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CAE : Civil Engineering

Product Name: Autodesk Subcontractor
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® Subcontractor is a project documentation software that increases productivity and improves processes and accountability for all specialty and trade contractors. More than ever, subcontractors are experiencing more complex projects, fiercer competition, more demanding clients, and shrinking margins. As business heats up and pressure mounts, subcontractors need to be more precise and meticulous with project documentation. It’s not just efficiency, it’s self-preservation

Product Name: Autodesk® Subcontractor
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk® Subcontractor is a project documentation software that increases productivity and improves processes and accountability. Our specialty contractors clients use our software to optimize, standardize and automate their business processes with an easy-to-use solution, allowing for all documentation and report generating from a central location.

Product Name: Bentley Arenium V8i
Company: Bentley Systems

The Bentley managed environment provides managed access to AEC and geospatial data within the workgroup, across a distributed organization, or among collaborating organizations throughout the world.

Product Name: Bentley MXRENEW
Company: Bentley Systems

Bentley MXRENEW is an advanced software tool that fits designs onto existing roadway facilities for rehabilitation and reconstruction. It provides a logical sequence of design steps based on traditional methods, making it easy to use with only a minimum of training. MXRENEW can work standalone or alongside the Bentley MXROAD modeling tool.

Product Name: Bentley PowerCivil V8i
Company: Bentley Systems

Bentley PowerCivil is comprehensive design software, offering civil engineers and designers a flexible 2D/3D tool for land development and site modeling. No CAD platform is required. PowerCivil runs standalone with native DGN and DWG file formats, using a full complement of CAD-based toolsets.

Product Name: SEEP/W
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

SEEP/W is a finite element software product for analysing groundwater seepage and excess porewater pressure dissipation problems. The comprehensive formulation of SEEP/W makes it possible to consider analyses ranging from simple saturated steady problems to sophisticated saturated/unsaturated time dependent problems.

Product Name: SLOPE/W
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

SLOPE/W is a software product that uses the limit equilibrium theory to compute the factor of safety of earth and rock slopes for a variety of methods. The comprehensive formulation of SLOPE/W makes it possible to analyse both simple and complex geometric, stratigraphic and external loading conditions.

Product Name: MapWorks Points
Company: DotSoft

MapWorks Points is a collection of Civil/Survey productivity tools for creating points in Autodesk products including Civil3D, Land Desktop and AutoCAD. Our adaptive engine interface detects the platform its running on and uses its objects! When you're running on Civil3D or Land Desktop, it uses the systems points directly with no conversion required.

Product Name: MapWorks Suite
Company: DotSoft

MapWorks is a collection of Civil/Survey productivity tools for Autodesk products including Civil3D, Land Desktop and AutoCAD.Our adaptive engine interface detects the platform its running on and uses its objects!  When you're running on Civil3D or Land Desktop, it uses the systems points, parcels, and surfaces directly with no conversion required.

Product Name: Geocomp
Company: Geocomp Systems

Our famous DOS civil and survey application. Updated to version 10 in July 2000.

Product Name: GeoNav
Company: Geocomp Systems

A high-resolution hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing system for hydrographic survey, dredging and port and harbour mapping and engineering.

Product Name: GEOPAK Survey
Company: GEOPAK Corporation (Now Bentley Systems)

Created for professional surveyors, GEOPAK Survey handles all surveying needs in a field-to-finish environment. The software utilizes raw field data in virtually any data format to perform geodetic conversions and powerful feature mapping in a graphical environment. An easy, wizard-like Survey Project Manager interface guides you through the workflow and an extensive feature library automates symbology, annotation and connectivity.

Product Name: Express TOOLS
Company: Robert Steltman Inc.

Express TOOLS for Civil 3D is a collection of the best routines from Civil Essentials

Product Name: ROAD TOOLS
Company: Robert Steltman Inc.

  • Plot details for each curve:delta, radius, length, BC etc.
  • Reverse, Restation, Extend or Rename an Alignment
  • Draw Taper anywhere along alignment, includign spirals or curves

Product Name: Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Controllers
Company: SC Solutions

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is used in semiconductor fabrication to remove material from an uneven wafer surface.SC Solutions is one of the early pioneers of real-time feedback control for CMP using in-situ sensors.

Product Name: Paydirt CALCwork
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

This program allows the estimator to use the digitizer to calculate areas, count objects and measure distances from plans and apply conversion factors and calculated values for later retrieval, viewing and printing.

Product Name: Paydirt Roadwork
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

Paydirt software continues to revolutionize the earthwork estimating industry with innovative products. a family of computerized estimating programs designed for calculating and analyzing site and highway/heavy projects. Paydirt software takeoff programs are fast, accurate and easy to use. Paydirt products provide detailed project analysis not possible when estimating projects manually.

Product Name: Paydirt Sitework
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

The Sitework program helps estimators determine areas and volumes of dirt parking lots, structures and stripping areas. The program is versatile, fast and remarkably easy to use. Simply digitize in your plan view data, choose a report with the touch of a key and print the report to either the screen, color printer or plotter.

Product Name: Paydirt Sitework Lite
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

The Sitework Lite program is an entry level version of the sitework program. Use Sitework Lite program to accurately calculate site earthwork quantities and perform detailed analysis of a site from project plans. Sitework Lite program is designed for the General Contractor or smaller excavating firm that does not need the additional power of the full Sitework program.

Product Name: InfoNet
Company: Wallingford Software Ltd

Asset and data management system for water networks - water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection, sewers and storm water

Product Name: InfoWorks CS
Company: Wallingford Software Ltd

InfoWorks CS provides water utilities with a uniquely effective tool with which to undertake hydrological modeling of the complete urban water cycle. Essential for identifying and justifying cost effective infrastructure improvements, InfoWorks CS also provides a practical method for operational control, including real time control, of your wastewater network. Other applications include urban flooding and pollution prediction and the modeling of water quality and sediment transport throughout the n

Services : Engineering

Product Name: Reclaimed Water
Company: EngSoft Solutions/XC2 Software

  • Schedules and Tracks Inspections, Reclaimed/Recycled Locations
  • Residential Projects
  • Large Reclaimed Projects - Office Parks, etc.
  • Works in coordination with XC2 Backflow Prevention Module
  • Print Last Backflow Test Report

Product Name: Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Company: Pinnacle Infotech Inc.

Advantages of BIM Services. BIM Services is revolutionizing the AEC industry by virtual construction of the project even before moving to the construction site. Building information modeling (BIM) technology is used for the entire building life cycle, including the facility operation and maintenance.

  • Compress design lifecycle by increasing collaboration between Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors.
  • Production of high quality accurate construction documents.
  • Co-Ordinate different services to avoid conflicts.
  • Remove clutter on the site by accurate Quality take-offs.
  • Cost saving by eliminating waste and speeding Construction.
  • Construction management.
  • Improving Quality of construction by enabling pre-fabrication

Product Name: Windmill Alarm Logger
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

Whenever Alarm Logger finds a channel that is in alarm, it pops into the foreground of the computer screen and beeps. It can also play an audio file through a sound card, switch on a buzzer or light (for example) and telephone an engineer.

Product Name: Windmill Test Sequence
Company: Windmill Software Ltd

Test-Seq interprets a file of commands and controls a test rig accordingly. It can send commands and data to other Windows programs, or directly to the hardware inputs and outputs. The command, or test sequence file is a text file which you can easily create in a text editor or word processor.

Equipment : Engineering Equipment

Product Name: TCD-361
Company: Barco N.V.

The growing reliance on advanced software tools in today’s ATC towers creates a need for larger HMI display surfaces. At the same time, ATC control towers are typically characterized by strict spatial limitations and a wide scale of ambient light conditions, ranging from bright daylight to dimmed night time.

Product Name: Meter Testing and Maintenance
Company: EngSoft Solutions/XC2 Software

Your revenue is based on what the meters report. XC2’s Meter Maintenance and Testing Module helps you schedule and organize accuracy tests and records and reports all phases of your Meter Management Program to keep your revenue congruent with the water delivered.

Product Name: Hydro-Mix VI
Company: Sysdyne Corp.

The Hydro-Mix VI moisture sensor achieves a greater accuracy over a wider moisture range than is possible with any other sensor.

Product Name: Hydro-Probe II
Company: Sysdyne Corp.

The Hydro-Probe II is the first microwave sensor to use digital measuring techniques, providing greater accuracy and range of measurement than any other sensor on the market and working with a wider range of materials than ever before.

Product Name: ZPrinter® 450 3D Printer
Company: Tech Ed Concepts, Inc.

Now you can turn CAD data into 3D color models so quickly and affordably, you can do it every day — right in your classroom. Introducing the ZPrinter® 450. The ZPrinter® 450 color 3D printer outputs brilliant color models with time-saving automation and an even easier printing process. Now anyone can dramatically present the proposed look, feel, and style of product designs and prototypes, vividly display architectural vision, and better communicate 3D information in education, health care, and the arts.

Product Name: Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations
Company: Trimble Navigation Limited

The Trimble® RTS Series Robotic Total Stations help contractors perform layout tasks significantly more efficiently than with conventional mechanical systems for residential and building construction.

Product Name: Roll-Up III Digitizer Series
Company: Vertigraph, Inc.

The Roll-Up III digitizer series is engineered with GTCO's exclusive patented Redundant Grid TechnologyTM, which substantially improves the durability and ruggedness of this digitizer, making it the only choice for true portable use. Native USB connectivity allows power to be supplied via the USB port.

Equipment : Engineering Office Supplies

Product Name: Epson Stylus Pro 11880
Company: Epson America, Inc.

Representing the ultimate expression of Epson Stylus Pro engineering, the all-new Epson Stylus Pro 11880 is produced by a dedicated team of specialists. Every step of its production is scrutinized, while incorporatingour latest technologies including an exotic new MicroPiezo® TFP™ print head, real-time automatic switching between Matte and Photo black inks, automatic nozzle verification and cleaning, and more. The result is the world’s most advanced 64-inch wide photographic printer.

Product Name: Epson Stylus Pro 7880
Company: Epson America, Inc.

A true evolution of our past-generation of photographic printing technology, our latest 24-inch (Epson Stylus Pro 7880)   professional wide-format printers incorporate forward-thinking designs, with a newly enhanced 8-color ink technology, resulting in a final print of uncompromising quality.

Product Name: Construction Lasers
Company: Leica Geosystems

Whether it's general construction, pipe laying, machine control, or interior walls and ceilings, our lasers are built to handle any environment

Product Name: HDS Laser Scanners
Company: Leica Geosystems

For any project, it makes sense to deploy the right tools. For as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering surveys, Leica High-Definition Surveying (HDS) systems are the way to go. Leica HDS solutions - setting new standards for the way work is done.

Product Name: Material Handling
Company: MPAQ Automation Inc

The MPAQ Material Handler is the perfect addition to a busy concrete plant. A PLC (programmable logic controller) inside the panel keeps your aggregate bins full and is designed for unattended operation.

Product Name: Standalone Scanners
Company: Open Archive Systems

Contex, Vidar and Fujitsu offer a wide range of standalone scanners that will meet many wide format scanning needs. Color and monochrome documents and drawings can be easily captured for digital archival storage, easy drawing reference or revision/editing purposes. Today's scanners simplify the process with many user-friendly features. New technology also allows documents of up to 0.6" thick and 50" wide to be scanned in full color.

Product Name: Vectaspark EDM
Company: Spectrum Robotic Systems

The Vectaspark 300 is our current model of EDM (spark erosion) machine.  The machine is the product of several years of hard work and technical implementation.  The end result is an excellent all-round system, capable of a variety of powerful spark erosion functions, with a fast, efficient and accurate control system.

Product Name: Equipment Maintenance
Company: Synergy Business Solutions

Track and control every aspect of routine and unscheduled equipment maintenance

Product Name: TDS SOLO
Company: Western Latitudes

TDS SOLO Field GIS mapping software offers functionality, flexibility and the latest computing technology—all in a package that's compatible with virtually every GPS receiver and GIS file format. SOLO Field lets you gather position and attribute data on any Windows Mobile or Windows CE device. Best of all, SOLO Field provides advanced features for advanced users while remaining easy to learn and operate.

CAE : Environmental Engineering

Product Name: form·Z RenderZone
Company: auto·des·sys, Inc.

form·Z RenderZone is the version of form·Z that includes photorealistic rendering based on the LightWorks® rendering engine. It offers seven levels of rendering: flat, Gouraud, Phong, preview z-buffer, full z-buffer, preview raytrace, and full raytrace.

Product Name: Bentley I/RAS B
Company: Bentley Systems

Bentley I/RAS-B is a powerful tool for working with black/white scanned drawings and records, raster editing, clean-up, and raster-to-vector conversion.

Product Name: PERFORM 3D
Company: Computers and Structures, Inc.

PERFORM 3D is a highly focused nonlinear software tool for earthquake resistant design. Complex structures, including those with intricate shear wall layouts, can be analyzed nonlinearly using a wide variety of deformation-based and strength-based limit states.

Product Name: WMS 8.0
Company: Environmental Modeling Systems, Inc.

The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive environment for hydrologic analysis. It is developed by the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory of Brigham Young University in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station (USACE-WES).

Product Name: CarMaker
Company: FIGES A.S.

In contrast to common vehicle dynamics simulation tools CarMaker allows for a continuous development process: From office simulations on PC to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests on single ECU and multi ECU test systems through to HIL tests on large system test rigs.

The basis of CarMaker, an open platform, enables a wide spectrum of applications besides the classic vehicle dynamics simulation. These application fields are the testing and development of chassis control systems, driver assistance systems and system networks where the chassis control systems interact with further vehicle areas. The fully parameterized driver model IPGDriver contributes with its intelligence to sophisticated closed loop testing tasks. CarMaker is the optimal environment for holistic consumption analyses and the further development of hybrid technology for fuel efficiency.

Product Name: MIGRATEv9
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

Using the MIGRATEv9 software, contaminant transport from multiple sources, either at the surface or buried, can be modeled quickly and accurately in two-dimensions.

Product Name: Pocket ESA
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

The new American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process (ASTM Designation: E1527-05) has been added to Pocket ESA

Product Name: POLLUTE v7
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

The POLLUTEv7 program provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive contaminant migration analysis capabilities. This program implements a one and a half dimensional solution to the advection-dispersion equation. Unlike finite element and finite difference formulations, POLLUTEv7 does not require a time-marching procedure, and thus involves relatively little computational effort while also avoiding the numerical problems of alternate approaches.

Product Name: WinFence Version 2
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

WinFence can be used to graphically create detailed, full-color, cross-sections and fence diagrams quickly and easily. The program can be used to interpret and map soil and rock layers, contamination, fossils, minerals and hydrocarbons.

Product Name: WinLoG Version 4.0
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

WinLoG can be used to quickly create, edit and print a wide variety of borehole and well logs. The graphical windows interface displays the log as it is changed and shows exactly how the log will look when it is printed. Boring logs and templates can be edited by pointing and clicking, making the program fast and easy to learn. The graphical interface uses the latest Windows features.

Product Name: WinSieve
Company: GAEA Technologies Ltd.

WinSieve can be used to enter, edit and print grain size analysis charts in several standard or custom formats

Product Name: ACCECALC
Company: geo&soft international

Evaluation of the displacement of rock boulders subjected to dynamic forces, on the basis of a given accelerogram - determination, through pseudostatic analysis, of the acceleration that is necessary to bring the slope to limit equilibrium conditions - evaluation of the velocity and displacements in the direction of the sliding for each point of the considered accelerogram and calculation of the total displacement at the end of the seismic event in order to evaluate the stability of the slope under examination.

Product Name: ELETOM
Company: geo&soft international

Tomographic reconstruction of a vertical soil section through the deployment of an array with a maximum of 64 electrodes - full inversion using a Finite Elements Method (Sasaki, 1994) - high resolution results - the classical pseudosections method is also available - works with dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, Wenner and Schlumberger measurement system.

Product Name: HAPPIE
Company: geo&soft international

Definition and evaluation of areas at risk from contamination around a waste disposal site - the territorial impact in the presence of several wells - determination is performed on the basis of parameters that are easily determined using an extension of the Legrand method - graphic presentation of the form, dimension and risk level of every zone.

Product Name: INQUIMAP
Company: geo&soft international

Aquifer models using finite differences or superposition of effects - unconfined, semi-confined and confined aquifers with transitory flow rates - horizontal anisotropy of permeability - reconstruction of the undisturbed aquifer - analysis for the designing of the wells, catchment basins, barriers - determination of flow isochrons - concentration of contamination using numerical analysis during stationary or transitory flows

Product Name: SID
Company: geo&soft international

Calculation of hydraulic sections with any geometrical or hydraulic properties - determination, for the given section, of the trend of the velocity and height values reached by the water - calculation of a diagram of the flow in relation to the height, with an indication of the height reached by the flow, as required by the design.

Product Name: WELL
Company: geo&soft international

Analysis and interpretation of pump tests - calculation of the main hydrogeological parameters - unconfined, confined and semi-confined aquifers - constant discharge pumping tests, variable step drawdown, and constant head - stationary or transitory conditions - single well or with one or several observation wells - analytical calculation methods or automatic interpretation of tables.

Product Name: MEP
Company: Neilsoft Ltd.

Our building systems offerings also encompass heating & cooling systems, electrical power & lighting systems, utility piping & plumbing & building automation.

Product Name: AquaDyn
Company: Scientific Software Group

AquaDyn is a powerful and easy to use hydrodynamic simulation package essential for water resources engineering studies, risk assessment, and impact studies. AquaDyn allows the complete description and analysis of hydrodynamic conditions (e.g., flow rates and water levels) of open channels such as rivers, lakes, or estuaries.

Product Name: Aquiferwin32
Company: Scientific Software Group

Aquiferwin32 is the most sophisticated and most Windows-compliant application for the analysis and presentation of aquifer tests including pumping tests, slug tests and step tests. In addition, Aquiferwin32 performs analytical groundwater flow modeling and pumping test simulations.

Product Name: GMS
Company: Scientific Software Group

GMS is the most sophisticated groundwater modeling environment available today. GMS integrates and simplifies the process of groundwater flow and transport modeling by seamlessly integrating all the tools needed for a successful study.

Product Name: LakeWatch
Company: Scientific Software Group

LakeWatch employs state-of-the-art database technology to manage the data collected, analyze and trend changes over time, and then report the trophic (nutrient) level of the water.

Product Name: MODFLOW win32
Company: Scientific Software Group

MODFLOWwin32 is a complete version of MODFLOW, the popular groundwater flow model originally developed by the USGS. MODFLOW is a 3D finite-difference groundwater flow model and there are many versions available. Unlike MODFLOW versions from other vendors, however, MODFLOW win32 was developed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32s) and Windows NT.

Product Name: MODPUMP
Company: Scientific Software Group

MODPUMP is a computer program that allows calculation of aquifer parameters for a single or multiple (up to three) layer aquifer systems by simulating field pumping test data using the MODFLOW model. The program allows calculation of hydraulic conductivity, storage coefficient, specific yield and vertical leakance for up to three-layer aquifer systems.

Product Name: SLAEM/MLAEM
Company: Scientific Software Group

Analytic Element Model - models regional groundwater flow in systems of a confined aquifer, unconfined aquifer and leaky aquifer

Geospatial Software : Geospatial Engineering

Product Name: Dynapile 1.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

Program DynaPile was developed to compute the dynamic stiffness of single piles or pile groups. The piles can be either floating piles or end-bearing piles. Vertical, horizontal and rocking dynamic stiffnesses will be generated by the program. The program will also generate the group reduction factors for pile groups under small excitation conditions

Product Name: GROUP 7.0 for Windows 3D
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

GROUP has been well accepted as an useful design tool for analyzing the behavior of piles in a group subjected to both axial and lateral loadings. The program was developed to compute the distribution of loads (vertical, lateral, and overturning moment in up to three orthogonal axes) from the pile cap to piles arranged in a group.

Product Name: LPILE Plus 5.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

LPILE Plus is a special purpose program based on rational procedures for analyzing a pile under lateral loading. The program computes deflection, shear, bending moment, and soil response with respect to depth in nonlinear soils. Components of the stiffness matrix at the pile head may be computed internally by the program to help the users in their super-structure analysis.

Product Name: SHAFT 5.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

SHAFT is used to compute the axial capacity and the short-term, load versus settlement curves of drilled shafts in various types of soils. SHAFT v5.0 can analyze drilled-shaft response in six types of strata: i) clay - cohesive geomaterial, ii) sand - cohesionless geomaterial, iii) clay-shale, iv) strong rock, v) gravel - cohesionless IGM, and vi) weak rock - cohesive IGM. The program allows for any combination of soil layers to be placed in a layered profile.

Product Name: WiseImage Pro GEO
Company: IDEAL

WiseImage Pro GEO is a standalone application targeted to the cadastral and GIS-related market. The application has advanced tools for handling maps, the unique raster to vector conversion technology, modern flexible interface and support for VBS and JavaScript. WiseImage Geo is the ultimate solution for customers who work with both raster and vector data accompanied by data attributes.

Product Name: Leica Geo Office
Company: Leica Geosystems

Exploit the full potential of your data with LEICA Geo Office. View and manage your TPS, GPS and Level data in an integrated way. Process independently or combine your data. LEICA Geo Office ensures you get the best result.

CAE : Structural Engineering

Product Name: ADAPT-ABI Version 4.xx
Company: ADAPT Corporation

ADAPT-ABI Version 4.xx is a special-purpose program developed for the design and analysis of prestressed concrete bridges built either segmentally or conventionally. It provides information for geometry and stress control during construction, as well as design values for service load.

Product Name: ADAPT-Builder
Company: ADAPT Corporation

ADAPT-Builder is a comprehensive and integrated solution for the analysis and design of post-tensioned and conventional concrete floor systems and beams. ADAPT-Builder is an umbrella program that allows you a variety of design and analysis options by activating one or more of its computational modules, including analysis by the Finite Element Method (FEM).

Product Name: ADAPT-Builder suite v3
Company: ADAPT Corporation

ADAPT-Builder suite v3 is the latest edition of our 3D FEM analysis software for the advanced design of concrete slabs and foundations. V3 provides unmatched analysis and design power and flexibility for all types of concrete slab and foundation systems.

Product Name: ADAPT-Floor Pro
Company: ADAPT Corporation

Three-dimensional (3D) Finite Element Software for Analysis and Design of Concrete and Post-Tensioned Floor and Foundation Systems. Built on ADAPT's unique TrueStructure™ modeling and analysis technology, this software provides a powerful, yet easy to use tool for the analysis of all types of slab systems. Unlike other 2D diaphragm-based slab design programs, ADAPT-Floor Pro's true 3D FEM analysis provides the most accurate results even for the most complex transfer and waffle slabs.

Product Name: ADAPT-PT
Company: ADAPT Corporation

ADAPT-PT is the industry standard stand-alone program for the design of beam frames, slabs and floor systems post-tensioned with either bonded, or unbonded tendons. For two-way floor systems the user can base the analysis on either the Equivalent Frame Method, or the Simple Frame Method. For the post-tensioning design, the user can select between the Effective Force method and the Variable Force (Tendon Selection) method.

Product Name: ADAPT-RC
Company: ADAPT Corporation

ADAPT-RC is for the analysis and/or design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs and floor systems. It is based on a single story frame, featuring the Equivalent Frame modeling of the ACI code as an option. In its design mode, the program determines the deflection and reinforcement for a user defined geometry, material and loading. In its analysis mode, for a given floor geometry, loading and reinforcement, the software determines the capacity of the floor and compares it with the code stipulated demand.

Company: Amsysco, Inc.

Structures exposed to corrosive environments, such as parking garages, demand special protection. The AMSYSCO Encapsulated PT System is designed and produced to provide the highest possible level of corrosion protection. Our advanced design and manufacturing process provides watertight encapsulation of the steel strand, anchorage and all connections.

Product Name: AISC Shapes
Company: Archon Engineering Software

AISC Shapes is a database program that provides all the section and dimension properties for steel shapes, based on the 7th, 8th and 9th edition of the AISC steel manual.

Product Name: ArchWind 98
Company: Archon Engineering Software

ArchWind 98 makes the complex ASCE 7-98 wind load analysis simple. This program provides much more data output than our earlier wind load analysis program. It also provides the ability to obtain wind loads for most of the structure types described in ASCE 7-98.

Product Name: Beams
Company: Archon Engineering Software

This program will analyze any single or multi-span beam. The program includes a complete AISC steel shape data base and a section property calculator. The program will provide deflection, shear and moment diagrams. After running the load analysis the program will then perform a code check based on the AISC ASD 9th edition design code.

Product Name: Footings
Company: Archon Engineering Software

Footings will help you design single or adjacent footings, wall footings, spread footings and a lot more. You can adjust the way the program reviews the data to fit whatever code requirements you are working with.

Product Name: Retwall
Company: Archon Engineering Software

Need a quick stability analysis on a retaining wall? Retwall will give you soil bearing loads, analyze the wall stability, calculate all wall moments, design your rebar and give you design sketches. The program will handle flowing water and multi-layers of backfill. You can adjust all allowable values to meet whatever code requirements you are tied to.

Product Name: WinFrame
Company: Archon Engineering Software

Need joint reactions on a three member rigid frame? This program will give them to you. The latest version allows multiple load input.

Product Name: WinThread
Company: Archon Engineering Software

This neat little program provides a large database for all types of bolts and screws. It also will tell you the required torque.

Product Name: ASDIP 4.0
Company: ASDIP Structural Software

ASDIP is a collection of 20 computer programs that carefully combine building code provisions and proven design and analysis techniques to perform many of the repetitive, cumbersome, time-consuming calculations most commonly used in any structural design office. From walls and footings to beams and columns, ASDIP provides the immediate solution to design, analyze and optimize all your daily design tasks.

Product Name: RAM Elements
Company: Bentley Systems

RAM Elements (formerly RAM Advanse) provides quick, reliable tools for specific structural tasks. RAM Elements is the only structural engineering software system that offers finite element analysis plus stand-alone or integrated design tools all in one low-cost, easy-to-use package.

Product Name: AutoPIPE
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

AutoPIPE is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) program for stress analysis of piping systems. Developed to meet the needs of companies involved in industrial piping system design, AutoPIPE is a leading PC stress analysis package utilised worldwide

Product Name: ETABS
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

ETABS is a program for linear, nonlinear, static and dynamic analysis, and the design of building systems. From an analytical standpoint, multistorey buildings constitute a very special class of structures and therefore deserve special treatment. The concept of special programs for building type structures was introduced over 30 years ago and resulted in the development of the TABS series of computer programs.

Product Name: Mathcad 14
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

Mathcad lets individuals work with up-dateable, interactive designs, allowing them to capture the critical methods and values behind each of their engineering projects.

Product Name: PlantFLOW
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

PlantFLOW is a software program used to design and analyse gas or liquid piping networks, including systems with loops and branches. Using an intuitive mouse driven interface, PlantFLOW's architecture and unique modelling features reduce the time required for piping flow analysis from days to hours on typical systems. Engineers can accurately simulate multiple design scenarios in minutes while sharing data with plant design CAD and piping stress analysis.

Product Name: RAPT
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

RAPT is a design and analysis tool for reinforced and post tensioned concrete columns, slabs and beams. The RAPT analysis and design package for reinforced and post tensioned concrete structural systems has been written and developed by practising structural engineers as an everyday design tool. It is comprehensive in its treatment of the analysis and design of structural concrete

Product Name: SAFE
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

SAFE provides state of the art analysis and design for concrete slabs and basemat/foundation structures. Based on the finite element method, this program offers accuracy and flexibility that cannot be matched by traditional hand calculations or from equivalent computer programs. Traditional methods for the analysis of simple slab systems are tedious and time consuming and are often inapplicable for complex geometries or loadings.

Product Name: SAP2000 Version 14
Company: Ceanet Pty Ltd.

SAP2000 is a finite element analysis and design system that provides the structural engineer with a tool unequalled in efficiency and productivity. SAP2000 makes a quantum leap in the way models are created and modified, results are displayed and grouped, and in the range of modelling tools that are offered. SAP2000 is offered at three levels: Basic, Plus and Advanced.

Product Name: CSiCOL
Company: Computers and Structures, Inc.

CSiCOL is a comprehensive software package used for the analysis and design of columns. The design of columns of any concrete, reinforced concrete, or composite cross-section can be carried out by the program. CSiCOL provides a 'Quick Design Wizard' tool that guides the users step-by-step, through the whole process of column design. This makes the design process simple, organized and efficient. The design can be carried out in accordance with ACI-318-02, ACI-318-99, BS8110 or CSA A-23.3-94 codes.

Product Name: ETABS Version 9
Company: Computers and Structures, Inc.

ETABS offers sophisticated 3-D analysis and design for multistory building structures, such as office buildings, apartments and hospitals. The input, output and numerical solution techniques of ETABS are specifically designed to take advantage of the unique physical and numerical characteristics associated with building type structures. A complete suite of Windows graphical tools and utilities are included with the base package.

Product Name: SAFE
Company: Computers and Structures, Inc.

SAFE is a special purpose program that automates the analysis and design of simple to complex concrete flat plates and foundation systems using powerful object based modeling. The program can analyze and design slabs or mats of arbitrary shapes and varying thickness, drop panels, openings, edge beams and discontinuities. Foundations can be combinations of Mats, Strip Footings or Isolated Spread Footings.

Product Name: SAP2000
Company: Computers and Structures, Inc.

SAP2000 represents the state-of-the-art in three dimensional finite element technology for structural engineering. This SAP is completely integrated within Windows 95/NT, and offers an easy-to-use graphical interface along with the latest developments in analytical techniques.

Product Name: SIMULIA
Company: Dassault Systèmes

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature and life. SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes.  SIMULIA delivers a scalable portfolio of Realistic Simulation solutions including
  • multiphysics solutions for insight into challenging engineering problems (structures, fluids, acoustics, and structural applications)
  • lifecycle management solutions for managing simulation data, processes, and intellectual property
  • as well as still the Abaqus product suite for Unified Finite Element Analysis
By building on established technology, respected quality, and superior customer service, SIMULIA makes realistic simulation an integral business practice that improves product performance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation. 

Product Name: Daystar Conversioneer
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

Occasionally you have to convert your calculations from one system of measurement to another. Daystar Conversioneer effortlessly converts engineering units between the English, SI, and Metric systems and includes unit conversions usually left out of most generic conversions calculators.

Product Name: Daystar FootingMaster
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

Nearly every project involves wall footings and spread footings and usually there are more than you have time for. Daystar FootingMaster will design them quickly, easily, and accurately.

Product Name: Daystar Masonry
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

When the requirements of your project include concrete masonry walls, you need fast and accurate designs. Daystar Masonry is your answer. The UBC, BOCA, SBCCI, and ACI 530 building codes are built-in so no matter where you are, Daystar Masonry has you covered.

Product Name: Daystar RetainWall
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

Cantilevered retaining wall design that is quick, easy, and accurate is a top priority on any project requiring retaining walls. Daystar RetainWall is all this and more.

Product Name: HighRoad
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

Design roads as you always have - graphically. HighRoad uses a fully integrated graphical interface tailored for engineers. Its highly intuitive design means you can pick up HighRoad immediately without being a computer expert or learning complicated commands. HighRoad's interface combined with its built-in intelligence results in fast and interactive road design that produces results quickly.

Product Name: Multiframe 2D/3D
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

Fast and accurate structural analysis is the foundation of all computer aided structural design. Multiframe helps you get the results you require by providing powerful, yet easy to use analysis capabilities. Multiframe's 3D analysis tools give you an exceptionally powerful and flexible means of creating, analyzing and examining results for your structures.

Product Name: Section Maker
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

A custom structural shape is sometimes the best solution to your structural design problem. But designing and calculating properties of custom shapes is a time consuming, error prone and frustrating exercise. Section Maker helps you to design a shape simply and quickly and then integrate your shape directly into the Multiframe library of sections.

Product Name: Steel Designer
Company: Daystar Software, Inc.

The key to efficient structural design of steel is the optimization of your structure in accordance with the applicable codes of practice. If you are using Multiframe for your analysis and you work with steel structures, then Steel Designer will automate the checking of structures to steel codes of practice.

Product Name: Dr. Beam Pro
Company: Dr. Software, LLC

Dr. Beam Pro™ is a direct manipulation beam analysis environment. It differs from other beam analysis programs in that it is designed primarily for simulating and visualizing behavior as opposed to simply performing analyses. Once you have learned to use Dr. Beam Pro n(5 - 15 minutes) designing a beam becomes as simple as applying loads and supports and watching what happens.

Product Name: Dr.Frame2D
Company: Dr. Software, LLC

Dr.Frame2D, available for Windows 95/NT/XP and Mac OSX, implements a rich direct manipulation environment in which users can interactively build and test 2-D truss and frame structures while receiving visual and numeric feedback to indicate structural behavior -- all in real time!!

Product Name: Dr.Frame3D
Company: Dr. Software, LLC

Dr.Frame3D, available for Windows and Macintosh, implements a rich direct manipulation environment in which users can interactively build and test 3-D truss and frame structures while receiving visual and numeric feedback to indicate structural behavior -- all in real time!

Product Name: XC2® Integrated Software Suite
Company: EngSoft Solutions/XC2 Software

Water purveyors and industrial facilities have hundreds of valves which must be exercised on a regular basis or get rusted in place. It is one of those jobs that falls into the important but totally non-urgent category and could easily be lost in the business of up-front demands.

Product Name: APILE Plus v5.0
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

The APILE software is used to compute the axial capacity, as a function of depth, of a driven pile in clay, sand, or mixed-soil profiles. The main computational methods used by APILE are those established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in their manual on recommended practice, API-RP2A. The procedures from API have been adopted by a number of organizations.

Product Name: ATENA for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

ATENA is a computer program system for nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The ATENA program system consists of a set of individual programs and program modules for both 2D and 3D analysis.

Product Name: EnBeamC v6.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

EnBeamC is a state-of-the-art program for the design and analysis of precast, prestressed concrete bridges girders made continuous by adding a composite slab with a diaphragm over the bridge piers. EnBeamC conforms to the '97 AASHTO Standard Specifications for Bridges.

Product Name: PRConn v3.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

PRConn is a unique program for the analysis and design of partially restrained moment connections for steel frame structures. PRConn allows the user visually to describe the connection details of 36 different types of partially restrained moment connections.

Product Name: PYWALL v3.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

The theoretical concepts used in the PYWALL software extends beyond the conventional method of analysis and design of flexible retaining walls based on limit-equilibrium theory. As a difference to conventional pratice, the PYWALL method does not ignore the effects of soil-structure interaction.

Product Name: S-Concrete for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

Reinforced Concrete Section Design and Detailing.The S-Concrete is developed by SOFTEK Services Ltd. S-Concrete includes Beam and Column Sections .

Product Name: TZPILE v2.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

TZPILE v2.0 implements the well-known method of soilstructure interaction, commonly called the t-z method, where t-z curves are used for side resistance and q-w curves are used for load transfer in end bearing. The t-z and q-w curves can be internally-generated for both driven piles and drilled shafts with the input of information on the supporting soil and on the geometry of the pile.

Product Name: VenWal/CavWal 1.0 for Windows
Company: Ensoft, Inc.

The VenWal/CavWal program employs a rectangular plane frame for the rational structural engineering analysis for both masonry cavity walls and masonry veneer over steel stud backing. In walls of anchored veneer over steel studs the program considers the stiffness of masonry veneer, anchors, and studs.

Product Name: CE.CA.P.
Company: geo&soft international

Foundation analysis and design - bearing capacity of shallow foundations with different shapes - comparison of the most used calculation methods - homogeneous and stratified soils - bearing capacity of deep foundations: micropiles, small and large diameter piles - immediate and long term settlement in homogeneous or stratified terrain for single and for multiple shallow foundations - differential settlement - verification under seismic conditions and in the presence of water

Product Name: CLASROCK
Company: geo&soft international

Classification of rock masses with the Bieniawski (RMR index) and Barton (Q index) methods - the results of the calculation are presented as a list that can be viewed and directly printed by the program or imported into any word processor.

Product Name: DBSOND
Company: geo&soft international

Archiving of geological/geotechnical data and the results of in situ tests - data are represented as stratigraphies - ample choice of descriptive columns - flexibility in the choice and position of the columns - most geological textures are available with the option of adding and personalising them - graphical restitution of sections with height profils - stratigraphical columns can be inserted into the sections.

Product Name: DIADIM
Company: geo&soft international

Design and verification of sheet-piles and bulkheads - several levels of anchoring can be defined under different load conditions - iterative calculation for correct evaluation of successive excavation phases - the structure is calculated as a flexible beam on elasto-plastic supports with different constraints at the extremities - structural analysis of different sections (continuous diaphragms, beam bulkheads, armoured piles, sheet-piles) is performed through the determination of the moment and vertical stress, determined in the section under the highest stress, with a method based on the limit-state concept used in conjunction with the partial safety factor method (Eurocode 2).

Product Name: I.L.A.
Company: geo&soft international

Verification of the stability of slopes in granular soils - calculations under normal and seismic conditions - analysis of sliding surfaces with arbitrary shape or families of plane or circular sliding surfaces - analysis in the presence of water, in terms of total or effective stresses - possibility of dealing with heterogeneous stratified terrains - verification of the interaction between the slope and the restraint systems.

Product Name: INSITU
Company: geo&soft international

Interpretation of static and dynamic geotechnical in situ tests according to the most commonly adopted methods - STP tests: relative density, friction angle, effective and total vertical stress, constrained modulus, Young's modulus, cone resistance, shear modulus, cyclic modulus of deformation, upper limit allowed for the subsidence/load ratio. - CPT tests: friction angle, drained compressibility and relative density, undrained shear strenght, compressibility, sensitivity and overconsolidation - DP tests: all the information for the SPT tests is supplied - the program can be adapted to any measuring apparatus through correlation coefficients

Product Name: ISOMAP
Company: geo&soft international

Construction of map surfaces for geological sciences - contour lines - perspective views - the calculation methods are: inverse distance weighting, kriging, extrapolation of the surface with the recognition of the regional polynomial trend trough the elimination of closures of the contour lines - vectors and flow lines - digital filtering for geophysical techniques

Product Name: LIQUITER
Company: geo&soft international

Determination of the safety factor for the liquefaction of saturated coehsionless soils subjected to seismic tremors - the evaluation of soil resistance to cyclic shear forces is determined through the correlation between the resistance to liquefaction and the number of blows of the STP test - it is also possible to consider the presence of overloads and the water table effect - the resistance to liquefaction factor is calculated as the ratio between of the shear force that induces liquefaction and the maximum shear force induced by the seismic waves.

Product Name: ROCK3D
Company: geo&soft international

Analysis of rock slope faces with the Key Block Theory - recognition of the main discontinuity sets through hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering - analysis of real discontinuities, based on their length and position on the slope face - identification of complex removable blocks based on the selected kinematic mode - determination of the volume of the rock blocks and of the safety factor of each identified block - design of the rock bolting that is necessary to reach a required safety factor.

Product Name: ROTOMAP
Company: geo&soft international

Three-dimensional analysis of rockfalls - determination of the path of falling boulders - frequency distiribution contour lines of the stop points of the rock blocks - energy distribution in relation to the mean and maximum kinetic energy - planimetric graphical restitution and in-section restitution of resulting data - optimisation of protective systems.

Product Name: VERCAM
Company: geo&soft international

Verification and design of retaining walls - gravity, semigravity and cantilever retaining walls - evaluation of the safety factor under normal and seismic conditions - validation of the concrete design and dimensioning of the reinforcement through the calculation of the bending moment of the foundation and of the footing pressure.

Product Name: CATIA-CADAM AEC Structural FEA Integration
Company: IBM Engineering Solutions

CATIA-CADAM AEC Structural FEA Integration enables users to integrate third-party and custom structural analysis solvers into the CATIA/CADAM Plant environment. The ability to provide these tools within one consistent design and analysis environment reduces the need to train on different systems and provides full integration between design and analysis tasks.

Product Name: CivilFEM
Company: Ingeciber S.A.

The most advanced and complete program in civil engineering calculations. CivilFEM is the most suitable analysis tool for any civil project, it uses the ANSYS calculation engine and the specified abilities developed to be use in the environmental monitoring.

Product Name: SmartSketch®
Company: Intergraph Corporation

SmartSketch is an innovative product for the technical office, combining world class business diagramming with award winning drawing technology. It is a versatile, cost-effective precision engineering and drafting product that gives EPCs and owner/operators a competitive edge throughout the life cycle by speeding productivity, cutting costs, and offering a sophisticated degree of automation for detail work

Product Name: Freestanding Retractable Enclosures
Company: Libart Enclosures Ltd. (US)

Libart freestanding telescopic retractable shelters provide protection from the weather, similar to a conventional pool building, but with a flexibility that allows it to be easily opened during sunny days for outdoor enjoyment.

Product Name: Roofing
Company: Libart Enclosures Ltd. (US)

Indulge yourself as you bask in the glow, sheltered and protected from the elements when poor weather limits your enjoyment of your seasonal patio, porch or deck with Libart’s SolaGlide™ motorized roof system without compromising the look and feel of an outdoor retreat.

Product Name: Precast
Company: Neilsoft Ltd.

Our offerings are focused on Multistoried buildings (residential and commercial), Parking structures, Stadiums, Pedestrian bridges and Light industrial shades.

Product Name: RCC
Company: Neilsoft Ltd.

Our offerings for R.C.C. structures are focussed on multistory (residential & commercial) buildings.

Product Name: Steel
Company: Neilsoft Ltd.

Our Structural Steel detailed engineering services include:

Structural Analysis:

-3D-Space frame analysis for building structures
-Finite element analysis for plate shaped structures.
-Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load, Imposed load & Snow load combinations.
-Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations.
-Knowledge of loading standards – SBC, UBC, BOCA, BS, ASCE codes

Product Name: WERCO 107/297™
Company: PipingSolutions, Inc.

WERCO 107/297™ is a comprehensive software package for calculating stresses in shells in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Welding Research Council Bulletins 107 & 297. The program eliminates the need for hours of tedious hand calculations and manual cross referencing and dramatically reduces the possibility of errors.

Product Name: RAM Advanse
Company: RAM International

For analysis and design of almost any type of structure or structural component complete with sophisticated design tools to help you with your everyday analysis and design needs.

Product Name: RAM BasePlate
Company: RAM International

RAM BasePlate focuses on the specific task of analyzing and designing steel base plates and their anchors. The engineer that uses RAM BasePlate will produce top-quality designs quickly and accurately.

Product Name: RAM CADstudio
Company: RAM International

RAM CADstudio is the missing link between the analytical model and construction drawings; RAM CADstudio helps keep your drawings current and your projects on budget. The program offers unparalleled integration and efficiency to engineers and CAD specialists.

Product Name: RAM Concept
Company: RAM International

RAM Concept saves you precious time and money. Its finite element- based analysis provides major advantages over conventional strip methods, allowing you to handle complex floor design more accurately and with more confidence in the results.

Product Name: RAM Connection
Company: RAM International

RAM Connection is the first fully integrated steel connection design and optimization tool in the industry. Designing, checking and optimizing steel shear, moment, gusset, splice and bracket connections, according to AISC ASD or LRFD, has never been this automated. Assign connections directly to the finite element model and have RAM Connection automatically consider member geometric and material properties, and the analytical results, to choose the best connection for you.

Product Name: RAM Frame
Company: RAM International

RAM Frame is a state-of-the-art 3D static and dynamic analysis and design program for structural engineers. It is used for lateral frame analysis and design of building systems under lateral, dynamic, and gravity loads.

Product Name: RAM OpenLink
Company: RAM International

Through RAM OpenLink, developers have the power to retrieve structural model input, analysis and design information for a model created in RAM SS. A complete set of tools is provided to customize parts of the program and to create modules that can run seamlessly inside the RAM SS environment with the same look and feel of products developed by RAM International. This has the advantage of reducing development time for new modules. It also has the added benefit of making the various modules look and behave consistently, which reduces the learning curve for the engineer.

Product Name: RAM SBeam
Company: RAM International

RAM SBeam focuses on the specific task of analyzing and designing steel composite and non-composite beams, including beams with stiffened or unstiffened web penetrations. The engineer that uses RAM SBeam will produce top-quality designs quickly and accurately.

Product Name: RAM SColumn
Company: RAM International

RAM SColumn focuses on the specific task of designing steel wide-flange, tube, and pipe columns. The engineer that uses RAM SColumn will produce top-quality designs quickly and accurately.

Product Name: RAM Structural System
Company: RAM International

The RAM Structural System was developed with one primary goal in mind… to help structural engineers increase their productivity so that they can produce better designs, faster. By providing powerful tools that are automated, integrated, and a complete alternative to traditional design methods, the RAM Structural System has accomplished this goal.

Product Name: Atlas
Company: Rekenwonder Software

Atlas computes the resulting moments and reaction forces for a given beam with loads applied to it (single as well as distributed), using Cross\' method. The program has a very easy interface. It lets you enter your data with the mouse, and it shows the resulting moments and shear forces immediately in both a graphical and numerical way. Maximum bending moments can easily be calculated.

Product Name: DESCON
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

Research Engineers and Omnitech Associates (the makers of DESCON, the most popular steel connection design software in the US) have joined forces to integrate STAAD.Pro, the world leading structural analysis and design software with DESCON. All users who have upgraded to STAAD.Pro 2006 can now purchase the integrated DESCON module to connect your entire structure within seconds.

Product Name: OpenSTAAD
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

The new OpenSTAAD is a library of exposed functions allowing engineers access to STAAD.Pro’s internal functions and routines. OpenSTAAD’s open architecture provides customers with an Application Program Interface (API) to STAAD.Pro’s analysis and design engines as well as its Graphic User Interface (GUI) for personal customization. With OpenSTAAD, any user can use practically any programming language (including C, C++, VB, VBA, FORTRAN, Java and Delphi) to tap into STAAD’s database and seamlessly link input and output data to third-party applications. You can also automate repetitive tasks or commands in STAAD.Pro by creating your own customized macros with a full built-in VBA editor.

Product Name: Sectionwizard
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

An invaluable tool for the structural engineer, allowing fast and accurate calculation of section properties and retrieval of stress values for custom and assembled shapes

Product Name: STAAD.beam
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD.beam is the latest member of the STAAD family of structural analysis and design products. In today's competitive market, structural engineers need to quickly and accurately determine the capacity of an existing beam or optimize a new one without having to open a huge 3D analysis and design program like STAAD.Pro. With STAAD.beam, you can design composite, non-composite or partially composite steel beams in seconds. The beams can be cantilevered (overhangs), have multiple spans and even rectangular and circular composite or non-composite web openings. Unlike most software that just spit out lines of output, STAAD.beam provides step-by-step hand calculations with all formulae, intermediate values and code clauses presented in HTML/XML format. There is no guessing as to how STAAD.beam came up with the final camber, the stud spacing layout or the floor vibration calculations. STAAD.beam is a must on every engineer's desktop!

Product Name: STAAD.beava
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD.beava, the Bridge Engineering Automated Vehicle Application, is an integrated solution inside the STAAD.Pro environment. STAAD.beava uses 3D influence surfaces, which are generated by STAAD.Pro as part of the loading process. STAAD.beava will automatically generate influence surfaces for effects such as bending moments on members, support reactions, element stresses and nodal deflections.

Product Name:
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center is a standalone or integrated foundation solution for simple and complex foundation problems. integrates all common footing designs including spread (isolated) footings, strip (combined) footings, pile cap arrangement and design, octagonal footings and mat foundations.

Product Name: STAAD.offshore
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD.Offshore is a powerful suite of pre- and post processor modules for the STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design program. Comprised of two primary modules, waveload and transport, you additionally have the option of carrying out design code checks to the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practice for planning, designing, and constructing fixed offshore platforms with the STAAD.Pro API code check module.

Product Name: STAAD.Pro
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive and integrated finite element analysis and design solution, including a state-of-the-art user interface, visualization tools, and international design codes. Capable of analyzing any structure exposed to static loading, a dynamic response, soil-structure interaction, wind, earthquake, and moving loads.

Product Name: STAAD.Pro 2006
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD.Pro is the choice of 47 out of 50 leading Structural Engineering firms, 46 out of 50 state DOTs and 7 out of the top 10 engineering universities. STAAD.Pro features a state-of-the-art user interface, visualization tools, powerful analysis and design engines with advanced finite element and dynamic analysis capabilities. From model generation, analysis and design to visualization and result verification, STAAD.Pro is the professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and cold-formed steel design of low and high-rise buildings, culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles and much more!

Product Name: Tekla Structures
Company: Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center

Tekla Structures with STAAD.Pro is a revolutionary Building Information Management (BIM) system for structural engineers brought to you by Research Engineers International (the makers of STAAD.Pro) and Tekla (the makers of Xsteel). Tekla Structures with STAAD.Pro is a versatile 3D modelling system that enables the engineer to physically model all types of structures made of steel, concrete or any other material without having to use analytical concepts like nodes, breaking members, etc.

Product Name: ADINA
Company: SC Solutions

ADINA (Automatic Dynamic Incremental Nonlinear Analysis) is a general purpose finite element system for advanced engineering linear and nonlinear analysis of structural, heat transfer, field and fluid flow problems. Very reliable and efficient finite element techniques are used with considerable user conveniences for building models and evaluating results.

Product Name: GT STRUDL
Company: SC Solutions

GT STRUDL provides structural engineers with the world-class integrated system for graphical frame and finite element modeling, static, nonlinear and dynamic analysis, steel and reinforced concrete design, links to CAD systems, and interactive graphics. In almost two decades of use, GT STRUDL is acknowledged to be among the world's most widely accepted, highest quality, and comprehensive computer-aided engineering tools for the structural engineer.

Product Name: ESA-Prima Win
Company: SCIA

A CAD model is built at the same time as the analytical project. This allows the immediate creation of useful plans for a preparatory project. All structures, as well as their parametric models, are workable. Our software has been adapted to many national and European standards. Finally they communicate in a transparent and bi-directional way with drafting packages like Allplan (Nemetschek) or ProSteel (Kiwi Software). And of course, they are adapted for importing files in DXF, DWG, &, format.

Product Name: M Series
Company: SCIA

SCIA has formed a strategic partnership with Geodelft to market specialised soil mechanics software. The product is a design software for sheet walls, earth wall, pile foundations, etc.

Product Name: Scia Engineer
Company: SCIA

A CAD model is built at the same time as the analytical project. This allows the immediate creation of useful plans for a preparatory project. All structures, as well as their parametric models, are workable. Our software has been adapted to many national and European standards. Finally they communicate in a transparent and bi-directional way with drafting packages like Allplan (Nemetschek) or ProSteel (Kiwi Software). And of course, they are adapted for importing files in DXF, DWG, &, format.

Product Name: GALENA
Company: Scientific Software Group

GALENA is a powerful and easy to use slope software system for Stability Analysis, Back Analysis, and Probability Analysis, with using the Bishop, Spencer-Wright and Sarma methods. GALENA solves problems for mining excavations, embankments, cuttings, dams, and foundations. GALENA provides you with a number of unique features to take much of the guesswork out of the natural variability of geological materials while making stability analysis easier than ever.

Product Name: QuickLog
Company: Scientific Software Group

QuickLog greatly speeds and simplifies the process of creating boring logs (borehole logs)/well lithology. Completely menu driven, QuickLog is intended to be used by geologists or data entry staff members to create boring logs diagrams without the need for a CAD system. The format of a boring log (borehole log) is designed by choosing headings and columns to be shown - no programming or complicated formatting commands are used.

Product Name: RETC
Company: Scientific Software Group

RETC, Retention Curve Program for Unsaturated Soils, is a computer program for describing the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soils. RETC may be used to fit several analytical models to observed water retention and/or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity data. RETC incorporates menu-driven data entry.

Product Name: SoilVision
Company: Scientific Software Group

SoilVision is the most complete package available for the estimation and/or representation of your unsaturated soil properties. Version 2.0 implements seven pedo-transfer functions for the estimation of the soil-water characteristic curve, eight methods for estimating saturated hydraulic conductivity, and five methods of estimating the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.

Product Name: SPE-MC
Company: Seismic Performance Engineering

Seismic Performance Engineering is providing a free download of their first engineering software design and analysis tool. SPE-MC is a moment-curvature application designed by an experienced project-oriented engineer for use by experienced structural engineering designers and analysts interested in performance-based seismic design. The program is designed for large project oriented applications, such as, buildings and bridges. SPE-MC will generate axial force ? moment ? curvature curves for use by the designer and analyst to evaluate the ductility performance of an arbitrary section.

Product Name: B-LINE™
Company: Softek Services Ltd.

Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beam Design and Detailing Software

Product Name: S-CONCRETE™
Company: Softek Services Ltd.

Reinforced Concrete Section Design and Detailing Software

Product Name: S-Frame
Company: Softek Services Ltd.

Design domes, trusses, space frames, beams, shoring, floor framing, building elements, towers, bracing, struts, 2D & 3D Structures, temporary and permanent structures. The list is limited only by your imagination.

Product Name: S-FRAME®/ P-FRAME®
Company: Softek Services Ltd.

Computerized 2D structural analysis software for structural engineers who didn't major in computer science.

Product Name: S-STEEL
Company: Softek Services Ltd.

S-STEEL Structural steel design software that is fully integrated with S-FRAME® / P-FRAME® providing interactive, automated design and analysis with code checking for strength & serviceability (deflection). S-STEEL™ is an add-on product to P-FRAME® & S-FRAME®
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