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Product Name: Accela Land Management
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Land Management is a Web-based solution that tracks and manages land use and community development activities needed to support and promote economic development and prosperity: permits; building safety; inspections, investigations, and reviews; zoning; project planning; code enforcement; and more.

Product Name: AEC Budget 2009
Company: AEC Logic Pty Ltd

For construction companies engaged in project execution using most complicated resource deployment. Many Engineer weeks of time is cut short to hours to estimate direct/indirect cost of a project

Product Name: AEC Buldings 2009
Company: AEC Logic Pty Ltd

Contracting companies and investors have raised their benchmarks regarding time, value for engineering hours and cost effective construction. To meet these demands they need an automation manager. AEC Buildings 2009 is therefore designed to speak Engineer's language in a quickest possible time on a cost effective way.

Product Name: AEC Culverts 2009
Company: AEC Logic Pty Ltd

Multiple vents or multiple pipes can be extruded. Linear or curved paths can be used for extrusion. Drawings given in National standards which are commonly used in construction industry are already available in the database. These standard dimensions can be modified to suit your project requirements and can be modeled accurately as you desire.

Product Name: AEC ERP 2010
Company: AEC Logic Pty Ltd

Enterprise Resources Planning for Construction Management is the cutting edge software solution developed and marketed by AEC Logic. Following modules are integrated with AEC Budget, AEC Roads, AEC Culverts, AEC Buildings and many more to get you an edge over other ERP systems to drive small, medium and large enterprises to process their construction businesses.

Company: Amsysco, Inc.

AMSYSCO supplies barrier cable systems for vehicle and pedestrian restraint.  The system meets the PTI Specification for Seven-Wire Steel Strand Barrier Cable Applications. The barrier cable system uses 0.5" diameter, 7-wire steel strands which are economical and flexible.

Product Name: Portfolio Management
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

Improve the analysis and management of real estate assets to align the portfolio with the organizational mission

Product Name: aSa Rebar Software Solutions
Company: aSa

aSa Rebar Software is designed to completely meet the needs of small and large fabricators, engineering firms, and placing firms. It consists of a series of fully-integrated components that combine to automate every function of rebar fabrication — from estimating and detailing to shearing to billing — and all tasks in between. The system can integrate only those components that you require today, with the option to add new modules as your needs expand tomorrow.

Product Name: MicroStation V8i
Company: Bentley Systems

MicroStation V8i  helps engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner-operators by promoting collaborative, streamlined workflows among multiple disciplines and across project teams.

Product Name: ProjectWise Project Team Collaboration Products
Company: Bentley Systems

ProjectWise is an engineering project team collaboration system which is used to help teams improve quality, reduce rework, and meet project deadlines. Proven on projects of all shapes and sizes to increase productivity and reduce costs, ProjectWise is unlike competing systems as it is the only one that delivers integrated solutions for content management, content publishing, design review, and asset lifecycle management.

Product Name: Comet 2007 - Job Cost / Accounting Software
Company: Boon Resources

The core Comet2007 package includes the Job Cost, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation modules to get you off to a great start in organizing your financials. As your business needs grow, you can easily add optional modules, such as Purchase Order, Payroll, Accounts Receivable or Warranty Management.

Product Name: Estimating Solutions
Company: Boon Resources

We offer a complete measuring system for home builders, general contractors, developers or any professional needing estimating tools.

Product Name: 4D-Explorer
Company: CEA Systems

A data-mining tool accessing all plant information without the necessity of knowing the underlying data structure. The 4D-Explorer ensures you are working with coherent data, is fully configurable to your company's requirements and all your standards. Configurable access rights prevent abuse of the valuable plant data.

Product Name: ProEst Takeoff
Company: Construction Management Software(Change in Proest)

In today’s highly competitive market, the success of your construction company relies heavily on the ability to generate quick and accurate estimates. By using seamless integration with other applications to increase speed and efficiency, ProEst Takeoff has set a new standard in construction estimating software.

Product Name: batchWare™ CS
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

While earlier versions of batchWare™ were advanced for their time, we realized the need to create an entirely new product. Unlike our competitors, who chose to put a new face on an old product, we chose to create batchWare™ CS.

Product Name: binWare™
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

binWare™ is the only material handling software of its kind for the concrete industry. Before binWare™ customers had very limited options for changing how their material handling system operated.

Product Name: Dispatch - microDispatch ™
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

Order Entry and Ticketing software is designed to meet the needs of producers who have either one or a few plants. Whether you need customer specific pricing or the ability to print tickets for counter sale items, microDispatch™ has a very broad range of features to help you streamline your order taking.

Product Name: ProBatch™ G9 Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ G9 Series system is UPGRADE for your existing competitor batching system. We recognize that a batching system is a significant investment, and therefore the G9 Series is the first of it's kind, designed to maximize your initial investment.

Product Name: ProBatch™ IntelliCast™
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ IntelliCast™ system is our flagship product for the precast industry. Like all of our products, the IntelliCast™ was designed from the ground up with the producer in mind. By maintaining this focus, the IntelliCast™ is setting a new standard for batch computers today.

Product Name: ProBatch™ IntelliSeries™
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ IntelliSeries™ system is our flagship product for ready mix. Like all of our products, the IntelliSeries™ was designed from the ground up with the producer in mind. By maintaining this focus, the IntelliSeries™ is setting a new standard for batch computers today.

Product Name: ProBatch™ M1 Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ M1 Series system is our entry level batching product using the producer's existing manual panel. The primary design focus of the M1 Series is to provide scaled-down functionality of the IntelliSeries™ panel. This design allows us to provide a system for producers interested in an entry level system and requiring control over fewer total items (ie. Paving applications).

Product Name: ProBatch™ M1x Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ M1x Series system is the expanded version of our entry level batching system the M1 Series. The M1x Series panel is perfect for producers who's needs are slightly above entry level but still not quite to the level that would require an IntelliSeries panel.

Product Name: ProBatch™ P1 Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ P1 Series system is our entry level batching product that includes a manual panel. The P1 Series maintains the quality of the IntelliSeries™ but is scaled down in functionality. This enables us to provide a system for producers interested in an entry level system or requiring control over fewer total items (ie. Paving applications)

Product Name: ProBatch™ P1x Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBatch™ P1x Series system is the expanded version of our entry level batching system the P1 Series. The P1x Series panel is perfect for producers who's needs are slightly above entry level but still not quite to the level that would require an IntelliSeries panel.

Product Name: ProBin™ E1 Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBin™ E1 Series system is our flagship material handling product. The E1 Series is the first material handling system that allows the end user to actually modify how and when the system controls the materials.

Product Name: ProBin™ S1 Series
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The ProBin™ S1 Series system is the integrated version of our E1 Series product. Producers who already have one of our ProBatch™ batching systems can reduce cost by purchasing an S1 Series which uses the existing ProBatch™ system's computer workstation.

Product Name: QuickBooks® Interface
Company: Control Solutions Ltd

The QuickBooks® Inteface allows customers using microDispatch™ in either a stand-alone setup or integrated with batchWare™ or batchWare™ CS to export ticket information to QuickBooks® for invoicing. A few of the features of the interface are listed below. Contact your sales representative about ordering your copy of the microDispatch™QuickBooks® Interface.

Product Name: Optimized Construction
Company: Dassault Systèmes

Optimized Construction Industry Experience Solution provides four key benefits.
  1. The first benefit is controlling costs through better visibility. Real time project status will identify tasks which cause cost risks. Additionally, there is a link to procurement which enhances cost control.
  2. The second benefit is improved cash flow. Better measurement of work breakdown and completion results in earned value approach. This, coupled with prefab delivery, will result in earlier payment.
  3. The third benefit is the single 3D version of the truth. 3D visualization results in clear understanding of a complex project through a common language. Workers at all levels can understand their specific role and how that fits in the grand design.
  4. The fourth benefit is minimized waste. Achieve Lean project delivery and minimize waste with an executable and reasonable plan based on the real state of the project in real time.
Optimized Construction Industry Solution Experience provides a collaboration based project backbone that enables centralized project and data management, construction simulation for better planning and execution, and the right information to be available to the right people at the right time.

Product Name: CorePro 3.0
Company: DotSoft

CorePro 3.0 is a Geology Management System designed for rapid entry and analysis of borehole data. It was designed to work inside AutoCAD® with your present contouring software. It can dramatically reduce the time spent preparing geologic sections, plan views, isopachs, and reports.

Product Name: EADOC Software
Company: EADOC

EADOC Software provides a fast, secure, easy to use web application for managing your construction project documentation. The application provides Facility Owners, General Contractors, and Construction Managers with a new level of control and accountability.

Product Name: H2OBenchMark™ Work Order Management
Company: EngSoft Solutions/XC2 Software

H20 BenchMark™ Work Order Administration Software is designed for Operators and administers. Features include...

Easy Entry
H20 BenchMark Reporting
Inventory Control Component

Product Name: BIM
Company: Eos Group Inc.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a highly-integrated project delivery process. It is a disruptive process that changes business relationships, introduces new risks and rewards, and empowers participants with advanced tools that streamline decisions and reduce project delivery time and costs. BIM technical solutions simply enable this advanced approach to delivering design and construction services.

Product Name: eSUB Construction Project Management Software
Company: eSUB inc.

eSUB standardizes project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and other issues that impact the project into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Best project management practices are built into the interface of our project management software based on 30 years’ experience as construction consultants working to protect your profits. In a few clicks eSUB creates, logs, updates and stores

Product Name: eSUB Time Card Management Construction Software
Company: eSUB inc.

eSUB’s Time Card Management Software – From the field to your  Accounting Software in One Easy Click.

eSUB’s Time Card Management Software allows your field crews to enter their time from any location-whether it’s at the job site, office or home- and any device,  whether it’s a phone, tablet, iPad or home computer.

Once timecards have been entered through a secure company portal, back office accounting staff log in to the same portal to review, edit, approve and upload time directly into your accounting software.

Product Name: MaxonForm
Company: Graphisoft

MaxonFormTM allows Archicad® to seamlessly deliver on one of the most visible trends of contemporary architecture - organic building design. Now everyone can aspire to deliver non-rectangular, fluid models that push the limits of conventional design. Any architect with a passion to move beyond traditional angular forms should now expect their design tool to support integrated free-form modeling, and allow them to deliver total flexibility to their surface material designs without compromising on the documentation.

Product Name: HeavyJob
Company: HCSS

HeavyJob is complete Job Tracking software that transforms job site information into valuable management information on a DAILY basis. It includes Time Card Entry on both the PC and Handheld devices, Instant Production/Cost Analysis, Billing, Forecasting, and Interfaces to Your Accounting Software.

Product Name: Appia
Company: Info Tech, Inc.

Appia covers project cost estimation, proposal development, advertising, electronic bidding and construction management. By combining these vital processes in a web environment, Appia offers a complete solution to local agencies. It is a tool that assists all of the participants in a road construction project, from field inspectors to public works directors, allowing for increased communication and collaboration, and improved reporting and oversight. Appia provides full Internet bidding capabilities for agencies and their contractors.

Product Name: Field General
Company: InSite Software Inc

Field General combined with InSite SiteWork allows point data to be prepared for layout with traditional data collectors and positioning equipment (traditional two person total station, robotic total station or GPS) and allows export of site models to GPS machine control systems.

Product Name: Precast / Block Batch
Company: MPAQ Automation Inc

Each precast or block plant poses unique challenges to automation. The MPAQ TouchBatch series for precast was specifically designed to address the needs of the modern precast producer.

Product Name: Ready Mix
Company: MPAQ Automation Inc

The MPAQ TouchBatch™ handles any type of readymix plant, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Product Name: Ready Mix Dispatch
Company: MPAQ Automation Inc

The MPAQ Dispatch is a simple, affordable and easy to use system, recommended for ready mix producers handling 2-6 plants in the same area.

Product Name: On-Screen Takeoff
Company: On Center Software

-Screen Takeoff® uses cutting edge technology to generate takeoffs directly from your PC screen. You can skip the costly blue prints and go 'paperless'. Using common digital image file formats, such as .TIF, .CAL, and most CAD files you can see your blue prints directly on your computer screen and use your mouse to quantify lengths, areas, volumes and counts.

Product Name: Solibri Model Viewer
Company: Solibri, Inc.

Solibri Model Viewer is built for viewing Open Standard IFC files and Solibri Model Checker files. Solibri Model Viewer  brings BIM files from all IFC compatible software products available for you in a single environment. It works on PC and Macintosh platforms.

Product Name: Seek'N Feed
Company: Sysdyne Corp.

Run your concrete production non-stop with Sysdyne's Auto Seek-N-Feed controller. Set it once-it does the rest. It is a truly intelligent product that has all the flexibilities you desire.

Product Name: Construction management
Company: Tekla

Tekla Structures, Construction Management software configuration includes functionality to manage and track project status. Users can communicate and manage information from supply to installation.

Product Name: Precast concrete detailing
Company: Tekla

Tekla Structures, Precast Concrete Detailing is a standard configuration enhanced with relevant precast detailing functionality. Users can create detailed 3D models of concrete structures and then generate corresponding fabrication and erection information shared by all project participants.

Product Name: Reinforced Concrete Detailing
Company: Tekla

Tekla Structures, Reinforced Concrete Detailing is a standard configuration enhanced with relevant cast-in-place detailing functionality. Users can create detailed 3D models of concrete structures and then generate corresponding fabrication and erection information shared by all project participants.

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