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Product Name: StruM.I.S Estimating
Company: AceCad Software Ltd

AceCad Software is the sole owner of the StruM.I.S estimating system – the ultimate estimating software for steelwork fabricators. This powerful estimating tool is designed specifically to meet the needs of estimators in the structural steelwork industry. StruM.I.S estimating enables the rapid production of detailed cost estimates to suit a number of differing pricing methodologies including drawing take-off, bill of quantities and unit pricing. With an easy to use wizard based interface, this powerful solution enables the user to produce detailed estimates via a CAD interface facilitating incorporation of materials lists from design, detailing and Microsoft ® products.

Product Name: Construction Cost Estimating Software
Company: AEC Tek

If you're a contractor and need to save valuable time and remove any barriers that will hamper your construction cost estimating productivity, our Construction Estimating Software is perfect for you. Our Construction Cost Estimating Software is one of the most affordable, sophisticated and user-friendly construction estimating software systems available today.

Product Name: BID2WIN
Company: BID2WIN Software, Inc.

BID2WIN delivers an unprecedented level of power, performance and flexibility to over 5,000 infrastructure professionals worldwide. Powered by Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology, BID2WIN offers unmatched scalability, control and ease of use – all designed to help you estimate and bid jobs more profitably than ever before.

Product Name: Paydirt® SiteWork by Trimble
Company: Boon Resources

The Trimble Paydirt® Software Package is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use estimating solution for earthwork and material takeoff

Product Name: ProEst®
Company: Boon Resources

Innovative in its simplicity, ProEst® 11 now delivers the power to accurately calculate the estimated cost of nearly any project of any size – quickly and easily

Product Name: ProEst® Takeoff 11
Company: Boon Resources

Innovative in its simplicity, ProEst® Takeoff 11 delivers the power to takeoff nearly any project of any size - easily and accurately.

Product Name: QuikRuler III™
Company: Boon Resources

QuikRuler III is a complete measuring system for architects, construction estimators, engineers and surveyors. QuikRuler III quickly and accurately automates blueprint takeoff and drawing measurement processes. It includes a measuring menu and an LCD display with a sophisticated yet easy to use built-in measuring program.

Product Name: Roll-Up III Digitizer
Company: Boon Resources

The Roll-Up III is engineered with GTCO Calcomp's exclusive patented Redundant Grid Technology, which substantially improves the durability and ruggedness of this digitizer, making it the only choice for true portable use.

Product Name: BidCaster
Company: Brownie's Digital Imaging (acquired by ARC)

PlanWell BidCaster is an easy-to-use online tool for facilitating the invitation-to-bid (ITB) process. It turns your web browser into a time-saving and hassle-free system for managing your bidding tasks. PlanWell BidCaster allows you to send hundreds of ITBs via email or fax, right from your computer. Bidders can pre-review plans and specs from a link to your planroom and indicate their interest in your projects.

Product Name: BSD CostLink/AE
Company: Building Systems Design, Inc.

BSD CostLink®/AE provides quick, easy, and modifiable cost estimates using built-in RS Means Cost Data. It was created exclusively for design professionals (and building owners) who like to keep things simple without sacrificing accuracy or flexibility. Welcome to a cost-estimating package specifically designed for architects, engineers, and others who are doing budgets, cost plans, and design development estimates. CostLink/AE is designed for design professionals by design professionals. Let's face it, you don't want to spend lots of time learning or using a complex cost estimating system. You only have time for a cost estimating system that is quick, easy, and modifiable—and doesn't take much time to learn. Enter CostLink/AE. QUICK: Create a reliable, accurate, and detailed cost estimate in 10 minutes or less! CostLink/AE provides a simple front-end cost modeling interface that allows rapid creation of a cost estimate at the very earliest stages of a project. Because your estimate is a "living" document, you can continually refine and modify it as your project evolves. EASY: With CostLink/AE's unique front-end Cost Modeling interface (based on the reliable, built-in RS Means cost data that you've come to trust), you simply:
  • Pick one of the 77 building models that is similar to your project.
  • Select the frame and enclosure systems.
  • Enter the gross area and building perimeter.
  • Select optional additive items from a list appropriate to your building type.
  • If necessary, adjust project location and various mark-ups.
CostLink/AE then automatically generates an instant cost estimate for you. You can immediately view or print the estimate in as much or as little detail as necessary with our flexible data display options. Built-in RS Means data: With RS Means cost data built-in and seamlessly integrated with your cost estimate, we've already done most of the work for you. Get more details on the cost data provided with CostLink/AE here. MODIFIABLE: Your estimate can be refined and updated quickly and easily as your project evolves. You can refine your estimate by changing quantities, by making simple drag-and-drop material substitutions from the built-in RS Means databases, or by adding materials and systems common to your project type—all with minimal input time and effort.

Product Name: RebarBID
Company: CADS-USA, Inc.

RebarBID is a powerful yet user-friendly material take-off software application designed for Rebar Estimators. RebarBID is designed to enable estimators to concentrate on take-off directly from a set of plans to the computer and speeds up the process by trapping and helping to correct errors as they happen.

Product Name: Soule Software
Company: CADS-USA, Inc.

Soule Modules: Contract Management Estimating* Sales Proposals Contract Award Drawing Submittal Production* Production Optimization Mill Certification Backlog Forecasting Job Costing Accounting interface Field Placing for the "in-Place" market

Product Name: Construction Estimating Software from ProEst
Company: ComputerEase Software, Inc.

ComputerEase Construction Management Software and ProEst Construction Estimating Software have combined to create a seamless integration for a construction estimating, project management and construction accounting software package. ProEst is easily implemented to go hand-in-hand with existing ComputerEase versions making the estimating process clean and easy for your needs.

Product Name: ProEst Estimating
Company: Construction Management Software(Change in Proest)

In todays highly competitive market, the success of your construction company relies heavily on the ability to generate quick and accurate estimates. Thats where ProEst comes in. ProEst sets a new standard of excellence among construction estimating applications by offering industry-specific solutions with advanced integration capabilities.

Product Name: Deco-Con Estimator Software
Company: Depiction Software

The all-inclusive Deco-Con Estimator comes with a list of all the products you use, and can be easily updated to include others. You create your formulas and the estimator takes care of the rest. Print an estimate right from your laptop on your initial visit, print out a purchase order for materials--even one that includes multiple jobs--and print out a contract for your prospect that includes their contact information, pricing, and services to be rendered.

Product Name: Advisor
Company: Eos Group Inc.

Eos Advisor is a web-based budget estimating solution built for the pre-construction and design-build markets. It supports the development of conceptual or feasibility estimates by leveraging a company's estimate and actual cost historical data. It also supports the benchmarking process, providing managers with quick 'sanity checks' so they can make better decisions and reduce risks.

Product Name: Eos Common Steel Piping Database
Company: Eos Group Inc.

The Eos Common Steel Piping Database developed for use with Sage Timberline Office Estimating is designed to support piping estimating for buildings, process facilities, power plants and other facilities which include common steel pipe specifications.

Product Name: Explorer
Company: Eos Group Inc.

Eos Explorer is the first software system designed to manage the entire estimating process. It supports estimating as a collaborative process rather than as isolated events. Eos Explorer supports the creation, management, verification, review and reporting work processes related to estimating.

Product Name: Sage Timberline Estimating
Company: Eos Group Inc.

For estimators who demand more from estimating systems,Estimating Extended, a Sage Timberline Office application, offers our most comprehensive package of cutting-edge estimating tools.

Product Name: Unit Price
Company: Eos Group Inc.

Eos Unit Price (UP) is a Microsoft Excel® based application developed for the unit price contractor.
It interfaces seamlessly with Timberline Estimating to provide a solution that manages bid items and generates proposals.

Product Name: CostXL
Company: Exactal

CostXL tightly integrates into Microsoft Excel® allowing you to access all your CostX® data in your Excel® spreadsheet. By integrating CostX® into Microsoft Excel®, we've created more flexibility to allow building professionals to manage their projects. Some of the main features include:
  • Fully integrated with network products from the CostX® range
  • Retrieves live data from the CostX® database for integration into any Excel® spreadsheet
  • Updates are automatically handled
  • Link dimensions, workbook values, rates, constants & values from the CostX® database directly into Excel®
  • Drag and drop from the CostXL task pane directly into the Excel® worksheet
  • Live links allow the Excel® user to see the dimensions in the drawings
  • Use Excel® to generate cash flow forecasts, progress claims, management reports, etc all from the live CostX® database
  • Generate charts & graphs using CostX® data
  • Handles data from multiple revisions on the same Excel® Worksheet
  • Ships with sample CostX® data and Excel® spreadsheets to get you going quickly

If you are a building or costing professional and you use Excel®, CostXL will allow you to place live CostX® data into your Excel® spreadsheets. You'll be able to make use of the powerful features of CostX® while remaining in the comfort of Excel® - and when the data changes, the spreadsheets update automatically!

Product Name: CostX®
Company: Exactal

CostX® enables you to quickly and accurately take off quantities from 2D drawings and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM models using the most advanced on-screen electronic measurement system available. Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders easily and all in a fraction of the time and cost! Some of the main features include:
  • Supports scanned, PDF or CAD drawings and 3D/BIM models – all without the need to buy CAD software.
  • Supports BIM by using digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.
  • Unique revision mode compares drawings and highlights the changes to identify revisions and update quantities.
  • Powerful spreadsheet based workbooks are live-linked to the drawings.
  • Codes & zones allow work to be sorted & regrouped.
  • Report writer produces customised professional reports.
  • Subcontractor comparison workbooks can be generated with associated reports.
  • Network capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same project at once.
  • Free CostX® Viewer allows others to view your estimates and reports without paper copies.
CostX® is Exactal’s top-of-the-range product. More companies are using CostX® for their complete estimating solution and are demonstrating strong returns on their investment. CostX® is a powerful project costing tool that enables estimators to utilize the most advanced on-screen measurement system while embracing BIM to deliver better results to clients. It can reduce take off time by up to 80%.

Product Name: CostX® 2D
Company: Exactal

CostX® 2D enables you to quickly and accurately take off quantities using the most advanced on-screen electronic measurement system available. Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders easily and do it all in a fraction of the time and cost! Some of the main features include:
  • Measures from scanned, PDF or CAD drawings – all without the need to buy CAD software.
  • Compares drawings & highlights the changes to identify drawing variations.
  • Powerful spreadsheet based workbooks are live-linked to the drawings.
  • Codes & zones allow work to be sorted & regrouped.
  • Report writer produces customised professional reports.
  • Subcontractor comparison workbooks can be generated with associated reports.
  • Network capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same project at once.
  • Free CostX® Viewer allows others to view your estimate and report without paper copies.

CostX® 2D does not support 3D/BIM drawings or allow for auto-revisioning, but still contains Exactal’s world-leading on-screen 2D takeoff and integrated workbook. If your company does not receive 3D/BIM drawings but still wants to take advantage of the faster, smarter and more accurate estimating solution on the market, CostX® 2D is the best choice for you.

Product Name: CostX® Takeoff
Company: Exactal

CostX® Takeoff enables you to have all the power of the most advanced on-screen electronic measurement system by Exactal. With improved measurement accuracy and reduced paper handling, CostX® has been proven to reduce take off time by up to 80%. Some of the main features include:
  • Supports scanned, PDF or CAD drawings and 3D/BIM models – all without the need to buy CAD software.
  • Supports BIM by using digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.
  • Unique revision mode compares drawings and highlights the changes to identify revisions and update quantities.
  • Network capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same project at once.
  • Free CostX® Viewer allows others to view your estimates and reports without paper copies.
  • Works with CostXL to link dimensions and quantities directly into your Excel® spreadsheets.

If you only require CostX® for measuring, purchase CostX® Takeoff and still utilise the most advanced on-screen measurement system on the market. CostX® Takeoff not only supports a variety of 2D drawings but also supports 3D/BIM models. Reduce your costs and use the best tool for the job.

Product Name: CostX® Takeoff 2D
Company: Exactal

CostX® Takeoff 2D enables you to have all the power of the most advanced on-screen electronic measurement system by Exactal. With improved measurement accuracy and reduced paper handling, CostX® has been proven to reduce take off time by up to 80%. Some of the main features include:
  • Measures from scanned, PDF or CAD drawings – all without the need to buy CAD software.
  • Compares drawings & highlights the changes to identify drawing variations.
  • Network capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same project at once.
  • Free CostX® Viewer allows others to view your estimates and reports without paper copies.
  • Works with CostXL to link dimensions and quantities directly into your Excel® spreadsheets.

CostX® Takeoff 2D is Exactal’s most basic product but still allows you to use the world-leading on-screen 2D takeoff, meaning you can measure areas, lengths and counts in a few clicks. If you have only used manual measurement and Excel® before and want to start off with something simple, CostX® Takeoff 2D may be the best choice for you.

Product Name: CostX® Viewer
Company: Exactal

Following the popularity of CostX®, CostX® Viewer makes it easy to freely share comprehensive costing projects with anyone. Take advantage of the all-electronic estimation platform and offer interactive projects to your clients and co-workers complete with detailed cost breakdowns and building revisions with live links to CAD drawings.

Product Name: Paydirt
Company: Geocomp Systems

Paydirt is designed for estimators, not computer experts. If you can read construction plans and use Windows 95 or later, you can trace plans into a computer with a digitiser and get accurate volume reports out quickly, often in less than an hour

Product Name: Cost Data
Company: Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar delivers accesses to historical estimating data and complete “Oneness” Integration to industry leading third-party cost reference databases. Multiple libraries are available in every project sector including power, utility, railroad, heavy civil, ship building, specialty, underground, and other resource and cost libraries with our cost data software.

Product Name: Estimating
Company: Hard Dollar

HD estimating software is an easier, powerful and more refined way to manage cost and productivity for enterprise level projects. This next-generation technology delivers a wide range of collaborative tools to increase accuracy with centralized data and unlimited resource-level cost detailing.

Product Name: HeavyBid
Company: HCSS

HeavyBid is powerful construction estimating software for infrastructure contractors bidding projects ranging from $50,000 to over $1 billion. We have 5 levels of HeavyBid to fit the smallest to the largest contractor.

Product Name: HeavyBid/Express
Company: HCSS

HeavyBid/Express is an extremely impressive software product designed for smaller contractors and subcontractors. HeavyBid/Express is designed to assist the contractor in organizing and submitting his bids and even includes some of our renowned estimating capability

Product Name: InSite SiteWork™
Company: InSite Software Inc

InSite SiteWork™ Earthwork & Utility Estimating Software calculates cuts & fills, stripping, strata quantities, subgrade materials, topsoil re-spread, areas, lengths, trench excavation & backfill from digitizer input or CAD Import. Print 3-D's, X-sections, and scaled plans. Features include the Dynamic Site Balancer™ and Paperless CAD (DWG & DXF) Import.

Product Name: Sage Construction Estimating Software
Company: Ledger Services Ltd

The Construction Estimating software module links directly to Sage Construct Advanced and offers a simplified process for responding to, and creating tenders.Estimates can be built quickly and accurately by re-using library components.

Product Name: Metrolog XG for Leica
Company: Leica Geosystems

Metrolog XG for Leica interfaces to the Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers and the "Walk-Around" Leica T-Probe. In addition, more than 50 interfaces for CMMs and PCMMs are available. The graphical visualization provides direct interfaces for virtual any neutral and native CAD format.

Product Name: Total Stations (TPS)
Company: Leica Geosystems

Measurements have never been so easy to perform as with the Leica Geosystems Total Station. The TPS Series allows beginners and professionals to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Product Name: BIDDAY
Company: MC2

BIDDAY for Windows 95/NT is a 32-bit program that gives you the ability to handle all of these issues, making the most of the time you have. This tool helps you take control and insure that when you accept a bid, your mark-up will be applied and your bottom-line will be accurate. BIDDAY provides the strongest features available for finding your best bid. Many times the best bid you can submit is hidden in a confusing array of combination bids. BIDDAY makes sense of the confusion, enabling you to make sure you've covered the job at the best price.

Product Name: EarthWorks
Company: MC2

EarthWorks is the fast, accurate, intuitive site excavation estimating solution you have been looking for. With a familiar Windows work environment, you can enter simple sitework drawings in less than 15 minutes and quickly calculate, cut, fill, and topsoil with the press of a button. EarthWorks saves you time and increases accuracy with computerized calculations.

Product Name: ICE
Company: MC2

Estimate faster and more accurately with the richest, deepest solution ever developed for contractors - ICE®2000. Using Office® 2000 look-and-feel plus time-proven Knowledge Bases, ICE 2000 gives you the ultimate solution for concrete, masonry, drywall, civil, pipe, mechanical and electrical. You'll reduce takeoff time, bid more work, and have more time available to study jobs and get the winning edge

Product Name: Quick Bid
Company: On Center Software

Quick Bid is the fastest way to estimate a bid from start to finish at your PC. Easily build any conceivable condition consisting of any combination of materials and labor, even across multiple bid sections! You can see all material, labor and other costs that make up each bid section.

Product Name: Appia®
Company: PCI Group

Are your cost estimation, bidding and contracting, and construction management departments working independently of each other; maybe even investing in separate systems? Do projects move slowly through these systems and require re-entry of the same data? Agencies often face these problems, plus they have difficulty organizing and tracking historical bid data, maintaining accurate contractor lists, distributing proposals (and addenda) in electronic format to their contractors, analyzing bids received, and managing the project once it moves to the construction phase.

Product Name: Primavera Cost Manager
Company: Primavera Systems, Inc.

It can be nearly impossible to build annual budgets that consider forecasted project and program work plans along with detailed cost data. Even more challenging is attempting to reconcile actual program costs with actual schedule performance.

Product Name: CD Estimator Heavy
Company: Quality Plans & Software, Inc.

CD Estimator puts at your fingertips 85,000 construction costs for new construction, remodeling, renovation & insurance repair, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and painting. You'll also have the National Estimator program - a stand-alone estimating program for Windows that Remodeling magazine called a "computer wiz." Quarterly cost updates are available at no charge on the Internet. To help you create professional-looking estimates, the disk includes over 40 construction estimating and bidding forms in a format that's perfect for nearly any word processing or spreadsheet program for Windows. And to top it off, a 70-minute interactive video teaches you how to use this CD-ROM to estimate construction costs.

Product Name: Gold Partner Plan
Company: Quest Solutions

Software's not worth much to your business if you can't use it. That means getting comprehensive system training. It means having access to trained service technicians at any time, day or night.

Product Name: SmartBIM QTO
Company: Reed Construction Data

SmartBIM QTO from Reed Construction Data is a cost-effective solution for Autodesk® Revit® users that provides early cost estimation for Revit projects, powered by RSMeans.

Product Name: Sage Master Builder Estimating
Company: Sage Timberline Office

Sage Master Builder provides three editions of job estimating software, so you get just what you need to best fit your technical and business requirements. Whether you choose Basic, Standard, or Extended, you’ll find award-winning applications designed to optimize your estimating capabilities and increase your revenue stream.

Product Name: BidConnect
Company: SharpeSoft Inc.

BidConnect is a FREE program that allows contractors to submit electronic bid files to agencies that use the SharpeSoft IPM application in their bid openings. The agency exports their bid schedule from IPM and makes the resulting file avaialble for bidders to download.

Product Name: SharpeSoft Estimator
Company: SharpeSoft Inc.

Designed by an estimator, this user-friendly, comprehensive program flows like an estimator thinks, allowing quicker, more efficient, job winning bids.  Its by far the easiest to learn and use, without sacrificing advanced features & functionality.

Product Name: SharpeSoft Supplier
Company: SharpeSoft Inc.

  • Materials are organized by vendor
  • Multiple markup methods
  • Pre-configured Markups for Material Groups
  • Convert between metric or U.S. standard units of measure at any time
  • ...AND MORE!

Product Name: seeMAT-A
Company: Shilstone Companies

For aggregate test results record-keeping, statistics and blending.

Product Name: seeMAT-C and seeMAT-P
Company: Shilstone Companies

For cement and pozzolan test results record-keeping and statistics.

Product Name: seeMIX
Company: Shilstone Companies

For concrete mixture design, analysis, proportioning and adjustment.

Product Name: seeSTAT
Company: Shilstone Companies

seeSTAT helps a concrete producer make use of his experience to improve concrete quality, reduce costs and minimize problems. It does not require a technical mathematical background. It is meant the average person in the construction industry.

Product Name: Paydirt CALCwork
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

This program allows the estimator to use the digitizer to calculate areas, count objects and measure distances from plans and apply conversion factors and calculated values for later retrieval, viewing and printing.

Product Name: Paydirt Roadwork
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

Paydirt software continues to revolutionize the earthwork estimating industry with innovative products. a family of computerized estimating programs designed for calculating and analyzing site and highway/heavy projects. Paydirt software takeoff programs are fast, accurate and easy to use. Paydirt products provide detailed project analysis not possible when estimating projects manually.

Product Name: Paydirt Sitework
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

The Sitework program helps estimators determine areas and volumes of dirt parking lots, structures and stripping areas. The program is versatile, fast and remarkably easy to use. Simply digitize in your plan view data, choose a report with the touch of a key and print the report to either the screen, color printer or plotter.

Product Name: Paydirt Sitework Lite
Company: Spectra Precision Software, Inc.

The Sitework Lite program is an entry level version of the sitework program. Use Sitework Lite program to accurately calculate site earthwork quantities and perform detailed analysis of a site from project plans. Sitework Lite program is designed for the General Contractor or smaller excavating firm that does not need the additional power of the full Sitework program.

Product Name: Extimate™ - Excel® Based Cost Estimating
Company: Tally Systems Inc

Extimate™ ties an item database to your existing Excel® spreadsheets. It is a great tool that transforms your Excel® spreadsheet into an easy to use database. The power and flexibility of a spreadsheet cannot be challenged by any other product available.

Product Name: Tocoman Express
Company: Tocoman

Tocoman Express integrates building information models to your existing cost estimating software. The quantities  are always accurate and you can manage them easier than by using the current 2D methods. Whenever the building designs change, Tocoman updates your cost estimate in no time.

Product Name: Tocoman iLink
Company: Tocoman

Tocoman iLink is an add-on to your favorite Building Information Modeling (or BIM) application. You can use it to analyze model contents, calculate quantities and visualize the results as Navisworks models. iLink also connects the BIM based quantities with your existing cost estimating and scheduling applications when used together with Tocoman Express.

Product Name: BidData XL
Company: Vertigraph, Inc.

BidData XL is an open, estimating database linked to any Excel workbook. It is a perfect partner for BidScreen XL or BidPoint XL.

Product Name: BidPoint XL
Company: Vertigraph, Inc.

BidPoint XL, an Excel add-in program, digitizes directly into Microsoft Excel. That makes fast takeoffs even easier. No need to flip-flop back and forth between Excel and a separate digitizing application. Simply click on a spreadsheet cell and electronically measure and draw items from paper plans in seconds. The digitized quantities and drawings are saved with the Excel cell and file. BidPoint XL is so user friendly that most estimators are up and running in less than fifteen minutes.

Product Name: ScaleMaster II Pocket Digitizer
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Ziatek® 3-2-1. . . Takeoff!: Area digitizing software for the Scale Master® II digital planwheel.
This ingenious system rapidly and accurately determines area, perimeter and volume from drawings of any scale and in any common units of measure. The information can be instantly transferred into your Windows™ estimating program!

Product Name: Ultra Scale Master® Pro
Company: Ziatek, Inc

The Ultra Scale Master® Pro is an affordable and portable area takeoff and digitizing system.Unlike expensive digitizers, the Ultra Scale Master® Pro allows you to measure plans at your office or on the job site without the need for additional computing devices or software.

Product Name: Ziatek® Crystal
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Perfect for digitizing complex areas and lengths from blueprints in seconds with incredible accuracy, speed and ease!

Product Name: Ziatek® e-Takeoff!
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Ziatek® e-Takeoff! brings 21st century technology to your construction cost estimating system. Electronic drawings from the internet or on CD do not need to be plotted onto paper in order to extract takeoff quantities – it is all done on your computer screen! Paper drawings can be scanned or photographed for takeoff with this incredible technology!

Product Name: Ziatek® Estimator CAD
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Ziatek® Estimator CAD is an absolutely must have utility for all estimators!  This application rapidly and accurately computes area, perimeter and volume quantities, while generating a graphic image of the structure that is drawn by the estimator.

Product Name: Ziatek® Power Takeoff
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Power Takeoff  is the leading tool for construction cost estimators who need fast, accurate quantities from paper or electronic drawings or laser- acquired field measurements.

Product Name: Ziatek® RoofDraw
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Ziatek® RoofDraw fulfills your requirements for an easy-to-use takeoff system for you most complex roofing estimates. The simplicity of its operation defies its power. It can be used as a simple, stand-alone CAD application to draw a roof from field measurements. Optionally, it can be used with the Ultra Scale Master® Pro to digitize a roof plan from paper drawings. Even greater automation can be implemented with the feature that imports DXF roof drawing files!

Product Name: Ziatek® RoofMaster
Company: Ziatek, Inc

Ziatek® RoofMaster is an incredible productivity tool for anyone who is faced with the task of estimating quantities for any type of roofs – residential, commercial/industrial, flat, pitched, etc. Coupled with a digitizing tablet, critical quantities are accurately obtained as quickly as the estimator is able to touch the digitizing stylus to the endpoints of each roof edge. A color-coded graphic image verifies the takeoff. Numeric quantities are instantly generated and placed into any Windows™ program that is used for pricing the job.
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