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Product Name: About Time Pro
Company: About Time Technologies, LLC.

About Time Pro instantly imports time and attendance data

Product Name: Accela Vantage360®
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Automation is built on the Accela Vantage360® architecture, which integrates enterprise information resources and lets end-users access this information from any perspective.

Product Name: AutoEDMS
Company: ACS Software, Inc.

The AutoEDMS Engineering Document Management and Workflow System is designed for workgroups and multi-site enterprises. AutoEDMS helps manage computer-based files, data and programs -- from engineering to accounting and from production to sales.  AutoEDMS is often used by engineering and manufacturing firms and is currently managing files for thousands of organizations worldwide.

Product Name: AutoEDMS Redline Module
Company: ACS Software, Inc.

The AutoEDMS Redline Module (AutoEDMS RM) streamlines drawing revisions with electronic markup and redlining on vector and raster drawing files.  No more wasted time looking for revision notes on paper copies of drawings.  Through AutoEDMS, your drawing comments are quickly routed to the appropriate person or department for revision.

Product Name: AutoEDMS SCAN
Company: ACS Software, Inc.

AutoEDMS SCAN enables you to quickly scan documents from a TWAIN-compliant device to your AutoEDMS system. AutoEDMS SCAN supports TWAIN compatible devices such as large format, flatbed and multi-page scanners, and digital cameras.

Product Name: BuildFLOW
Company: AEC Reprographics

BuildFLOW is a managed and automated workflow with a long history of providing efficiency and cost cutting solutions to the building industries. It is an integrated solution that meets the needs of all team members with flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Product Name: DataSafe
Company: AEC Reprographics

AEC Repro has developed BuildFLOW to incorporate the industry's most advanced security and document archival features. Our DataSafe systems assure the user that their documents and work group information is protected from loss, and from unauthorized viewing.

Product Name: VUDOX
Company: Ameri-CAD, Inc.

VUDOX is an easy-to-use and affordable collaborative service that allows you to share information with your organizations and its related enterprises (subs., contractors, sales, etc.). When used as recommended, VUDOX is easy to activate and manage allowing you to quickly generate a return on your investment.

Product Name: ARCHIBUS Enterprise™
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

ARCHIBUS Enterprise is a modular, fully-scalable solution that's ready to go, right out of the box. Its open system architecture offers complete connectivity to other enterprise applications, such as Finance and Human Resources systems, and it is flexible enough to support your organization's specific working methods. The Enterprise edition is a cost-effective way to encourage members of your organization to work in tandem, with most organizations realizing a positive return-on-investment within six months.

Product Name: ARCHIBUS Web Central®
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

Harness the power of the Web to share information and distribute self-service work processes throughout your organization Our latest version, Web Central 17, is a J2EE™ -based solution that centralizes process management and user rights to create streamlined, personalized interfaces for each site and user. As a result, facility and infrastructure managers can easily coordinate all levels of the enterprise, from operational to senior executive level.

Product Name: Cost Administration
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

Accurately tracking and managing an organization’s occupancy costs is a competitive advantage…and an organizational challenge, without a centralized repository and the right analytical tools. ARCHIBUS Cost Administration provides proactive real estate managers and lease administrators with a Web-based solution that centralizes and streamlines the definition, allocation, and approval of portfolio occupancy costs.

Product Name: ArchVision Content Manager
Company: ArchVision, Inc.

The ACM (ArchVision Content Manager) and ACM Central ( combine to form ArchVision's platform for the management and distribution of digital content.

Product Name: Sage Abra
Company: aSa

aSa is your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas Sage Abra reseller. Accurately administering a company’s work force is vital to its success and growth. Sage Abra HRMS® — an integrated member of the Sage MAS 500 solution package — offers powerful human resources (HR) and payroll solutions that enable you to automate HR and compliance activities, easily process and track payroll and attendance, and manage employee relationships with insight.

Product Name: Sage BusinessWorks®
Company: aSa

For small and growing companies, Sage BusinessWorks® provides the tools you need to manage your business more effectively today, allowing you to build a more profitable tomorrow. Combining robust features and high-level performance through 11 fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities, Sage BusinessWorks give you the power to run your business with maximum efficiency.

Product Name: Sage FAS®
Company: aSa

Sage FAS® gives you total control over your fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Based on an easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface, FAS is the most comprehensive fixed asset management solution for asset depreciation, inventory tracking, and custom reporting—all at a price your business can afford.

Product Name: Sage MAS 500®
Company: aSa

Sage MAS 500® financial modules offer deep functionality and superior usability for all your core accounting and enterprise requirements. Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities, including the ability to track key performance indicators, publish reports to the Web and drill into data, empower your managers to make proactive decisions with real-time insight. Sage MAS 500 Accounting puts you in control of finances so you can manage your company to capture more profits

Product Name: Bar Code Verifier Reporting
Company: Auto ID Solutions

Using the built-in printing functionality of hand-held bar code verifiers, this product transfers the quality report to the proprietary Auto ID Solutions Windows software application. A time and date stamp is immediately applied to track product quality over time. The report can be saved to a local or network location and later retrieved to reprint reports. Reports may be printed to any standard Windows printer.

Product Name: FastScan 2D Bar Code Verifiers
Company: Auto ID Solutions

The FastScan 2D verifiers was developed by Auto ID Solutions following considerable market research on the needs and requirements of the marketplace. Ultimately two objectives were determined to be the most critical. The unit had to have point and shoot simplicity and be priced near the cost of existing linear (UPC) bar code verifiers.

Product Name: INTEGRA 9505 FBV
Company: Auto ID Solutions

The INTEGRA 9505 FBV series is the ONLY bar code verification system (bar code verifier) available on the market that has achieved GS1 certification for both Linear and 2D bar codes.

Product Name: Linear Bar Code Verifiers
Company: Auto ID Solutions

Used at every step of the supply chain bar code verifiers have become a critical tool to improve and maintain the efficiency of the retail supply chain. Shortly after the advent of the UPC bar code, it became apparent that printers needed so way to ensure the bar codes they printed would work when they arrived in the grocery store cashiers hands. Many companies have developed bar code verifiers that but a select few meet the stringent ISO15426-1 and ANSI X3.182 bar code standards. The three manufacturers that meet these standards are RJS, Axicon, and Hand Held Products. It is no accident that these are the only brands that Auto ID Solutions sells.

Product Name: Autodesk Map 3D
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk Map® 3D software is the leading platform for creating and editing spatial data. It delivers practical mapping functionality to engineers and geospatial professionals for integrating CAD (computer-aided design) and GIS (geographic information system) information. Autodesk Map 3D complements existing GIS implementations and enables quick access, efficient editing, and easy management of a broad variety of large geospatial data sets

Product Name: Autodesk PortfolioWall
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Collaboration strengthens designs. However, developing the supporting infrastructure is often a challenge. Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software makes data management simple and intuitive. With its easy-to-use organization, presentation, and markup capabilities, PortfolioWall can serve as the visual communication and data organization backbone of a design workflow. It helps users organize 2D content, including images and movies—so the information is more accessible for collaboration, review, iteration, or inspiration

Product Name: AutoDWG Attribute Extractor
Company: AutoDWG

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor Help you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without need of AutoCAD. It supports most DWG formats including AutoCAD Release 9 through to the present AutoCAD 2005.

Product Name: AutoDWG eTransmit
Company: AutoDWG

With AutoDWG eTransmit, you can securely send complete dwg files to anyone via email. You can easily compress and transmit dwg files -include all associated files and xrefs-as a single information set to anyone with email, this means that all the design information travels as asecure, digital packet, there are no lost materials no confusion about updates ,no time spend organizing and arranging for delivery of hard-copy equivalents ,and no delivery charges

Product Name: DWF to DWG Converter
Company: AutoDWG

DWF to DWG Converter, help you convert dwf to editable dwg file. there are two versions available. standard version is an AutoCAD Addin, and Pro version is a stand alone program, no AutoCAD required.

Product Name: DWG DXF Converter
Company: AutoDWG

A batch bi-directional DWG and DXF converter and File version converter without AutoCAD !

Product Name: DWG Indexer
Company: AutoDWG

Now you can google your dwg/dxf files in your computer with this free AutoDWG DWG Indexer. AutoDWG DWG Indexer is a freeware that searches full text in dwg/dxf files. a thumbnail is also created for each dwg file in the search list.

Product Name: DWG2Image Converter
Company: AutoDWG

AutoDWG DWG2Image is a batch converter that converts DWG to JPG, DWG to TIFF , BMP,GIF, PNG without the need of AutoCAD

Product Name: FlashDWG--DWG to Flash Converter
Company: AutoDWG

Flash your AutoCAD DWG files. FlashDWG is a dwg to flash converter, it is the best way to share and publish AutoCAD DWG files on the web. FlashDWG is aslo a flash map authroing tool.

Product Name: Avatech Data Mgmt. & PLM
Company: Avatech Solutions

Rapidly implemented, scalable, and uniquely cost-effective data management and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions streamline design data management and improve workflow and collaboration to help companies optimize business processes, reduce costs, innovate, and shorten time-to-market.

Product Name: Aveva VNET
Company: Aveva Group Plc

AVEVA VNET is the only true low-risk Information Management solution, proven in the engineering and operation of some of the world's largest and most complex process plants. Information access has never been easier, nor a more effective tool for resolving issues or decision making.

Product Name: Protrax Collection
Company: Axium

Protrax is the perfect solution for A/E firms that require sophisticated levels of accounting and project reporting, detailed budgeting and business management. The flexible work breakdown structure and streamlined reporting capabilities, combined with a full accounting system, yield greater information and visibility for your projects.

Product Name: PROTRAX PLUS
Company: Axium

Protrax Plus further leverages your Protrax software through the addition of the Information System Dashboard and iTime & Expense. With the Dashboard, principals and project managers can access key reports, giving them full visibility of their projects.

Product Name: Cadac Organice Explorer
Company: Cadac Organice

Cadac Organice Explorer is a smart client for Microsoft SharePoint. It provides all the fundamental document management functionality to create, store, search, retrieve, view, check in, check out, edit and revise documents. The user interface has a Microsoft Outlook look & feel, making it easy to use for everyone. It presents the project structure, content and document properties all in one view. Users can search documents by project structure, by metadata including intelligent and multi-value lookup lists, and by full text search. Users can also create personal views and advanced filters. Cadac Organice Explorer integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook and various CAD applications, including AutoCAD, Revit, Bricscad and MicroStation. Documents can directly be opened in their native application. Through the Cadac Organice toolbar installed in the application, documents can directly be saved and stored into Cadac Organice, including CAD reference files (e.g. XREFs), blocks and images. Cadac Organice Explorer lets you map SharePoint metadata with title block attributes in the CAD drawing or with document properties of Office documents. When saving the document, the metadata and title block attributes or document properties are automatically synchronized. Through the integration with Microsoft Outlook incoming and outgoing e-mail and attachments can be saved and stored into Cadac Organice. When e-mail is stored, it is automatically labeled with the Cadac Organice categories, indicating in which SharePoint site the e-mail was archived. When saving e-mail, the e-mail properties can automatically be mapped with SharePoint metadata. New documents can be created from their application or from Cadac Organice Explorer whereby templates can be used for specific document layouts such as drawings, letters, faxes and e-mail. With Advanced Document Creation new Word templates can easily be created and automatically populated with SharePoint metadata. Existing documents can easily be stored into Cadac Organice using drag & drop. Cadac Organice Explorer has an integrated viewer to view documents without the native application. Over 250 different file formats can be viewed, including compound documents like CAD drawings with reference files (e.g. XREFs). The integrated viewer can also be used for redlining and to compare document versions. Also additional viewers like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Autodesk Design Review and Microsoft Visio can be used to view specific file formats in the most optimal way. When a document is revised, a new revision can be created and the revision number and metadata are automatically updated in SharePoint. Cadac Organice Explorer provides an additional tool for advanced revision numbering based on metadata and specific revision coding that automatically generates document and revision numbers. The document history and the metadata of each revision is kept in SharePoint and can be viewed in Cadac Organice Explorer. A user can view the history, view each revision, and can easily compare revisions. Cadac Organice Explorer also makes it possible to work offline. A user can select which documents should be available offline and is able to check them out if needed. Any changes are automatically synchronized when the user is back online again.

Product Name: Cadac Organice Publish
Company: Cadac Organice

Cadac Organice Publish can publish documents that are stored in SharePoint to a document library or to an internal or external SharePoint site. Documents can be published in their native format, but they can also be converted into an independent file format, so they can easily be opened, viewed and annotated by others without the native application. Published documents can easily be distributed, they can be printed accurately and they can be securely archived for many years. Cadac Organice Publish is initiated through a custom SharePoint workflow that can be configured using the familiar SharePoint interface. Administrators can define when the workflow is triggered, for instance on check in or based upon certain metadata values.
An Administration Site provides them an overview with detailed information on all jobs and whether they were successful or not. The location to which documents are published and the mapping of metadata between source and target location can also be configured. The end-user does not require having read-write access to the publishing location. Once the publishing process is finished the end user cannot tamper with the result, which can be important with regard to compliance and record management requirements. The workflow is executed from Cadac Organice Explorer, but publishing and file conversion is done on a dedicated job server. As a result, publishing and conversion is done fast and the load is taken away from the SharePoint server and the local workstation. For file conversion, the native application is used to assure that file conversion is done accurately, including fonts, logos, layouts, reference files, etc. The architecture is scalable, so that multiple job servers can be used, each with a specific task. The native and published document are stored, linked and managed in SharePoint, including their metadata. This guarantees that changes to the native document are also applied to the related published document. Cadac Organice Publish can be initiated at any time and can be used in combination with other Cadac Organice functionality. Documents can for instance be published to Cadac Organice Transmit to distribute them through e-mail or to print them directly. Documents can also be published in a file format that is suitable for long term archiving. Documents are published to any document library or SharePoint site, including an extranet site in a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) for external access. Cadac Organice Publish can publish Office 2003 and 2007 documents, and AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT drawings. Documents can be converted into PDF, PDF/A and DWF.

Product Name: Cadac Organice Scan
Company: Cadac Organice

With Cadac Organice Scan incoming correspondence and other hardcopy documents can be scanned and stored into the SharePoint document environment, making all documents centrally and digitally available to all users. Hardcopy documents can first be registered and then scanned, or first scanned and then moved into the SharePoint environment. When documents are first registered, the Scan extension in Cadac Organice Explorer is used to enter the appropriate metadata of the document, like document number, project number, subject, and contact person. Through the registration process a user defines exactly where the document needs to be saved and stored in the SharePoint document environment. During registration, a scan coversheet is created and printed. This coversheet includes a code with the registered information in SharePoint about the document that needs to be scanned. The document is scanned including the coversheet. After scanning, the document and coversheet are interpreted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The scanned document is converted into a searchable PDF file, and through the code with registration information on the coversheet, the document is automatically saved and stored in the correct SharePoint location, including its metadata. Users can retrieve the document by either using the metadata, or by executing a full text search. It is also possible to first scan all documents into a central SharePoint location and then moving them subsequently to the correct project libraries and adding the proper metadata. If needed it is possible to reference in the metadata to the physical location where the paper document is still kept. Cadac Organice Scan can be used in combination with any scanning device, including small format and wide format scanners, standalone scanners and multifunctional devices. Scanners can be locally available to users or centrally in a mailroom, print room or at a reception desk.

Product Name: Cadac Organice Transmit
Company: Cadac Organice

Cadac Organice Transmit distributes multiple documents efficiently to multiple recipients at once and offers management information to document controllers who need to track transmittals that have been sent. Users start by creating document packages and distribution lists through wizards. Through a transmittal definition they then specify which document package is sent to which distribution lists and whether the recipient should receive the documents digitally or on paper. Packages, distribution lists and transmittal definitions are created within the SharePoint environment where both documents and recipient are stored and managed. A transmittal letter is automatically generated for each recipient listing the documents and providing number of copies. The transmittal letter can easily be customized to fit corporate identity standards. A transmittal tracking list in SharePoint records who received what and when. Tasks can be specified for each recipient, e.g., the recipient needs to approve the documents or revise them. A deadline can be set for tasks, and SharePoint reporting can be used to determine if recipients met their deadlines. When documents are modified, Cadac Organice Transmit indicates which recipients need to receive updates. The document controller is automatically notified by email of the need to retransmit the package. Recipients can receive documents digitally or on paper. To print documents, Cadac Organice Transmit can be integrated with 3rd party print applications for both in-house printing and for outsourced printing at a reprographer.

Product Name: Cadac Organice Workbox
Company: Cadac Organice

With Cadac Organice Workbox you can build productive workflows in SharePoint to automate business processes. Workflows are designed and created with Cadac Organice Workbox Designer, a web based solution that is deployed and activated as a feature in SharePoint. Cadac Organice Workbox Designer opens in the browser and provides a graphical interface to design and create workflows in a user friendly way. Users can simply drag and drop workflow states between the start and end point of the workflow, representing the various phases in a process. Each state can have a logical name and description. When states are created, the user defines the routing from one state to another. Also a route can have a logical name and description. Depending on the outcome of an action, it is possible to route a document or item to a next or previous state. For each route an action is defined. The action will route the document or item to a next step in the workflow, like approve, or reject. An action can include activities like edit, copy, delete, check in or out, change a metadata value (e.g. document status), send an e-mail, change permissions or start another workflow. Activities can easily be reused in other actions. Cadac Organice Workbox also provides the possibility to easily create custom activities. To execute an action in a workflow, users or groups are assigned to the action. The user or group includes a role and permissions. These permissions define what a user or group can do when the document is in a certain workflow state. For instance, if an engineer sends a document for approval to his manager, he is no longer able to edit that document until it is approved or rejected. Within Cadac Organice Explorer, a user only sees his available workflow options related to the status of the workflow. Cadac Organice Workbox also makes it possible to add user provided variables to a workflow. This allows the user for instance to enter a due date or a comment when he routes a document to the next workflow state. When the workflow is created, it is deployed to the SharePoint site and the list or library on which it is created. When it is deployed, users are able to execute the workflow on the documents or items. Workflows can be executed automatically when a new document or item is created or changed, or they can be executed manually on one or more documents or items from the Cadac Organice Explorer interface. From Cadac Organice Explorer users get visual feedback on the status of the workflow. They are also able to see the workflow history on a document or item. The history includes information about who did what and when in the workflow and the result of each workflow step. With Cadac Organice Workbox Designer it is possible to build both serial and parallel state workflows. Cadac Organice Workbox Designer is typically used by Administrators or Business Analysts responsible for designing and creating workflows.

Product Name: convertLogic
Company: Coastal Logic, Inc.

Convert DWG, DWF, DXF, DRW, Solid Works, Word, Excel to PDF or TIFF from Matrix. convertLogic automatically checks out, converts, and checks in files from your Matrix database and performs rendering to PDF or TIFF of over 300 file formats including CAD and MS Office.

Product Name: printLogic
Company: Coastal Logic, Inc.

printLogic is a server-based Matrix web integration, which allows users to batch print documents directly from the database—a feature not offered by Matrix*. Printed files can be automatically stamped with metadata based on multiple stamp templates created and controlled by the administrator.

Product Name: spoolLogic
Company: Coastal Logic, Inc.

spoolLogic is a server-based batch printing and stamping utility that allows users all across your network to print to administrator specified and maintained printers. Using a simple "job ticket" method, spoolLogic allows for virtually unlimited files and stamping in a single print request. Because spoolLogic can handle multiple documents, it allows you to number pages across documents.

Product Name: vueLogic
Company: Coastal Logic, Inc.

vueLogic, our premier, standalone batch printing and stamping utility, allows users all across your network to print to administrator specified and maintained printers. Using a simple "job ticket" method, vueLogic allows for virtually unlimited files and stamping in a single print request. vueLogic can handle multiple documents, allowing you to number pages across documents.

Product Name: Document Locator
Company: ColumbiaSoft

Document Locator is our innovative Enterprise Document Management solution for businesses of all sizes to manage business documents and records, automate business processes, comply with regulations, and increase efficiency. It improves collaboration with more efficient review and approval processes, reduces risk with greater accountability and control, and increases efficiency across the AEC enterprise.

Product Name: ComponentOne Doc-to-Help® Enterprise 2006 v2
Company: ComponentOne LLC

Whether you are converting from RoboHelp or creating new projects, Doc-To-Help empowers authors to create HTML or Microsoft Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file format (including browser-based, platform independent Help) or printed documentation.

Product Name: Doc-To-Help® Enterprise
Company: ComponentOne LLC

Doc-To-Help® Enterprise enables technical communicators, policy writers, and other content creators to author in Doc-To-Help's XML-based editor, Microsoft Word or HTML, (or use existing documents) and publish to the Web, Help systems, or printed manuals with a single click.

Product Name: Chameleon
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

CIS has recently introduced Chameleon to its arsenal of Document Management solutions for the construction industry. This revolutionary new product captures, routes and keeps within easy access all documents in a construction office. Quick, easy retrieval of all documents, indexing and connection to your accounting system with remote access and retrieval make this product a must for every construction office

Product Name: Construction Document Manager
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

Construction Document Manager revolutionizes the construction office and a project managers job. This exciting product captures, routes and keeps within easy access all documents in a construction office. Quick, easy retrieval of all documents, indexing, and connection to your accounting system plus remote access and retrieval make this product a must for every construction office.

Product Name: Cost Plus / T&M Collector
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

This CIS product assembles all invoices, reports, and timesheets and other data for customers who need to provide cost-plus and T&M backup of contract documents for their jobs to owners. all of this backup paperwork for a job can be electronically selected in the imaging system and written to a CD! The CD includes a viewer so images can be viewed by the owner and the information may be sorted by different index values.

Product Name: Full Text Search
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

In the normal course of business, the best way to find most documents in an imaging system is by index fields such as job #, date, document type, and other indexes. However for a lawsuit or claim, or even for a very large RFP, OCR and Full-text Search software allows you to in a batch mode OCR all those
scanned documents, combine those in text format already and then do a fulltext index, indexing the documents on every word.

Product Name: Invoice Router
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

Invoice Router shortens cycle times, increases communications, enhances productivity and cuts costs dramatically. This exciting product allows the scanning of A/P invoices, POs, packing slips and quickly indexes them with other important data. Documents are routed automatically for approval. Managers can quickly review and take action on any document and add information with sticky notes in their file. All documents, their approvals and status are available instantaneously allowing you to never lose documents and take advantage of discounts

Product Name: Material Ticket Handler
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

Tickets from high-volume vendors can possibly be scanned and information read off for both indexing the tickets and possible entry into your accounting system. Tickets can be indexed by all the information that you need for search.

Product Name: Report Archival
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

Construction companies generate a great deal of paper reports, more than most industries. With computer-generated reports, we are able to electronically capture the report and index with up to eight indexes automatically. This allows instant viewing of reports on any workstation (CRT or PC) at both your home office and remotely connected offices immediately. You are able to access the reports with a combination of up to twenty-four indexes.

Product Name: WebXtender
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

WebXtender eliminates the need to install client software on every corporate workstation while enabling collaboration with remote employees or business partners. This application also enables organizations engaged in ecommerce activities such as electronic bill presentment, or electronic cataloging.

Product Name: ECC
Company: Data Builder, Inc.

The closeout process is a vital component of every construction project. But gathering the appropriate documentation, and delivering it to the project owner in an organized manner, can be a labor-intensive task. Although the type of information needed for closeout may vary, one thing remains the same: the sooner you deliver the necessary documentation, the faster you can collect final payment.

Product Name: e-Builder Collaborator
Company: e-Builder

e-Builder Collaborator™ is a completely integrated document management and collaboration system for construction projects.Your team will be brought together in real-time to work more efficiently while the
system documents the communication across all parties involved in your project.

Product Name: e-Builder Professional
Company: e-Builder

e-Builder Professional™ is an integrated file/document management and collaboration system for construction and is ideal for architects & engineers. Your team will be brought together in real-time and work more efficiently as the system automatically tracks and documents communications across all
parties involved. This enhanced process will significantly shorten the development cycle, reduce risk, and dramatically improve the efficiency of project execution.

Product Name: eB Configuration Management
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

eB CM is an enterprise-wide configuration management application that complies with the CMII (Institute of Configuration Management) model to manage an organization's requirements, documents, assets, products and processes and ensures that conformance between these is achieved at all times. It simultaneously uses the power of embedded document management to provide efficient document creation, storage, access and distribution.

Product Name: eB Document Controller
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

The eB DC Document Controller application includes all the capabilities of the eB DM offering but extends these with the addition of document change management, document copy and distribution management and work management. It is typically used when greater control is required over documents throughout their life cycles, such asis the case in regulated industries.

Product Name: eB Document Management
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

eB™ DM is Spescom Software's powerful enterprise document management application that enables users to effectively capture, manage, store and distribute all types of documents and content across an enterprise.

Product Name: eB for Nuclear
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

eB for Nuclear captures, stores and manages content and documents such as specifications, engineering drawings, operating procedures, reports, emails, purchase orders, invoices, etc., and identifies and relates this content to the physical items such as the equipment, systems, structures and components that comprise the plant. eB for Nuclear also creates printed work packages for use during emergencies and outages.

Product Name: eB for Sharepoint
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

As a complement to Sharepoint, eB for Sharepoint delivers on the promise of total enterprise information management in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server environment.

Product Name: eB Government
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

eB Government is a suite of applications that address the needs of various departments within a local government environment and allow users involved in planning, public safety and emergency services, public works, utilities and other departments to share information, manage and control it, and, most importantly, understand its value in context.

Product Name: eB™ Drawing Management
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

The eB™ Drawing Management application uses eB CAD-Connect, the CAD engineering face of the eB suite to manage drawings within and external to the engineering department of an organization.

Product Name: Avante
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Avanté is our manufacturing business performance solution designed specifically for midmarket companies with complex manufacturing environments. It's replete with rich functionality and powerful features, yet gives you the flexibility and intuitiveness you need to make it work for your business. .

Product Name: DataFlo
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

DataFlo is our manufacturing solution that focuses on the special needs of today's high growth discrete and repetitive/Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturers. But Epicor also recognizes that many firms in the mid-range industrial sector are gaining significant competitive advantage through "mixed-mode" manufacturing such as repetitive components or subassembly with a "configure-to-order" finished product approach for maximum customer responsiveness. As a result, DataFlo can meet the fundamental needs of your organization right out of the box - with very little modification. Some typical applications include companies that manufacture instrumentation, controls, electronic products and aerospace components. Today, DataFlo offers broad, truly enterprise-wide functionality with 36 fully integrated modules. All applications have been designed to take full advantage of speed, power, flexibility, security and transaction integrity offered by open systems and 3-D relational database technology. Add to that our Value Chain products to extend and modernize your system for Business Intelligence, eCommerce, EDI, CRM, and Wireless Bar Code, to name a few

Product Name: Epicor iScala
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor iScala is a tightly integrated and industry-specific end-to-end ERP, CRM and SCM solution targeting the divisions and subsidiaries of Global 1000 corporations and large local and regional companies worldwide. Epicor iScala’s seven application suites provide collaborative functionality, country-specific localizations and multi-language capabilities designed to support global, multicompany deployments with significant cross-border trading requirements.

Product Name:
Company: eQuorum is a cloud based document management version of ImageSite that resides outside the corporate network. The site is a commercial grade document management system, great for file distribution and collaboration across locations and departments and with vendors, contractors, and customers. Upload a file or folder and make it available to third parties without generating a corporate login or VPN connection.

Product Name: ImageSite
Company: eQuorum

ImageSite is a comprehensive, yet easy to use Document Management Solution that automates the distribution and collaboration of engineering data and corporate files across your entire enterprise.  Because it’s written in HTML5, all platforms are supported and no Java is required.  ImageSite offers release and archive functionality for popular CAD formats like AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and MicroStation. In addition, ImageSite extends design oriented Product Data Management systems with lifecycle-based Release Document Distribution and Collaboration to the entire organization.

Product Name: The Dispatcher
Company: HCSS

The Dispatcher revolutionizes your dispatching by deploying equipment and personnel with one easy-to-use software program eliminating the need for magnetic boards, spreadsheets or notebooks to track resources and more ...

Product Name: Engineering Content Management (ECM)
Company: IHS, Inc.

Fully leverage your organization's internal data in addition to information from external sources and integrate it into your business environment. IHS ECM solutions are customized to meet your requirements and designed specifically to provide efficient mechanisms for the creation, capture, management and distribution of information

Product Name: ESDU
Company: IHS, Inc.

Expedite your design process with confidence using ESDU - a hands-on, practical engineering tool for arriving at the best design solution in the least amount of time

Product Name: HAYSTACK® Gold
Company: IHS, Inc.

Quick access to comprehensive parts information is critical for both government organizations and commercial contractors. Whether you are conducting a simple search to verify a NSN or part number, or a timesaving batch search for thousands of items in one operation, your mission is dependent on fast, accurate and reliable data.

Product Name: eINTEROP
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Large, complex products, such as ships, aircraft, tanks, missiles, and facilities demand the careful collection and organization of vast amounts of information. Personnel must access and update equipment and system details, which often reside in various software systems that do not typically communicate with each other. Manual data integration, disparate databases, and complex searches create a loss in productivity and effectiveness. Intergraph's eINTEROP product suite allows users to quickly access related data from multiple software systems. eINTEROP enables engineers, logisticians, managers, production workers, maintenance personnel, and operators to graphically view equipment or systems, quickly obtain accurate, integrated information, and easily perform updates. Offering unique capabilities, such as a single point of access and the ability to automatically populate system details, eINTEROP provides an intuitive graphical interface that is both adaptable and scalable.

Product Name: IDL
Company: ITT Visual Information Solutions

IDL is the ideal, timesaving solution for data analysis, data visualization, and software application development. From “quick-look” analysis and display to commercial programming projects, IDL combines the technology and tools you need with a modern, extensible environment.

Product Name: IDL Analyst
Company: ITT Visual Information Solutions

The developers of IDL introduce IDL Analyst - a new, premium IDL product that integrates the comprehensive mathematical and statistical routines of the IMSL™ C Numerical Library with the advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities of IDL.

Product Name: VB-CLEAN
Company: Large Document Solutions

VB-Clean is a high speed black and white image processor designed for production scanning applications. VB-Clean can batch process A - J size documents where deskew, crop, despeckle, or rotation functions need to be performed simultaneously.

Product Name: VB-INDEX
Company: Large Document Solutions

VB-INDEX makes capturing index data from scanned engineering drawings a snap! The easy to use interface automatically displays the drawing title block so drawing information can be entered into the data input window.

Product Name: Leica ADS80
Company: Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems was first to introduce the Large Format Digital Camera to the market in 2001. With more than 50 Airborne Digital Sensors delivered worldwide, Leica Geosystems has the experience to introduce two new sensor heads – SH51 and SH52 – for the ADS40 System. Professionals can produce 5 Band co-registered imagery to cover all applications in aerial surveying and airborne remote sensing. Time and costs are saved through simultaneous acquisition of true high-resolution panchromatic, color and colorinfrared digital images.

Product Name: M-Files Express
Company: Motive Systems Inc.

M-Files Express is the only completely free professional document management software. It improves efficiency and productivity by making any document or information easy to find, eliminating redundancy and avoiding conflicts and data loss.

Product Name: M-Files Professional
Company: Motive Systems Inc.

M-Files is a powerful yet easy to use document management software  application that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents and information in companies and organizations of all sizes

Product Name: M-Files QMS
Company: Motive Systems Inc.

M-Files® is an easy to use solution that helps businesses organize, manage and track documents and information. M-Files is available as both a cloud-based service or an on-premise software solution.

Product Name: echive®Series
Company: Open Archive Systems

echive® Series is electronic document & drawing management software to organize, distribute, share and archive your information. It supports most common file formats, including scanned images, MS Office files & complex CAD drawings. Using industry standard database formats and a Windows Explorer-style interface, echive is easy to deploy, maintain, customize and use.

Product Name: echive®& Batch REnew Connectors
Company: Open Archive Systems

Create searchable files, improve image quality, split and rename files and recognize barcodes. Turn your scanner into a multi-tasking machine by scanning, cleaning up and integrating paper documents into a document management solution in one easy step.

Product Name: REnew Series
Company: Open Archive Systems

The REnew Series increases the usability of your scanned files. Edit the raster, split and merge pages and/or files using blank page detection, numeric intervals and barcodes, convert PDF files (PDF to TIFF) for editing, save to PDF, and clean up your scans.

Product Name: PENTA Payroll Software
Company: Penta Technologies, Inc

For labor-intensive organizations, payroll is one of the most difficult administrative challenges. Trusted to run dozens of North America's largest and most complex union and non-union construction payrolls, PENTA Payroll Software can drastically reduce the overhead required to manage and improve your payroll and labor cost control processes, from mobile field time entry to analytics and reporting:

Product Name: PIPETALK
Company: PIPEtalk

PIPEtalk is very easy to install. Simply Run INSTALL from the CD and let the program do the work. Because PIPEtalk is VBA macro driven from inside the PIPEtalk Excel spreadsheet there is no .EXE program installed. (PIPEtalk will not be shown in the Startup/Programs list.) To run; select the PIPEtalk Icon on your screen, approve the use of macros and you are in business. Because no "executable software" was actually installed, no permissions from Windows are required to install or remove PIPEtalk.

Product Name: Private Plan Rooms
Company: Plan Express

When it comes to Document Management, Plan Express has invested heavily in research and development to deliver a system that meets your highest standards. While many features are common to other online plan rooms, our service was created from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Product Name: PlanWell Collaborate
Company: PlanWell

PlanWell Collaborate is an intuitive, cost-effective cloud project collaboration application designed for Project Managers in AEC.

Product Name: PlanWell Enterprise
Company: PlanWell

PlanWell Enterprise combines the services of your reprographer with a powerful Web application that accomplishes four primary tasks:

Product Name: PlanWell EWO
Company: PlanWell

PlanWell EWO is an electronic work order available online from your reprographer. The next time you need to order, reach for the mouse and your internet browser instead of reaching for a paper order form or the phone.

Product Name: Dv Archive
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Document and Records management of electronic files Password protected access via Internet Explorer Easy Search and Retrieval from anywhere in the world

Product Name: Dv Geospatial
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Dv Geospatial is an add-on to Dv TDM that offers users a robust, location-based data management application, which provides fast, secure, and cost-saving access to your information asset base. It provides all the capabilities of an advanced Geographical Information System (GIS), while fully integrating with Dv TDM to supply an expanded set of record/document management tools. Dv Geospatial delivers an intuitive, map-based, enterprise wide Document, Drawing & Asset Management System, all in a single, highly-extensible interface.

Product Name: Dv Office
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Dv Office is a complete document management solution for content searching, web capabilities, workflow, and revision control. Document Management Software that is fully configurable to meet the needs of your organization. Dv Office handles over 200 file types and includes advanced features such as content search, revision control, internet access to files from anywhere in the world, and unlimited group level security.

Company: PS Software Solutions

ARCH ADMINISTRATOR™ is powerful and intuitive relational database software designed specifically for architects. Whether you are an Architect, Administrator or Project Manager, Arch Administrator will help you handle data as efficiently and easily as possible.

Product Name: RxIndex
Company: Rasterex

Most of a company's information is stored in different databases, and one of the major challenges is to access and use this information as efficiently as possible. RxIndex presents a user friendly application to design and customize the interface to your databases - an individualized form where multiple users can enter and update information, search for files and records, create reports and launch application for viewing, editing and printing the selected files.

Product Name: RxSDK
Company: Rasterex

Software developers often require full control on how the components play together within their application, and they want to decide themselves the look and feel of each element.

Product Name: RxViewServer
Company: Rasterex

RxViewServer is a server-based solution for fast sharing of documents and drawings over the web – with no software installed on the client machines!

Product Name: SmartBIM Spaces
Company: Reed Construction Data

Only Reed Construction Data’s SmartBIM Spaces can get project-specific products into the architects’ hands exactly when they need them. With SmartBIM Spaces, Reed Construction Data’s experience gathering project data, plans, and specifications is transformed into the BIM experience to better serve the architect, engineer, and builder community.

Product Name: Briefcase Plus 2.0.3
Company: Rekenwonder Software

Briefcase Plus 2.0.3 (1030 kB- Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003) is a utility for backing up and synchronizing collections of files on two different computers, just like the Windows Briefcase.

Product Name: Deep Server
Company: Right Hemisphere

The demands of complex products require new communications tools. Existing methods of product related document and graphic media creation are not keeping pace with the demands for faster deliveries and global collaboration requirements. Decisions need to be made faster and across a wider range of departments and geographic locations than ever before.

Product Name: EnviroData
Company: Scientific Software Group

EnviroData is a program for managing and displaying site environmental data. This powerful and intuitive software uses Microsoft Access as a front-end user interface and any ODBC-compliant database such as Access, SQLServer or Oracle as a back-end database server.

Product Name: KISS Export
Company: SDS/2 Design Data

KISS Export is a material and job data export designed for the FabTrol MRP system, using data that can be obtained from the model or Bill of Material

Product Name: Data Manager
Company: Skire, Inc.

Unifier's Data Manager provides the ability to create on-line databases of form-driven data for all phases of projects. This can include technical information such as an on-line equipment database containing performance, mechanical, electrical, and vendor information for each piece of equipment selected for a facility. This database creates a centralized and accessible resource of equipment information available throughout the life of the facility, from planning, design and procurement, through construction and operations.

Product Name: Unifier™ Document Management System
Company: Skire, Inc.

Unifier's Collaboration saves time and helps keep projects on track. Skire Unifier™ Document Management System (DMS) is designed to facilitate teams' abilities to easily share information and make timely project decisions, even across geographically dispersed locations.

Product Name: VirtualViewer™
Company: Snowbound Software

VirtualViewer™ (formerly called FlexSnap) is Snowbound Software’s next generation suite of high-speed viewing™ technology that allows you to view virtually ANY document or image format from ANY platform, anywhere.   VirtualViewer enhances your productivity and streamlines your document workflow by providing robust document and image handling capabilities across the enterprise.

Product Name: VPindex
Company: Softelec Corp

VPindex is a first-class solution for indexing scanned drawings into EDM (Electronic Document Management) or database systems. In batch mode you can process thousands of documents automatically while doing rotation, cut drawing, and other cleanup functions.

Product Name: AegisWeb REGISTRY
Company: SOTA Software, Inc.

AegisWeb REGISTRY is a data collection tool that empowers management and support staff responsible for registering new projects, logging change orders, maintaining budget values and reviewing new projects.

Product Name: Document Locator
Company: The Cram Group

Powerful enterprise document management software to capture, manage, and share paper, email, and digital documents.

Improve the bottom- line with increased efficiency and collaboration, and reduce risk by meeting higher standards of compliance and business continuity

Product Name: TRIRIGA Offline
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA Offline is a platform technology that saves substantial time in gathering, storing and distributing information between offline users and TRIRIGA applications. You can utilize TRIRIGA Offline in many places throughout your organization's workplace.

Company: Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint provides an intuitive and useful tool for attaching and indexing documents and other files to records within the application. The optional Viewpoint Scanning tool is designed to work with any TWAIN compliant scanner, and allows users to directly scan images and automatically attach and index them to Viewpoint data records

Product Name: VITRO-CAD
Company: VITRO-CAD

Vitro Software is specialized in engineering data management and collaboration applications for the AEC industries enabling them to manage CAD drawings and sheet sets, engineering project documentation and easily collaborate with architect, designer or contractors. Vitro-CAD is an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) based on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server.

Product Name: Carlson GIS-CE
Company: Western Latitudes

Carlson's menu-driven interface is easy to learn, easy to use, and will help you do more in less time. Carlson GIS-CE powerful data collection features include: • View and work with georeferenced TIF files • Store points on aerial photo background • User defined multiple attributes for data • Import/Export DXF & SHP files • All major GPS (RTK and differential) and total stations are supported • All for only $500!

Product Name: COMIML
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

COMIML is a universal driver for instruments that communicate over RS232, RS485 or Modbus. It automatically feeds data from the instruments to Windows application software. You could, for example, show readings from a GPS receiver and a fluorometer in mapping software, or data from an electronic balance in Excel. The RS232 software is currently reduced from £145 to £50 and available from our data acquisition catalogue. Runs under Windows 7, Vista, XP and 98

Product Name: Streamer 6.0: Waveform Capture Software
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

The latest version of Streamer provides a portable, distributed or desk-top waveform capture system. It handles an immense range of sensors and instruments, for a high performing yet flexible system.

Product Name: Windmill Blackboard
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

Once data has been chalked onto the Blackboard, the Windmill logging, charting and display programs can pick it up. The entered data will be time-stamped and logged. The data remains valid for a set period, after which Windmill regards it as out of date. You can store up to 20 channels of data on each Blackboard - for more channels just load more copies of Blackboard

Product Name: Windmill Chart
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

To chart your data just choose the Windmill Chart program. Select up to 8 channels from the list and press the Start button for a continuously updating graph. You can vary the speed so the window displays just the last few seconds in detail, or shows the trends over several hours

Product Name: Windmill Logger
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

Windmill Logger records data from up to 100 analogue and digital channels. To log from more channels simply open more copies of Logger. Each set of samples is time stamped, and you can vary the sampling rate from less than once per hour up to 200 samples per second. For long term logging Logger will create a separate file for each hour, each day or each week, and if required can overwrite old data to continue logging indefinitely.

Product Name: Windmill with the COMIML Serial Driver
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

COMIML lets you read and control almost any serial device communicating over RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or Modbus. These include such diverse equipment as electronic balances used in a laboratory, GPS receivers used in the field and data loggers used in process plant. The COMIML driver reads data from your PC's COM port, and passes it to the Windmill 6 logging, charting and DDE Panel programs.

Management Software : Facilities Management Software

Product Name: Billing And Time Tracking Software
Company: AEC Tek

Our Billing Time Tracking Software is a clear and effective way to record time expenses and bill your customers accordingly. It allows time tracking for customer and project-related tasks. After being registered, the data can be used for invoice generation. Our Billing Time Tracking Software easily integrates with most of the leading accounting software systems. It is very user-friendly and can prevent you from any careless losses.

Product Name: Web TimeSheet
Company: AEC Tek

If you are into a professional services business, then your business is definitely all about time. You will want to capture time accurately and apply it to projects and produce client billing and determine project costs.

Product Name: ARCHIBUS Express™
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

ARCHIBUS Express is ideal for remote branch offices or for facilities measuring less than 250,000 square feet (24,000 square meters). Easily manageable, ARCHIBUS Express allows even novice users to perform critical real estate, facilities, and infrastructure management tasks. This windows-based solution is for a single user only and ships with a Sybase RunTime database.

Product Name: ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor™
Company: ARCHIBUS, Inc.

The Facil-o-tor provides a complete facilities and infrastructure management solution for facilities measuring less than 500,000 square feet (46,000 square meters). Designed for organizations contained within a single site or campus, ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor offers a full suite of applications bundled for quick deployment. As your organization grows, it can seamlessly migrate to the large-scale ARCHIBUS Enterprise edition.

Product Name: Autodesk Flint
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Design stunning motion graphics and interactive visual effects for broadcast and post-production with the cost-effective Autodesk® Flint® systems software. Build eye-catching promos, station ID packages, commercials, and brand graphics in a real-time creative environment

Product Name: Autodesk GenMap
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Get detailed, up-to-date mapping information at your immediate control. Autodesk® GenMap links existing Automated Mapping (AM)/Facilities Management (FM)/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) corporate data with electric infrastructure.

Product Name: Bentley Facilities
Company: Bentley Systems

Bentley Facilities is Bentley’s comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for facilities managers. It supports the management of organizational spaces, corporate assets, and facility-related documents, resulting ultimately in better utilized buildings on time and on budget.

Product Name: Bentley Facilities Manager
Company: Bentley Systems

Bentley Facilities Manager is a powerful Windows interface for authoring and maintaining all of your facilities-related information. Facilities Manager helps you to turn facilities-related data at any level of complexity into a transparent set of current and accurate information.

Product Name: CMiC Enterprise
Company: CMiC

CMiC Enterprise provides the solid operational backbone for your business seamlessly integrating all departments and functions across your organization, and linking project owners, customers, suppliers, partners and employees providing real-time functionality that gives you a measurable ROI.

Product Name: CMiC Integration
Company: CMiC

Today’s competitive business environment calls for businesses to be interconnected like never before – sharing data and information, business processes, and being in communication with each other 24/7. In short, your ability to implement a true end-to-end business process solution between enterprises directly impacts your bottom line. The critical challenge facing you is how to truly integrate all the applications, data sources, business processes and systems to ensure it is seamless.

Product Name: COMMANDaggregate
Company: Command Alkon Incorporated

The COMMANDseries aggregate dispatching application, COMMANDaggregate, offers a wide range of industry-specific functionality that is specifically designed to assist the user with increasing dispatch efficiency, improving truck utilization, reducing haul costs, and providing timely and accurate operational information to enhance decision-making within your company.

Product Name: LABsys
Company: Contek, Inc.

LABsys was conceived specially for laboratories, aggregrate, concrete, as well as asphalt suppliers. There is no other software that offers the range of options and flexibilty that LABsys offers.

Product Name: seeMIX III
Company: Contek, Inc.

Concrete analysis and mix proportioning software, Aggregate statistics and blending options, Strength prediction and multigraph analysis, Material specifications, seeMIX, seeSTAT, seeMAT functionalities, Ideal for small and medium size producers.

Product Name: Plant/CMS Database
Company: CSA, Inc.

The Plant/CMS Database consists of a core database which represents the configuration of the facility and application databases, which contain additional information related to individual applications.

Product Name: SAM Pro Enterprise
Company: Data-Basics

SAM Pro Enterprise is a business-wide enterprise software solution that enables the streamlining of your business by reducing operating costs and improving efficiency from the field to the back office. This allows businesses to grow operations without adding employees. From wireless field service software to back office accounting software, SAM Pro Enterprise's end-to-end integration allows service management, facility maintenance and construction firms the ability to automate and escalate tasks that typically require human intervention — all while reducing management costs and increasing revenues.

Product Name: DAM Systems - FocusOPEN Brand Asset Manager
Company: Daydream

Daydream's FocusOPEN Brand Asset Manager is an open source Digital Asset Management (DAM) application, which supports all common media formats, including video. FocusOPEN Brand Asset Manager provides a searchable online repository for all digitised assets that everyone involved in the marketing supply-chain can use as the single resource for all marketing materials.

Product Name: On-Screen Takeoff ®
Company: Eos Group Inc.

On-Screen Takeoff can do all of this while at the same time greatly reducing the chance of errors. If increased accuracy and speed, greater profits, and lower risk are important to you, On-Screen Takeoff is the software for you.

Product Name: Epicor ITSM
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

A well-functioning IT infrastructure is essential for the quality and continuity of business processes within an organization. This places demands on the IT department to answer questions quickly, fix problems immediately and find ways to prevent issues in the future. Using Epicor IT Service Management (ITSM) you can provide your IT team with accurate, complete and clear information. You can easily create, trace, summarize and close incidents, problems and change requests. Epicor ITSM enables you to set and monitor varying service levels based on specific agreements and offers your service desk a powerful structured solution for IT management processes.

Product Name: goLabor
Company: Equential

goLabor enables crew managers,field engineers, technicians and others to accurately and efficiently track time, equipment usage and materials associated with projects, jobs and service/work orders.

Product Name: Onuma Planning System (OPS)
Company: Onuma, Inc.

Web enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Award winning software that drives the BIMStorms. Cloud Computing based Model Server and editor allows collaboration in real time from many users around the world. Used on projects for the US Coast Guard, General Services Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and commercial clients. Easy to use, and links to other applications through open standards exchanges. Geospatial capability allows linking of BIM to GIS, such as Google Earth.

Product Name: ParaCloud Modeler
Company: ParaCloud

ParaCloud Modeler is a low cost software solution converting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into a powerful parametric modeler for Design and Architecture. ParaCloud offers integration with Rhino, Bentley MicroStation V8/XM and output to DXF and Maya MEL.

Product Name: PENTA Service Management
Company: Penta Technologies, Inc

PENTA Service Management software for construction integrates all of your key data into a single, powerful database, allowing you real-time information anywhere it is necessary -- in the field, at the office, or at the site of a service call.

Product Name: Primavera Pertmaster®
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

Primavera Pertmaster addresses full lifecycle risk management through advanced Monte Carlo based cost and schedule analytics including:
  • Uncertainty around initial decision making during project selection,
  • Increased accuracy of project schedules during planning and
  • Successful execution and operations.

Product Name: GEOLOGGER® CLE
Company: Progeo Monitoring

Make your lining easily testable
Patented Geologger® CLE is an electro-resistive liner testing system which monitors and locates leaks in civil structures such as landfills and lagoons. The system is based on a conductive polyethylene tube, a so-called Continuous Linear Electrode (CLE), which can be scanned by a probe sent through the tubing. The probe locates areas of high electrical potential, and from these data can locate leakage with great reliability and accuracy. This monitoring system is on-demand, which means that the testing is performed only when required.

Product Name: SC-x™ Real Time Controller
Company: SC Solutions

SC-x™ is a proprietary framework for developing and implementing controllers. This framework has the advantage that all individual libraries can be quickly integrated into a single software package. SC-x™ is designed so that controller code can be easily tested in a simulation environment before the same tested code is deployed to a real-time industrial environment. SC’s process controllers are implemented in the SC-x™ real-time framework

Product Name: Autodesk FMDesktop
Company: Simple Solutions FM

Businesses today want better tools to make informed decisions about the space they occupy and the facilities they operate and maintain. Autodesk FMDesktop is a powerful, easy-to-use, low cost Computer Aided Facilities Management, CAFM, and Computerized Maintenance Autodesk FMDesktopManagement Software, CMMS, system offered by one of the world's leading software companies.

Product Name: SnowBatch™
Company: Snowbound Software

If fast and reliable batch conversion is what you're after, look no further. SnowBatch puts the powerful conversion capabilities and expert file format support of RasterMaster for Windows® into an easy-to-use interface. The result is a batch conversion program that delivers superior performance by directly converting files without invoking any external applications or print drivers.

Product Name: Solibri Issue Locator
Company: Solibri, Inc.

Solibri Issue Locator lets a CAD user access the issue list directly in the CAD tool. This streamlines fixing of the model and saves labor and cost.

Product Name: BIO Foundation
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

The cornerstone of the BIO for Microsoft Dynamics SL solution and the minimum module required, BIO foundation helps you analyze the data in your financial series of modules, including general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, cash, and payroll information, helping you keep up to date on your financial standings.

Product Name: Business Portal
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

Unlock business potential and enhance productivity by providing user-specific access to information and processes from a single Web-based portal. Business Portal will take the hassle (and expense) out of common tasks, reduce information support costs, and help deliver at-a-glance access to key performance indicators.

Product Name: Xpress Practice Management
Company: Total Synergy Solutions Inc.

XPM (Xpress Practice Management) has been developed for the smaller firms, including sole practitioners, start up design firms, home office based firms who need to manage business and project data in a simple yet effective manner by centralising all the business information for your practice in one data store so that it can be repeatedly used, analysed and manage.

Product Name: Enterprise Workplace Management
Company: TRIRIGA

At the center of TRIRIGA Enterprise Workplace Management is the portfolio of locations, assets and people that drive your operations. Whether you operate in a single setting or across the globe, TRIRIGA's web-based system gives everyone access to the information they need about workplace activities.

Product Name: TRIRIGA Facilities
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA improves efficiency and directly affects an organization's bottom line through the automation and centralization of processes.

Management Software : Project Management Software

Product Name: Accela Automation®
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Automation® is an enterprise application that provides government agencies with a complete solution to automate workflow, forms management, activity tracking, cashiering, and many other mission critical tasks. Accela Automation can automate the activities of a single department or work as an enterprise solution to manage the services of an entire jurisdiction.

Product Name: StruM.I.S
Company: AceCad Software Ltd

StruM.I.S is the ultimate Fabrication and Management Information System for Steelwork Fabricators and streamlines the fabrication process by providing seamless interaction between departments, suppliers and clients. StruM.I.S is an advanced software system which has been designed and developed to provide steel fabricating professionals with the tools required to manage costs, eliminate errors, improve stock management and increase company-wide productivity. StruM.I.S also includes revolutionary and unique visual production tracking with the aid of the 3D model. With accurate, comprehensive, and real time reports available at every step of the production cycle StruM.I.S will change the way you view your business.

Product Name: AVS/PowerViz
Company: Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.

AVS/PowerViz is a comprehensive solution that enables real-time businesses to better manage their critical networks through a customizable Web portal that integrates data and applications from across the entire corporate enterprise into a single, graphically enhanced real-time management tool.

Product Name: Custom Software
Company: AEC Tek

We build customized software solutions that solve business problems. Many Start-Ups find our services valuable. Start-Ups like our adept project management strategies that get high-quality software on time and within budgets. This helps the Start-Ups to keep a lean management team and reduce overall operating costs.

Product Name: Project Management System
Company: AEC Tek

This Project Management System was originally built for the construction industry but with customization, it can be used for any type of project management services.

Product Name: Project Time Tracking Software
Company: AEC Tek

Our Project Time Tracking Software will allow you to track your time and expenses in a detailed manner without calling for any extra time and effort. Project managers can easily ensure that their projects are within their budgets and are delivered as per schedule.

Product Name: Asta Easyplan
Company: Asta Powerproject

Small projects are often seen as easier to manage and can get overlooked in the planning process – dooming the project to fail from the start. However, applying best practices and creating accurate schedules for smaller projects is possible without having to spend hours or investing in complex software.

Product Name: RFI Log Online Software
Company: attolist (acquired by AEC-Sync)

The RFI log is 100% web-based which allows all users from the subcontractors to the design consultants to see the same information in a single glance. The process begins with the contractor typing in a question and uploading attachments. Once the RFI is saved into the system, you are immediately notified via email. Login and foward the RFI to multiple design consultants simultaneously. This allows you to focus on other things and know your consultants are providing the information you need. Once your consultants answer the RFI, attolist will send you an email informing you the RFI is ready to be returned to the contractor.

Product Name: Autodesk Buzzsaw
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® Buzzsaw® software, delivered on-demand, helps organizations simplify and centralize all project-related documents and information, ensuring your building projects are executed successfully based on timely decisions and accurate information.

Product Name: Autodesk® Utility Design 2009
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® Utility Design 2006 software helps you more easily and accurately design, engineer, order materials, and estimate costs for residential, commercial, and industrial gas and electric systems.

Product Name: Avatech Vault Active Directory Tools
Company: Avatech Solutions

Avatech Vault Active Directory integration tools enable customers to automatically populate and synchronize Vault and Productstream users and their passwords with Microsoft Active Directory. The application can run as a scheduled service so that when users are added or disabled in active directory, they will be added or disabled inside of Vault as well.

Product Name: SCS|ENVOY
Company: Avatech Solutions

Avatech's SCS product line is the company's most significant new product. Avatech strives to provide products that directly assist manufacturing companies in achieving even higher levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Product Name: Aveva Marine
Company: Aveva Group Plc

AVEVA Marine supports all stages of a vessel lifecycle from concept, through design, production, maintenance and refit to decommissioning. AVEVA Marine is a set of integrated design and production applications combined with open and flexible lifecycle management solutions. It provides the fastest, most productive and risk-free way to design, build and operate large, complex ships and offshore vessels.

Product Name: VANTAGE Project Resource Management (VPRM)
Company: Aveva Group Plc

AVEVA VPRM is an integrated resource management suite that helps manage risk, reduces costs and provides project control throughout the life of a project. VPRM is easy and quick to integrate with your existing systems and processes.

Product Name: Ajera Complete
Company: Axium

ajeraComplete offers all of the features of ajeraCore plus project management and planning tools, forecasting for business development and customized reports. Our integrated business development software features allows you to track opportunities through the various stages while forecasting future project workloads and employee staffing schedules and needs. ajeraComplete allows your firm to use only one interface to manage all aspects of a project from beginning to end.

Product Name: Ajera Core
Company: Axium

ajeraCore provides the "core" features of ajeraComplete for firms with a focus on project-based accounting that do not yet require the comprehensive functionality of ajeraComplete. ajeraCore offers all of the essential features a firm needs in a completelyintegrated and affordable package: time entry, time review and management, robust billing software, project reporting tools, and extensive financial capabilities.

Product Name: Bentley PowerSurvey V8i
Company: Bentley Systems

PowerSurvey is a comprehensive survey data management solution. It provides surveying professionals with a complete set of survey-specific tools for both InRoads and GEOPAK. Built on MicroStation PowerDraft, the software directly processes the data from your field survey device and automatically displays the resulting graphics onscreen. You can then manipulate the data using PowerSurvey's editing, reduction, and adjustment tools.

Product Name: Optram Enterprise Asset Management Interface
Company: Bentley Systems

The Optram Enterprise Asset Management Interface (EAM Interface) enables the seamless exchange of track maintenance management information with enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions to provide a powerful, robust enterprise solution.

Product Name: Optram Enterprise Suite
Company: Bentley Systems

The Optram Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive rail corridor management system. It enables you to link railway corridor data, a host of railway infrastructure management applications, and third-party enterprise applications for a complete decision support structure for rail corridor maintenance planning at optimal cost.

Product Name: BUILD2WIN
Company: BID2WIN Software, Inc.

Starting with baseline information seamlessly transferred from BID2WIN, the BUILD2WIN product allows tracking of actual production quantities, labor hours, equipment hours and material quantities against estimated values. Using a browser-based user interface, executives, project managers, field engineers and foreman can all view and track real-time status information about projects without installing software on their computer. And accounting personnel can quickly and easily transfer actual quantities to the job cost accounting system.

Product Name: BuildSoft
Company: BuildSoft

You’re a builder, not an accountant. Why should you have to struggle with a complex, limited accounting-based software that requires a lot of work and doesn’t meet all your needs?
BuildSoft does everything you need in a single integrated package. Developed by a builder for builders, it makes your job easier so you work more efficiently, save money and increase profits.

Product Name: Cadsoft Build
Company: Cadsoft Corporation

Cadsoft Build is a complete Design/Build software solution Autodesk's OEM® engine. Build delivers a complete 3D Design, Working Drawing, Detailed Framing, Accurate Bill of Material and Surveying solution, all in one product!

Product Name: eCenterOne
Company: CenterStone Software

For companies and institutions with a significant real estate portfolio, eCenterOne from CenterStone provides a comprehensive, integrated, easy-to-use solution that delivers significant value for corporate real estate and facilities professionals, general employees, service partners and corporate executives.

eCenterOne provides a suite of applications and a workflow engine to manage the complete cycle of workplace business processes, from space and facilities to assets, leases, work orders and operations in a single, integrated platform. With real-time reporting and executive dashboards, eCenterOne also improves strategic planning and decision-making.

Product Name: CMiC Project Management
Company: CMiC

Without a doubt, we have created the most complete software solution for managing projects, programs, and processes for project-based business. Designed for organizations that deliver capital programs and projects, CMiC Project Management is about more than managing projects; it’s about managing the day-to-day business processes, smarter, faster and more effectively.

Product Name: ConstructSim™
Company: Common Point, Inc. (acquired by Bentley)

ConstructSim optimizes your project through the planning, sequencing, execution and monitoring of construction activities from within a data rich virtual plant model. With an intuitive user interface, ConstructSim operates as a visual collaborative environment for your team, providing a rich set of tools to support the construction process.

Product Name: OpSim
Company: Common Point, Inc. (acquired by Bentley)

OpSim is used to train operations and maintenance personnel for your facility before construction has even been completed. The virtual plant model is created from the facility's CAD model and reorganized to meet the needs of the plant operators.

Product Name: Project 4D
Company: Common Point, Inc. (acquired by Bentley)

Project 4D is the leading 4D solution for project planning. Project 4D makes you more effective in communicating, planning, and analyzing project scope and schedule. With Project 4D's easy-to-learn user interface, you create and update 4D models quickly.

Product Name: HR Manager
Company: Construction Imaging Systems

Imaging in human resources requires the utmost of security and privacy as well as long term storage of important records. The new laws that are being implemented need to be incorporated into the criteria of the imaging system. Most employee records are stored by employee #, social security number, name, document type, and date. Other indexes such as birth date and hire date can be used, but normally indexes that might be changed such as department is not used. There must be strict security by document type so sensitive documents such as drug tests or evaluations are only seen by those who need to see.

Product Name: Corecon 2007
Company: Corecon Technologies, Inc.

Corecon 2007, is a suite of web-based estimating, project management and job cost control software that integrates all aspects of the construction business process, saving time and eliminating double entry of data.

Product Name: ENOVIA
Company: Dassault Systèmes

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, ENOVIA is the place to plan your definition of success.
  • Innovation increasingly means global teams collaborating with global information in a social context – and doing so with clarity, confidence and consistency.
  • With a broad portfolio of technical and business applications, ENOVIA enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation.

Product Name: e-PCS
Company: Data Builder, Inc.

The foundation of Data Builder's solution is e-PCS, a robust ASP solution accessible from any location with Internet access. e-PCS gives our customers the ability to deploy the solution quickly, manage documents securely, enhance collaboration and workflow between individuals and workgroups, and maintain a powerful, searchable archive.

Product Name: Form:Doc Manager
Company: Daydream

Daydream's Form:Doc is an open source workflow and marketing operations management application.Form:Doc is designed for managing the marketing supply chain. It enables marketing campaigns and production work to be controlled using a versatile and highly adaptable workflow system based around the concept of forms.

Product Name: SalesPro Studio
Company: Daydream

SalesPro Studio is a Channel Asset Management tool designed for marketing managers of technology firms who use a channel marketing strategy to market their products. Channel Asset Management applies the techniques of Digital Asset Management (DAM)to help vendors to maintain control over their brands, manage product collateral and support resellers or dealers with training and partner profiling tools that reduce conflicts between channel partners.

Product Name: Document Imaging Software
Company: Dexter & Chaney, Inc.

Forefront Document Imaging software lets you incorporate documents – AP invoices, time cards, change orders, etc. – into your everyday construction software workflow. For example, when a vendor invoice arrives, you immediately enter it into Forefront, press the Image button and put the invoice into the scanner. The invoice is scanned and the image is automatically indexed and attached to the invoice. Automatic indexing eliminates the possibility of error. Reporting is immediately available to show pending invoices, and how long they’ve been outstanding (very helpful at month end for WIP and for cash requirements reporting). The approver – a Project Manager, for example – receives an e-mail announcing that invoices are ready for approval. The approver goes to the invoice approval screen to view pending invoices. Thanks to Document Imaging software, the approver can view the original invoice on screen and can even attach notes to the invoice with questions or instructions. Once approved, the invoices are routed back to accounting for payment.

Product Name: Human Resources Software
Company: Dexter & Chaney, Inc.

Human Resources construction software offers true flexibility so contactors can tailor employee record keeping to fit their unique needs and remain in compliance. With Human Resources, you can:
  • Track applicants
  • Set up new employees
  • Document employee reviews, skills, and certification
  • Make salary adjustments
  • Record drug testing results
  • Track OSHA and safety requirements
  • Set up employee benefits
  • Track vacation accruals and much more

Product Name: Project Management Software
Company: Dexter & Chaney, Inc.

Project Management Software for General Construction At any given moment, do you know the status of each and every RFI, submittal, change request, and change order? With Forefront™ Construction Project Management Software, you will. Forefront tracks all of these project components—from initiation to final resolution—by date and detail in an organized, uniform, easy-to-access system. Forefront's Project Management Software provides a fully integrated process for managing workflow. Project Management tracks all items that must be fulfilled under a contract, plus anything else that must be tracked during the job. Designed to coordinate details throughout an organization, Forefront Construction Project Management Software places vital information and documentation at the users' fingertips instantly. Full integration with Forefront's Job Cost Software, Document Imaging, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll Software makes the Project Management Software both powerful and efficient. Single data entry, along with information sharing, streamlines project setup and maintenance. Elements such as requests for information (RFIs), submittals, change requests, and daily logs are visible to all authorized users. And, reports are more accurate and meaningful since they are based on a common database of shared information. Change orders, when handled efficiently, become profit generators for each project. Forefront's integration and detail tracking automates and expedites the change order process, managing both cost and revenue. From RFIs and submittals, to proposed and approved change requests, to executed change orders, Forefront Construction Project Management Software helps you invoice promptly and accurately for changes on a job. Document Imaging Software—another integrated component of Forefront—adds a unique dimension to the Project Management software. With Document Imaging, every job-related document, photo, spreadsheet, etc. is electronically filed within the project for easy access by everyone in the organization. For example, if an RFI was generated by a handwritten note and a photo, these documents would be stored electronically as permanent elements of that RFI. A simple mouse click would allow both local and remote users to view these documents on screen. They can even be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from within Forefront's Project Management Software.

Product Name: e-Builder Enterprise 6.0
Company: e-Builder

e-Builder Enterprise 6.0 represents the next generation of owner/operator-centric solutions addressing the challenges inherent with managing a portfolio of capital projects during planning, execution, and operations. Project teams lose a lot of time trying to manage and leverage vast amounts of project information. Time is also lost in compiling and analyzing this information across disparate systems. Lack of an integrated tool with linked data also makes it difficult to plan and budget for future projects.

Product Name: e-Builder Framework
Company: e-Builder

All e-Builder Products (Enterprise, Collaborator, Professional) run using the e-Builder Framework, our on-demand project management and collaboration platform.

Product Name: XC2® Backflow Prevention Management Software
Company: EngSoft Solutions/XC2 Software

XC2 Backflow Software is a database type program for Administrative Purposes Only. XC2 Backflow Software does not monitor, control the function of or in any way connect to the actual mechanisms or hardware of backflow prevention equipment.

Product Name: eB for EPC
Company: Enterprise Informatics (acquired by Bentley)

EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) customers use eB to manage the complete information life cycle of project-related activity from the design engineering and construction phase to the operations and maintenance phase.

Product Name: Clientele
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Establishing long-term, profitable customer relationships is critical to surviving in today's fiercely competitive marketplace. Responding to your customers in a timely, meaningful manner can be the difference between keeping their business and losing them to a competitor.

Product Name: Enterprise
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven industry-specific solutions for the global midmarket enterprise. From CRM and professional services automation to financial and supply chain management, Epicor provides adaptable and agile solutions for real-time enterprises. Epicor solutions are complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability promoting rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Product Name: Manage 2000
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Manage 2000 is designed for enterprise-wide impact. With over 45 manufacturing software applications, it manages processes flowing from your front office to your back office. One of Manage 2000's biggest strengths lies in the breadth and depth of the software suite. It has the critical attributes and industry-driven functionality required by mid-sized manufacturers who want to improve operations and be more competitive.

Product Name: Vantage
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Vantage by Epicor is an easy-to-use solution designed to meet the needs of make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Vantage is delivered ‘out of the box’ with built-in workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the entire order cycle: from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Installation and Service, and finally Financial recognition.

Product Name: Vista
Company: Epicor Software Corporation

Vista by Epicor is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software available to manufacturers worldwide. Vista is fully integrated and loaded with innovative tools that will help you take control of scheduling, estimating, job costing, financials and much more. You can count on Vista to take care of the details of running your business, so you can devote your time to the bigger picture.

Product Name: TRACKpoint
Company: eSUB inc.

TRACKpoint, eSUB's Breakthrough Project Management® system for the eSUBcontractor. The TRACKpoint Project Management System makes it easy for Project Managers to address all aspects of their projects according to a consistent internal standard.

Product Name: TimeSummit
Company: Exaktime

TimeSummit is the patented time and attendance management software for The Jobclock System. TimeSummit makes managing your workers' time and attendance easier, faster, and more reliable than ever

Product Name: iCPM Residential Contractor Software
Company: HeadsUp Technologies

iCPM Residential connects the field with the home office. Residential contractors can keep track of dozens of (or more) projects that are across town or across the country. Field personnel capture data on wireless laptops, PDAs, or mobile phones to keep the home office up to date.

Product Name: Direct Parts Management (DPM)
Company: IHS, Inc.

HS Direct Parts Management software tools and services are designed to help companies optimize their direct parts data. DPM enables successful management of part reuse, promotes proactive management of obsolescence and allows users to find parts quickly. Our DPM solution features the following content and functionality to offer a quality solution:  
  • World's most comprehensive collection of direct parts reference data
  • Flexible and collaborative data management tools and services
  • Cutting-edge integration, search and retrieval tools
  Experience tangible and sustainable cost benefits for your organization by utilizing DPM to:  
  • Reduce inventory levels and direct materials costs
  • Manage parts obsolescence and reuse
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Minimize design rework and accelerate time to market
  For a DPM parts optimization solution that provides a flexible, collaborative, best-in-class data management, integration, search and retrieval solution, view the ICE solution demo or read more about the ICE Solutions. WEB SEMINAR: RoHS/WEEE Compliance Comply with RoHS/WEEE to Ensure Entry into the EU Marketplace

Learn how IHS can effectively help you comply with requirements set forth in current European Union (EU) directives regarding the sale of electronic and electrical equipment into this important market. In addition, Aberdeen Group has published The Design for Compliance Benchmark Report, sponsored by IHS. The report explores the need for compliance with regulatory, environmental and operational (e.g. parts reuse, Six Sigma and design for supply) mandates. It also highlights the critical role compliance management must play in product development and lifecycle management initiatives, and identifies strategies, governance structures and systems infrastructures that have proven more effective for managing product compliance.

Product Name: Environmental, Safety & Health (ESH) Management Solution
Company: IHS, Inc.

The ESH Management Solution provides single-system access to comprehensive, current and historical codes, laws, regulations and standards from international, federal, state and industry sources including OSHA and EPA rules and regulations. The solution combines CyberRegs, an online regulatory compliance library, with IHS Specs & Standards for immediate access to collections of industry specifications and standards directly from the regulations.Linking between regulations and standards integrates diverse data for immediate access, and the inclusion of updated best industry practices improves ESH programs to meet and exceed compliance requirements. View a Flash presentation about the ESH Solution.

Product Name: SmartPlant Materials
Company: Intergraph Corporation

SmartPlant® Materials provides strong material management workflow and functions, from preliminary design through detail engineering and purchasing to construction. Its flexibility and openness make it adaptable to engineering and work processes, and will help carry out the vision of life cycle integration. Additionally, Smart plant materials allows the sharing of data with the different design systems, clients, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as the re-use of most data in subsequent projects.

Product Name: e-SPECS Designer
Company: InterSpec e-SPECS

e-SPECS Designer enables firms to customize the AIA MASTERSPEC® to suit their design firm preferences as well as integrate custom Office Master sections. Firms reusing specs from old projects or trying to maintain their own set of office masters with the continuously updated industry codes, products and manufacturers need a tool to centralize this information for everyone in the firm to use.

Product Name: e-SPECS Desktop™
Company: InterSpec e-SPECS

e-SPECS Desktop streamlines project development and collaboration for all project team members from wherever they may be. e-SPECS Desktop includes redlining and markup of spec section text in read-only mode, adding and responding to project and notes, and access to the Internet for product research and material specification.

Product Name: ProjectTalk
Company: Meridian Systems, Inc.

ProjectTalk® is a full-featured project management, collaboration and scheduling solution to which users subscribe and access via the Internet. This online service is used by professionals in the architectural, engineering and construction industry (AEC) to plan, build and operate physical assets. ProjectTalk is powered by Prolog, the industry standard of project management applications. AEC professionals can manage their projects over the Internet by accessing these powerful, full-featured applications on a convenient, subscription basis.

Product Name: Proliance
Company: Meridian Systems, Inc.

The Proliance® solution from Meridian Systems® allows infrastructure-intensive organizations to optimize the Plan-Build-Operate project lifecycle for complex capital projects, construction and real estate programs, and extensive facility portfolios. Proliance was designed for large building owner/operators, real estate developers and engineering-driven organizations managing $250M or more annually in new project construction or facility renovations. 

Product Name: Prolog Manager
Company: Meridian Systems, Inc.

Prolog® Manager provides a complete set of project management tools to automate all aspects of the construction project—from design to close out. Prolog Manager has become the AEC industry standard for construction companies with more than $101 million in Revenue (CFMA 2006 technology survey). Prolog delivers in-depth project management tools in the areas of: collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration.

Product Name: Prolog WebSite
Company: Meridian Systems, Inc.

As a web-based collaboration application designed for the extended project team, Prolog® WebSite complements and automatically integrates with our Prolog Manager offering. It ensures all users—owner, architect, construction manager, general contractor, subcontractor and suppliers—are well-coordinated throughout the construction process. From an Internet connection, users have access to complete and accurate project information and reports—anytime, anywhere.

Product Name: Newforma Contract Management
Company: Newforma

Newforma Contract Management can be used by every major contributor to the design and construction process, including the lead design consultant, design sub-consultant, general contractor/construction manager, specialty subcontractor and owner’s representative.

Product Name: Newforma Project Analyzer
Company: Newforma

Newforma® Project Analyzer pulls data from your firm’s financial system for use in a visual, interactive display, eliminating time-consuming spreadsheets and best-guess estimates.

Product Name: Newforma Project Center
Company: Newforma

Newforma® Project Center software removes time- and money-draining inefficiencies from AEC project execution, mitigating risks and liberating resources your firm can devote to client service and your bottom line.

Product Name: Custom Tracker version 3
Company: Oak Ridge Solutions, Inc

Poured Wall Production Management

Custom Tracker version 2 is currently being used at customer sites. Custom Tracker version 3 will be offered at the 2006 World of Concrete show. Version 3 has many new benefits, too numerable to mention here. If you have a need for poured wall production management, please call our sales department and we will be happy to describe if more fully.

Product Name: Digital Production Control
Company: On Center Software

On Center Software’s Digital Production ControlTM Application integrates the takeoff and estimation process by digitally tracking labor production and payroll directly from the field to the project manager’s office

Product Name: ArchiOffice®
Company: Orange Loft, LLC

ArchiOffice is a networkable, multi-user solution which operates on both PCs and Macs. It was created by Architects, for Architects, and has continued to evolve to meet the needs of a growing customer base world-wide. Now in version 8, ArchiOffice takes all the disparate pieces of information in your office and organizes them in a most remarkable way. It brings order to your firm.

Product Name: Crypto Mondo
Company: Palazzo, Inc.

Crypto Mondo. Improve your risk management and government reporting compliance through our easy to use data encryption products.

Product Name: Primavera Project Planner (P3)
Company: PCI Group

Primavera Project Planner (P3) gives today's project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most: control. It is the clear choice of project professionals in the engineering, construction, architecture, utilities, and telecommunications industries. P3 is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software.

Product Name: SureTrak 3.0
Company: PCI Group

SureTrak Project Manager 3.0 is an exceptional tool for creating schedules, managing resources, analyzing goals and updating projects. SureTrak enables users to view, organize, sort, query, compare and evaluate project data. This power is embedded into every facet of SureTrak through its use of activity and work breakdown structure codes. This indispensable flexibility provides for pivoting project data into more options and solutions.

Product Name: eExpense
Company: Penta Technologies, Inc

The PENTA eExpense software application delivers self-service expense entry and approval capability for professional staff who incur expenses to jobs, work orders, fixed assets and/or overhead expense accounts. Targeted for users such as professional staff, executives, accounts payable, management and administrative personnel.

Product Name: eTimesheets
Company: Penta Technologies, Inc

PENTA’s eTimesheets offers easier time reporting for professional staff, remote reporting from any location and computer via browser access with a supported version of Internet Explorer (version 6.0+), simplified entry pick lists to enhance accuracy and reduced workload for accounting and payroll personnel through automatic enforcement of policies such as overtime rules.

Product Name: Project Management
Company: Penta Technologies, Inc

PENTA’s Project Management Module is a comprehensive software solution that address the needs of Project Managers to increase margins through better job and cost control. PENTA Project Management handles a variety of issues including managing labor productivity, complex work breakdown structures, complete and accurate forecasting, inter-department information sharing, and unresolved claims management.

Product Name: PlanWell Bidcaster
Company: PlanWell

PlanWell BidCaster is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use online tools for facilitating the ITB (invitation-to-bid) process. It turns your Internet browser into a time-saving and hassle-free system for managing your bidding tasks. PlanWell BidCaster allows you to send hundreds of ITBs via email or fax, right from your computer.

Product Name: PlanWell DataBridge
Company: PlanWell

PlanWell DataBridge makes it easy to synchronize and share data in Prolog and PlanWell Enterprise, eliminating redundant data entry, automating updates, and boosting efficiency.

Product Name: Aquarius DMS
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Aquarius DMS is powerful software yet extremely easy to use. The familiar Windows interface is easily learned, even by first time users. It is easily customized to meet most any applications requirements and can be integrated with your existing system. No lost documents, no costly misplaced files, recover lost space, and provide security that is impossible with paper files. Bottom line, Aquarius DMS, is the most productive tool for capturing, storing and retrieving your paper or PC based information.

Product Name: Dv TDM
Company: Practical programs, inc.

Dv TDM is a globally recognized solution for managing documents and drawings throughout their entire lifecycle. It is designed with an extensive set of configurable features that serve to address a wide spectrum life cycle business processes for almost any type of electronic file. Dv TDM provides document viewing capabilities for over 200 common file formats without the need for the native application to be installed on the accessing user’s machine. Dv TDM is packed with Workflow, Knowledge Group, Transmittals modules and much more to make managing documents and drawing files easy throughout their entire life cycle.

Product Name: VisionStream
Company: Practical programs, inc.

VisionStream is a location-based data management solution that solves the problem of information integration, management and access. VisionStream provides an information integration environment that empowers oil and gas engineers, management, operations, maintenance, legal and safety managers, by providing them with fast, convenient, and secure access to your information asset base.

Product Name: Primavera Contract Manager
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

On schedule, on-budget completion demands complete project control. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different disciplines, from project managers, contract managers and division managers to subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers and owners - all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling multiple documents and contracts.

Product Name: Primavera Engineering & Construction
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

Increase profitability and utilization while exceeding customer expectations.

Primavera Engineering & Construction solutions provide integrated team communication and collaboration; coordinated, schedule-based procurement. These solutions are the world's standard for project planning and control - to ensure successful design, construction and facility management projects.

Product Name: Primavera Project Planner® (P3®)
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) gives today's project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most: control. It is the clear choice of project professionals in the engineering, construction, architecture, utilities, and telecommunications industries. P3 is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software.

Product Name: Primavera ProSight®
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

Primavera ProSight is the leading portfolio management software solution, providing unmatched flexibility and infrastructure for enterprise portfolio management. ProSight's unique functionality, real-world enterprise scalability, and unlimited configurability make ProSight ideal for managing just about any type of portfolio from ideation through execution. And its powerful security features and clean user interface make it the perfect solution for collaboration among all stakeholders in the organization.

Product Name: Primavera® Contractor
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

As a Contractor, the ability to build an effective schedule that everyone on your project can understand and use is crucial. Continually communicating and providing accurate and up-to-date reports to the project manager is necessary throughout the project to ensure you get paid on time.

Product Name: Primavera® Inspire
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

Primavera® Inspire enables organizations to accurately forecast cost, schedule and resources to completion, by allowing important information to flow freely between Primavera’s project management solution and SAP.

Product Name: RLM
Company: Reprise Software

RLM is a software toolkit that allows software vendors (ISVs) to more effectively price and license their products for sale to end-users.  Using RLM,  ISVs can capture lost revenue by offering attractive license terms that more closely match their customer's needs, rather than being stuck in a "one-license-type-fits-all" sales model.

Product Name: Timberline Office
Company: SAGE Software

A leading financial and operations software for construction and real estate, Sage Timberline Office gives you flexibility to choose from construction accounting, estimating, project management, property management, service management, and more. Whether you need software to help manage projects, run real-time reports, track costs, produce estimates, forecast cash flow, or evaluate properties, choose Sage Timberline Office to fit your business.

Product Name: Sage Timberline Office
Company: Sage Timberline Office

Sage Timberline Office is created to work the way you work. An integrated family of construction management and real estate management software gives you a cross-functional system to pull everything together for streamlined, single-source control.

Product Name: Smart_Project
Company: SCIA

Smart_Project was developed using the Lotus Notes technology and the Quickplace platform. It is a team ware application, allowing users to create a shared virtual construction company on the Internet or on a corporate Intranet.

Product Name: Integrated Project Management (IPM)
Company: SharpeSoft Inc.

SharpeSoft IPM saves time - and time, as we all know, is money. If your agency personnel are creating the same jobs again and again - so one can work on engineers' estimates, and another on funding, and another on advertising, and yet another on progress pay estimates - then IPM will save you time - and money - by eliminating redundant paperwork and data entry.

Product Name: RapidStart
Company: Skire, Inc.

Skire's RapidStart program offers companies a quick and affordable way to manage projects through Unifier. You can select a specific Unifier module utilizing a standard configuration and the Hosted Edition to get your project up and running in days. RapidStart utilizes pre-defined business processes and reports to provide you with an "out-of-the-box" solution based upon our industry knowledge and understanding of best practices

Product Name: Solibri IFC Optimizer
Company: Solibri, Inc.

Solibri IFC Optimizer is an ultimate IFC tool that can be used to optimize IFC files. Optimization is lossless and the size of the result file is normally 5-10% of the original. During optimization all redundancy is removed from the file by updating the references. The resulting file contains e.g. identical lines only once.

Product Name: Solibri Model Checker
Company: Solibri, Inc.

Solibri Model Checker™ is out of the box software solution (Patent Pending) that analyzes Building Information Models for integrity, quality and physical safety. The system offers easy-to-use visualization with an intuitive walk-in functionality. With a single mouse click, the system X-rays the building model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components and checks that the model complies with the building codes and organization’s best practices.

Product Name: Integra
Company: Solidblox Construction ERP Software

SOLIDBLOX™ Integra is an ERP class software system covering all departments and functions of your construction business. It helps improve key business indicators through improved business insight. SOLIDBLOX™ Integra solves problems that are unique to construction business. You can achieve desired level of control over your projects through this system, resulting in more predictability of financial and non-financial results.

Product Name: AegisWeb CORE
Company: SOTA Software, Inc.

AegisWeb CORE is a set of modules that support the company's financial and business functions, including G/L, A/R, A/P, H/R, Project Accounting, Revenue Recognition, Billing, etc + reporting for all. These modules focus on the project nature of the A/E

Product Name: AegisWeb DESK
Company: SOTA Software, Inc.

AegisWeb DESK is an electronic time reporting system, providing a variety of features to simplify the completion and submission of accurate time sheets.

Product Name: AegisWeb MANAGER
Company: SOTA Software, Inc.

AegisWeb MANAGER is an information system developed for the individual project, team, task or group manager. It provides an extensive set of project data for direct view on the PC, plus reports, graphs and spreadsheet export.

Product Name: CheckStress
Company: SST Systems, Inc.

CheckStress is a unique solution to the old problem of project delays caused by "back and forth" piping layout design iterations between the Design and Engineering departments. Simple and elegant, CheckStress' graphically intuitive interface helps the designer produce code-compliant designs in the first iteration, dramatically reducing the project execution time and the total elapsed time.

Product Name: Allocator
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

Efficiently manage project finances with customized rate structures, automatic allocation of charges and revenues, work-in-process tracking, and accurate project data for billing and posting.

Product Name: Contract Management
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

Ensure timely and profitable project completion with features that help you track documents, handle change orders, manage subcontractor performance, and link payments to successful delivery.

Product Name: Project Controller
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

Quickly set up projects to fit your business, and then manage them effectively with timely, detailed revenue and cost information.

Product Name: ConcreteGo
Company: Sysdyne Corp. is the first web-based central dispatch system that provides cost-effective solution not only to large, but also small to medium size concrete producers

Product Name: Scout
Company: Sysdyne Corp.

The most economical all-in-one solution. Scout's flexible design has made its application in
  • Dry batch plants
  • Decumulative Plants
  • Precast/Prestess Plants

Product Name: Trailblazer
Company: Sysdyne Corp.

The most comprehensive product with upsurpassed performance. We have taylored TrailBlazer for following applications:
  • Dry batch plants (accumulative and decumulative)
  • Wet batch (Central mix) plants
  • Wet/dry combination plants

Product Name: Process Management Software
Company: Tenrox

All Tenrox Project Workforce processes are driven by an underlying business process management (BPM) platform that provides a graphical representation of project, resource, and financial processes for workflow design, configuration and self-service. The graphical workflow interface enables you to visually define, control, track and audit approvals, routing, role-based assignments and notifications

Product Name: Project Workforce Management
Company: Tenrox

Your workforce today is decentralized, globalized, and project-oriented. Whether the work you’re tracking is billable or not, internal or external, you are dealing with what Tenrox calls the project workforce.

Product Name: Roadmap
Company: Tenrox

Are you reluctant to make a massive infrastructure change all at once? Are you worried about end users accepting the change? Worried about disrupting day to day operations? Many companies are. That’s why Tenrox Project Workforce Management, a complete solution, is modular in design. You can opt to implement it all at once, or in phases to minimize these risks.

Product Name: Tenrox Workforce Management Software: Integration
Company: Tenrox

The Tenrox workforce management software solution is designed for out of the box integration with other enterprise systems. The connections are built-in. No custom programming is required for standard integration

Product Name: ToolHound Mobile
Company: ToolHound

Working in conjunction with ToolHound Online and ToolHound Onsite, ToolHound Mobile software is loaded on ToolHound mobile computers. By using the integrated bar code or RFID reader, ToolHound Mobile makes the process of data collection quick and easy.

Product Name: ToolHound OnLine
Company: ToolHound

The ToolHound OnLine offers all of the powerful features of ToolHound OnSite, but without the ongoing cost and maintenance of your own web and database server. Offered on a subscription basis, ToolHound Online includes access to the software via our physically secure data center, automatic data back ups and our maintenance and support services.

Product Name: ToolHound OnSite
Company: ToolHound

Designed for companies with multiple locations and assets, ToolHound Onsite is a robust, browser-based application with a powerful Microsoft® SQL backend database. ToolHound Onsite uses the power of the Internet or your corporate intranet to allow asset visibility in all locations.

Product Name: ToolHound SecureCrib
Company: ToolHound

Traditional tool and equipment tracking solutions typically manage tool inventory with bar codes and require a tool crib attendant to handle tool issues and returns. With the introduction of technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID), new efficiencies in tool tracking solutions have been developed. These solutions, like ToolHound’s RFID SecureCribTM, are fully automated, enabling workers to quickly get and return the tools they require without a tool crib attendant while still keeping the employee accountable for them.

Product Name: Tool & Equipment Billing Module
Company: ToolWatch Corporation

No more nebulous knowledge of true project costs or suspicion of tool hoarding. With ToolWatch behind the "books," you can increase both profitability and accountability - for projects and people alike - by automatically charging customers, departments, or projects for tool usage and lost or damaged items.

Product Name: ToolWatch Enterprise
Company: ToolWatch Corporation

ToolWatch is the most comprehensive system available today for managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables more efficiently across your company. This easy-to-use cloud-based application securely stores critical information on all of warehouse and field operation assets in one centralized database.

Product Name: Synergy
Company: Total Synergy

Synergy is cloud project management software for architects, engineers and construction designers. Try it free for 30-days. Staring from $10 per user/month. Synergy solves three key challenges for AEC professionals: PROJECT MANAGEMENT Organise workflow with phases, stages, and tasks. Manage project delivery with resource planning, contacts and central project information.
  • Work breakdown
  • Document management
  • Transmittals
  • Outlook plugin
  • Resource planning
  • Contacts and staff
COLLABORATION Work with your entire project team online with project portals, chats and document sharing. Securely invite third-party project members.
  • Project portals
  • Shared documents
  • Cloud storage
  • Project chat
  • Connected apps
PROJECT ACCOUNTING Understand profitability for your business, projects, clients and staff. Use forecasting to plan your future resourcing and transactions.
  • Forecasting
  • Timesheets
  • Rates and costs
  • Project budgets
  • Invoices

Product Name: Trimble AllTrak™ Asset Management System
Company: Trimble Navigation Limited

The Trimble AllTrak™ Asset Management System is the one asset management solution designed specifically to help contractors and tool crib managers track construction asset usage and reduce loss.

Product Name: Trimble LM80 Desktop Software
Company: Trimble Navigation Limited

Trimble® LM80 Desktop software is designed for the contractor using the pocket-sized Trimble LM80 Layout Manager for their layout applications. It's the ideal companion for anyone working with very large or complex drawings.

Product Name: TRIRIGA Application Platform
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA give you the momentum you need for success. Whatever your organization's mission, the TRIRIGA Application Platform drives performance through web-based technology founded on sound business principles.

Product Name: TRIRIGA Operations
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA Operations suite automates demand and planned (or preventive) maintenance services and improves service provider management to reduce the cost of maintenance services. TRIRIGA Operations' facility assessment tracks and evaluates buildings and assets deficiencies and environmental opportunities to improve the condition of real estate assets.

Product Name: TRIRIGA Projects
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA Projects delivers complete, enterprise-wide capital project management with tools that control project scope, time, and cost. It streamlines the project delivery with integrated processes that include design, schedule and cost management coupled with embedded document management.

Product Name: TRIRIGA Reserve
Company: TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA gives you several options for deploying Reserve to meet the specific needs of your organization. Install Reserve as a stand-alone application, integrate it with your corporate Microsoft® Exchange / Outlook, or integrate it with other TRIRIGA applications, including Service Management, Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Portfolio Management, and Finance Management.

Product Name: Success Enterprise
Company: U.S. COST, Inc.

From the earliest feasibility estimate through the final detail, our web-based cost estimating solution allows your business to manage the integrated estimate through every stage of the project life cycle. Installed securely behind your company’s firewall, no other commercial estimating application matches the power and flexibility of Success Enterprise.

Product Name: Success Estimator
Company: U.S. COST, Inc.

From parametric cost models to detailed bottom-up estimates, Success Estimator’s ability to conform to your company’s methods & procedures is simply unmatched. Its unparalleled combination of off-the-shelf estimating functionality and customization capability makes it the ideal estimating solution for estimators of all types.

Product Name: Vico Control Classic
Company: Vico Software, Inc.

Vico Control is a unique location-based construction management system. Incorporating locations, estimated quantities and productivity rates in Control's Flowline™ view yields clear, accurate and feasible, yet significantly compressed, schedules.

Product Name: Construction Document Management
Company: Viewpoint Construction Software

Document Management is a state-of-the-art productivity module that compliments the Viewpoint V6 Software® suite as an efficient way to link documents and images to V6’s data records. By attaching and indexing files directly to data and reports, you can significantly reduce storage space and save critical staff time spent digging through stacks of paper files and folders.

Product Name: Construction Risk Management
Company: Viewpoint Construction Software

As a decision maker at a construction company, you’re used to managing risk. You probably face it every day – whether it’s on-the-job safety, building engineering or making sure each project comes in on time and on budget to maintain profitability. In fact, as the market gets more and more competitive for fewer projects and every last dollar is squeezed from the budget, risk inherently increases.

Product Name: Viewpoint's Project Management
Company: Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint's Project Management software provides a comprehensive system of applications to monitor and control project contracts, costs, documents, meetings, issues, logs and more. Tightly integrated with Viewpoint Accounting, Project Management provides specialized tools for managing project paperwork. Up-to-date accounting and cost data eliminates redundant data entry and improves the flow of information between departments and project team members

Product Name: Windmill + Harvester DDE Driver
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

Harvester lets the Windmill software suite take the initiative and gather data from any application that can act as a DDE (dynamic data exchange) server. The data is passed to the Windmill 6 logging, charting and DDE Panel programs. You can also use other Windows software, like Excel or Access, to display and analyse the data.
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