company: Informative Graphics

The Brava!® product family lets users view and collaborate on native format documents, images, CAD files, and our new CSF format. Brava is the perfect viewing tool for inside and outside the firewall.

Product Name: MYRIAD
Company: Informative Graphics

MYRIAD is a multi-format viewer that allows Windows users to view, print, and markup office documents, images, and CAD files without requiring access to the native authoring program.

Product Name: IRONCAD
Company: IronCAD

IronCAD is the productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full 3D reality. It utilizes a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. IronCAD is the tool of choice for design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unanticipated change is to be expected.

Product Name: AutoCAD Automation Tools
Company: JTB World

Multiple drawings can be automatically created from a typical drawing or updated based on a control file that can be created with an Excel template. Make the changes in Excel and let the program do all the work for you. This is a real time saver if you need to make adjustments on hundreds or thousands of drawings.Optionally an AutoLISP file (*.lsp;*.vlx;*.fas) can be loaded for each drawing. Each drawing can use a separate AutoLISP file if needed. This gives you almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to what task you want to automate.

Product Name: SmartPurger - Script for AutoCAD
Company: JTB World

SmartPurger is a batch and script utility for processing multiple AutoCAD drawings with full control. Execute LSP or SCR files on multiple drawings. SmartPurger handles crashes so the AutoCAD batch processing continues to the end and leaves bad drawings to be corrected manually. Many purge and cleanup settings available. Useful before backups and distribution of drawings. The file's modified time stamp can be restored.

Product Name: SSMPropEditor - Sheet Set Manager Properties Editor for AutoCAD based products
Company: JTB World

Edit properties on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager (SSM) or AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator (PN) Sheet Set View with ease. If you want to change properties like a revision, date or name on two or more sheets at the same time SSMPropEditor is for you. Your productivity will increase and you will save time avoiding a lot of manual work.Sheet Set Properties, Sheet Set Custom Properties, Sheet Properties and Sheet Custom Properties can be edited and bulk updated.

Product Name: XVL Converter Scheduler/Manager
Company: Lattice3D

XVL Converter Scheduler and Manager schedules and manages XVL Server Converters and facilitates automated processing of newly converted files including downstream publishing, vaulting, and secure distribution across the enterprise.

Product Name: XVL Converters
Company: Lattice3D

XVL Converters translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL. XVL Converters typically compress 3D models by more than 98% (1/50 - 1/250). XVL Converters achieve this breakthrough compression by expressing the model as highly compressed 3D surfaces. This enables the converters to provide high compression while maintaining the accuracy and visual integrity of the original data.

Product Name: XVL Signer
Company: Lattice3D

XVL Signer is a security tool for XVL data that limits unwanted access to your 3D data, using National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) acclaimed Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Product Name: AutoM8

AutoM8 has three primary functions: Change, Plot, Purge. You can now run AutoM8 on a single drawing and batch plot multiple layouts or views. To do this, load AutoM8, then type AMSI

Product Name: BatchM8

BatchM8 is similar to AutoM8 but it also lets you log plot information into either a database, spreadsheet, text file or even into a database on a SQL Server

Product Name: CopyM8

CopyM8 - Print AutoCAD plot files in an efficient, organized manner and have them collated, just like from a copier.

Product Name: LeaderM8

LeaderM8 is a must have for any user no matter what the discipline of drafting. LeaderM8 has arrowhead and endings features that can be used in architectural, engineering, civil, mechanical and others. LeaderM8 has a deep feature set and is highly customizable, you can save or setup options that suit your particular needs

Product Name: PlotM8

Batch Plot: AutoCAD users have at one time or another had the need to plot out their drawings in one complete set (batch). Whether it's for a check plot set, a final submittal set, a released for production/construction set or just a revised drawing set.

Product Name: RecoverM8

RecoverM8 is an AutoLisp program that runs inside AutoCAD versions 2000 through 2007. RecoverM8 will let the user select drawing files using one of three different methods: Multiple manual selection, All drawings in a selected folder and All drawings in a selected folder and all sub folders.

Product Name: CADconform
Company: ModernTech AEC Solutions

CADconform provides a fast, reliable, affordable way to promote and enforce 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is a software add-on that becomes a seamless part of the native MicroStation and AutoCAD environments.

Product Name: Octaga Enterprise
Company: Octaga

The Octaga Enterprise suite consists of a set of modules covering the complete workflow from CAD model to interactive viewing model.

Product Name: AutoCAD Solutions
Company: Open Archive Systems

Autodesk helps customers experience their ideas before they're real by providing state-of-the-art 2D and 3D design software to visualize, simulate, and analyze the real-world performance of their design early in the design process.

Product Name: Data Viewer Total Document Management
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Data Viewer Total Document Management (Dv TDM) is not only a robust total document and email management solution but it also offers specifically tailored features to meet stringent engineering requirements related to project and drawing management. Paper and/or CAD drawings along with other associated documents can be managed through their entire life cycle.

Product Name: Deep Exploration™ 5.7 CAD Edition
Company: Right Hemisphere

Accelerate delivery of compelling 2D and 3D product graphics to improve sourcing, sales, and service product communications. Raise productivity and expand pool of 2D and 3D content authors. Leverage existing CAD assets without expensive CAD software or engineering resources

Product Name: Deep Exploration™ 5.7 Standard Edition
Company: Right Hemisphere

Accelerate delivery of compelling 2D and 3D product graphics to improve sourcing, sales, and service product communications. Raise productivity and expand pool of 2D and 3D content authors. Leverage CAD data that has been translated with Deep Server™ or Deep Exploration CAD Edition.

Product Name: 3D Master
Company: Scientific Software Group

The software package 3D Master (formerly called 3D Groundwater Explorer) provides for three-dimensional visualization and animation of data from groundwater flow and transport models.

Product Name: Point Cloud
Company: SYCODE

Point Cloud is a reverse engineering software which offers the ability to reconstruct the geometry of an object from a point cloud that describes it. Point Cloud can drape a surface over a point cloud or wrap a mesh around a point cloud. Draping a surface is similar to laying a piece of cloth over an object.

Product Name: TerrainCAD
Company: SYCODE

TerrainCAD is a terrain generation, editing and modeling software. Powered by TerrainLib, TerrainCAD employs blazing fast and robust algorithms to create and modify terrain meshes in no time. The capabilities of TerrainCAD can be broadly classified as (1) Terrain Generation, (2) Terrain Editing, and (3) Terrain Modeling.

Product Name: Walkinside Builder
Company: VRcontext

The Walkinside Builder ™ automatically creates a complete 3D virtual model of a large industrial asset, in the Oil & Gas, Process, Energy, Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) markets including topside and subsea facilities, merging native files from diverse data sources and proprietary formats without creating additional data base.

Product Name: Walkinside SDK
Company: VRcontext

The Walkinside SDK empowers developers to customize and extend Walkinside to fit unique business needs. It is intended to be used as an integration tool for Walkinside with 3rd party applications, in order to exchange data in a bidirectional way. Its basic architecture is shown in the attached diagram. The Walkinside SDK is based on .NET technology like the whole GUI of Walkinside and has been developed using C# language.

Product Name: Walkinside Viewer
Company: VRcontext

Walkinside® is a powerful software application for 3D real-time visualization that automatically renders very large, complex, computer-generated models. This innovative technology allows employees, suppliers and contractors to participate in regular project reviews by accessing and visualizing the 3D model of their projects in real-time, allowing for high resolution dynamic navigation, regardless of model size and complexity.

Product Name: Walkinside WebServer
Company: VRcontext

VRcontext’s Walkinside WebServer solution delivers a performing, distributed, real-time collaborative environment for Corporate Enterprise VR Model Management capability that empowers End-Users without compromising IT control and security requirements.

Product Name: eReview Collaboration Portal (ECP)
Company: Web4

eReview Collaboration Portal (ECP) takes the  eReview technology to the next level by adding Document Storage and Document Management capabilities to its existing arsenal of view, markup and collaboration tools.

Product Name: ForReview
Company: Web4

ForReview offers a full range of solutions that fulfill all your view, markup, printing, and collaborative needs. Its features, versatility and integration capabilities make it the best choice for streamlining the design and review process.

Product Name: WebWorks
Company: Web4

WebWorks is a system that is suited well to the needs of the construction, engineering and IT industries that are looking to decrease lead time and costs associated with a project.
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